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  1. Love the avatar and sig :D

  2. Who Will Win?

    Rams and Bills
  3. Who Will Win?

    I don't need a newbie to tell me that, but atleast you are catching on quick.
  4. Who Will Win?

    I'm guessing the teams that score more than their opponets will win, but I can't promise that.
  5. Opinions on this trade

    I don't like the trade. I'd rather have 2 starting RB's and a decent TE than one starting RB and a stud TE.
  6. Just for fun

    Please take your ball and go home.
  7. another trade question

    Yeah, I do nothing.
  8. K Jones-Benson-Suggs-Shipp... HELP!

    Shipp in week 3. Benson should be the man by week 5, possibly pushing KJ back to your #3 RB by week 7 or 8.
  9. Some WR help please

    I'd bench Llyod
  10. another trade question

    I'd turn that down, but what do I know I'm just a nerd who sits around here all day on the computer.
  11. Pick two STarting WR's

    My bong pulling friend above means well, but he's a bong puller and can't get his head out of the clouds. Go with Coles. Edwards has 2/3 of his yards and his one TD this season on one catch where the DB fell down instead of tackling him.
  12. I need to improve WR

    Uh, unless your in an 8 man league you have some pretty decent WR's. I like Chambers more than all those you listed that are available. It is still early don't be chasing one week wonders. The cream will rise to the top.
  13. Trade for B. Griese or pick up E. Manning

    I like Losman better than Manning.
  14. Should I start Trent Green or Matt Hasslebeck?

    Start the vericose vein. That will be a high scoring game. SEA will be running the ball all day.
  15. The Madness Continues...

    I agree that Fitz is a no brainer you know you will get at least 70 yards out of him and he has a 50/50 chance of being the one catching the TD pass. My other choice is Burress. If SD can make Drew Bledsoe and Keyshawn Johnson look good, Burress should be money.