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  1. Eagles Carnival & Auction

    Keggerz...I'm not heading to the Carnival but I'd be happy to meet you prior. What time does it start? Wanna meet for Breakfast or lunch? Tony Luc's is close enough
  2. Best league host(s)

    I haven't used Fanball for a couple of years now but back then Fanball did not have the customization that MFL has. MFL Reporting has always been the best and MFL allows you to create your own Web site (if you know how to use CSS or XML code). Fanball did not allow alteration of the Web Site itself from what I remember.
  3. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    I'm in!!! Get it started Keg!!! Maybe FF Warroom would stay involved
  4. Dynasty... Henry and the Edge for...

    I agree completely that he made a mistake but IMHO it has nothing to do with Moss. I believe his mistake was not adressing his weakness in the trade. WR was not his weakness, QB was his weakness and it still needs to be addressed to really have a chance at a title.
  5. Westy for 1st round and T.Jones, Please Help

    The trade is fair but if I were him, I'd ask for your 1st and 2nd round pick and not take Jones. He is better off getting your top 2 picks and keeping Heap and Brown.
  6. Eagles Def. Report

    The report looks good but I have a couple of things to add: Trotter is the starting MLB. He has lost 15 LBs and has some of his quickness back. He is slated to play during running downs only and Gaither will spell him on passing downs. Kearse has looked great so far in camp. He is looking to gain a bit of weight but they don't want him to lose the quickness he has shown. The Birds do look for a complete rotation on DL both at tackle and at DE.
  7. keeper trade

    Honestly, I would trade Alexander for someone like Brees (who likely is a late round keeper) and a draft pick. This will free up your 1st round pick, you'd get an additional pick and a QB who is likely a late round keeper. Or shoot for a WR who has a later round tag. JMHO.
  8. IDP Dynasty league, what are the basics?

    I completely agree with Keggerz above. My first plunge was years ago into Dynasty IDP and I can tell you that I'd never want to do anything else but IDP dynasty (except for the leagues I've been in for years ). While the format above is offered in alot of leagues I can tell you that starting a complete D is the most challenging and rewarding. Start 11 and mimic the NFL with different structures: 4-3 D - 4 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB 3-4 D - 3 DL, 4 LB, 4 DB Nickel - 4 DL, 2 LB, 5 DB Dime - 4 DL, 1 LB, 6 DB Like the NFL, a great D with a medicro O can get you to the Fantasy Bowl.
  9. Report on Packers WR situation

    Who is on Madden this year?????
  10. Link your dynasty draft here IDP - Dynasty in the 3rd year of the league. Consists of alot of the writers for FBG.
  11. Michael Lewis INFO

    For those with Michael Lewis...Lewis did split time this past week. If you had a roster spot for the future you should pick up Sean Considine as he will be the Eagles starting SS beginning in 2007. Lewis will be gone.
  12. Rhonde Barber holy #*#@

    Don't blame was McNabb
  13. Waiver Advice for IDP

    I wouldn't touch your DE's at all. All 4 are fairly young and have proven they can play at a high level FF wise. Umenyiora would be the only one that I would have concern over. Not this year but in 1 or 2 years when Strahan has retired, this could have a negative affect on Umenyiroa. Daryl Smith is interesting as he is young and could be moved to the middle. However, Julian Peterson, when healthy, is a monster and very good FF player. I'd drop Philips for Peterson or Smth (Peterson being my 1st choice). I'd keep Schweigert for another year to see if he improves and becomes a viable FF S.
  14. Which 4 LBs

    Demorrio's value is only when Hartwell is out. Not a very good LB group. ANy chance of improving?
  15. Which IDP to Start in Week 8

    Pretty much agree with this. Bart has had a quick start in 2006 and looks to be a viable starter. It's nice to be in the position of having 3 good LBers. If Smith were facing a weak team I'd start him over Anderson but as it stands this week I'd play Anderson and Cole. If anything I'd look to improve in your DB area. For this week Hope and Rhodes and your better options.