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  1. Allow this trade as a Comish

    In a league??? Yes! In a league with you as Commish!!! Not a chance...particularly Dynasty or Keeper league...If my team is failing I like being able to build for the future and sometimes at the expense of 1 year...I couldn't take a league or Commish that didn't allow me to run my team the way I believe best suits my needs. I sacrificed my team in 1 league last year and this year I have Maroney, LJ and Ronnie Brown as my RB's for a long term future. I now really like my chances for years to come at the expense of 1 year.
  2. Allow this trade as a Comish

    Couldn't agree with you any more Teve
  3. Cowboys vs. Eagles

    1 thing Additional...Roy Williams broke TO's leg at the Linc and the last time TO played in Philly against the Eagles his season was ended by Michael Lewis (shoulder injury if I am not mistaken)
  4. Cowboys vs. Eagles

    TO has never hurt a Jim Johnson run DEF...except when he was on the Eagles last year
  5. I am in the position to attempt to get younger in a Dynasty IDP league: I have a ton of needs both offensively and defensively (I just took over for an owner who quit the league after week 1) would you do: Hines Ward & Deangelo Hall for Jason Campbell, Drew Carter, Rod Smith, Troy Polamulu & 2 4th round picks I have no shot to do anything this year. Looking to build for the future.
  6. Dynasty Trade Question

    I am in the position to attempt to get younger in a Dynasty IDP league: I have a ton of needs both offensively and defensively (I just took over for an owner who quit the league after week 1) would you do: Hines Ward & Deangelo Hall for Jason Campbell, Drew Carter, Rod Smith, Troy Polamulu & 2 4th round picks I have no shot to do anything this year. Looking to build for the future.
  7. Dynasty Trade Question

    It's a 40 man roster where you start 11 DEF players and 1 Qb, 2 RB, 3 WR. It's typical decimal scoring and includes 1 pt per rec.
  8. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    Mark me down for the Bucs
  9. WDIS AT WR - #3

    With Smith hurting I might leane towards MeShawn
  10. Need to start 2 of these 3 RB's.

    It's a tough choice. The rule is always start your studs even when there is a bad matchup. Just look at this past Thursday night. The Steelers have a great run D and always have. If anyone benched Ronnie Brown because they felt like they had a better matchup with another RB then they missed out on 2 TD's. Sure Brown didn't get the yardage but 2 TD's makes up for that. You can never tell when a RB will explode against a historically good run D.
  11. Pick 2 of 3

    I tend to agree. It's hard not to start a LB over a DL but in this case I might lean that way. The Colts are going to struggle running the ball (I am one who does not believe Rhodes nor Addai are starting RB worthy but I'm likely in the minority here) and I see Peyton giving it up quickly when they are averaging below 2 ypc.
  12. IDP Draft last night

    Are you kidding me? You are way too focused on one player and that usually bites you in the a$$. Madieu got hurt last year and missed the majority of the year. 2 years ago he was a top 5 FF safety. His LB's are stacked and don't need Ryans. If he wants to pick up Ryans then pick a LB to drop for him. He absolutely shouldn't drop a potential top 5 safety for him.
  13. Need Help With Starting Linebackers'd get sick of my know-it-all attitude quickly. You might even bulk me in with Sarge ...alright maybe I'm not that bad
  14. Need Help With Starting Linebackers

    Any LB that plays well enough to force a team to move a top LB like Spikes is a LB that would be a starter. I'm not saying Ryans won't be a starter...all I'm saying is Ryans isn't tested and most rookie LB's don't make good staters for a couple of years. Last year Lofa Tatupu and Odell Thurman were the only 2 LB's who produced as week in and week out starters. Derrick Johnson the consensus # 1 LB wasn't starter worthy except a spot start. Morrison showed promise but not a FF starter last year. Merriman in the NFL was a stud but in FF it didn't translate into an every day starter. Good bye week fill in if you got lucky. Notice the rookies who produced last year were on very good playoff teams and those that weren't as successful were on mid to poor teams.
  15. Need Help With Starting Linebackers

    I believe what they are trying to say is they believe you have a weak team as do I. Getting Marian Barber is the least of your worries. QB - You strength is at QB with Hasslebeck and Bledsoe. I would use this position to trade and try to strengthen other positions. Once a starting QB goes down you should pounce and try to improve your team. RB- LT is awesome and will be the staple of your team. Jones may split carries and there will be games where he will get you points and others where he won't. Ahman Green could be the sleeper for you. If he gets back to form of 2 to 3 years ago then you are stable at this position. The injury is a concern. The other 2 are spotty at best and you have to hope for injury for them to get a job running the ball 20 - 25 times a game. WR - TO and Horn - Having to depend on older WR's who are often injured over the lasst few years is not something that would comfort me. You need to try to move 1 or both of these guys for more stable, younger WR's who you know you can depend on. They both might have great years but they also both might only play 4 to 8 games. Your other WR's are half decent with some upside but there isn't one of them where you can say, "I know they will get 8 to 10 TD's and 1200 yards". PK - Longwell - I know a kicker is just a kicker but YUCK. If Koenen is still out there grab him. DL - Ogunleye is a good DE and will hopefully improve upon last year. LB - Ummm - what happened? Fletcher is an everyday starter and a stud. Your second best LB might be Crowell. Crowell played so well last year that they have kept him at WLB and moved Spikes to SLB. If it stays this way then Crowell is an every day starter. Ulbrich is a waste and should be cut as early as possible. The 49ers were going to go with a 3-4 D but decided their LB's weren't good enough and switched back to a 4-3. Ulbrich is the SLB and Lawson is the WLB with SMith in the middle. Ulbrich isn't worth anything. Bart Scott looks to be the WLB on the Ravens DEF and could work out well. I'd keep him and watch his production before I make any final decision. Ryans and Howard are both unproven rookies and Rookie LB's usually aren't top producers. If this is a dynasty league then you are in good shape. If this is a re-draft league then I'm not sure I would carry them on my team. Lastly is Crowder who showed last year he could play and is now the WLB. When THomas retires Crowder will be the MLB and be a stud. For now he is still learning but he should move into the top 25 to 30 LB's this year in FF. DB - WInfield and Clements are fair. When picking DB's you usually want S's who produce more tackles and are steady with Int's as well. I wouldn't want to go into a season with these 2 as my starters. All in all I think you need to improve in WR, K, LB, DB. In a 12 team IDP league this is a fairly weak team overall. No malice intended just an honest opinion which is what you asked for.
  16. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

  17. Can you help a Huddle brother out

    Vernand and Wali have already been drafted. Keeper league here fellas.
  18. Can you help a Huddle brother out

    One additional piece of information about this league. It is a semi-keeper league where if you keep a player the following year you lose the round pick where he was selected. Therefore, if Wiegie were to pick say Turner in the 10th round and he becomes a starter somewhere else next year then he could keep Turner and lose his 10th round pick next year. Just an example!
  19. Commishes

    The only mistake the owner made was not asking for Carr in return but that wasn't enough of a mistake to say it's dumping. He would need to go out and trade for another QB or wait it out and grab a QB on the FA market when another QB goes down and you know there will be a few that will go down.
  20. Commishes

    Now that is truly funny....what has this world come to when you get Droughns and Hasslebeck and it's considered stacking? you and your league mates should vote to change the rules to a re-draft league cause you all don't know anything about building for the future and taking a chance to do so.
  21. BLITZ

    You're up in F-OFF
  22. BLITZ

    that was early...I was hoping to get him later
  23. Commishes

    and you prove the point even further...those with a ton of FF experience in Keeper/Dynasty leagues not tied to your league (truly unbiased) believe that you and your league are being unfair to an owner who wants to build for the future (something every owner should be allowed to do in a keeper or dynasty league). This just proves that you and your league mates are only thinking about themselves for this year and not what is just or fair.
  24. Commishes

    and here lies the true issue and I don't mean to be offensive but as a commish of a re-draft league you would be absolutely right. However, as a commish of a keeper league this absolutely has the possibility of benefitting both teams (time will tell) and you have no right telling an owner otherwise. I believe you would make a good commish in a re-draft league but you have no business being a commish in a keeper league if you don't understand the value of playing for the future. I calls them as I sees them. If you were commish in my keeper or dynasty league...i'd be building the vote to move you out as commish.
  25. Commishes

    At least a keeper or dynasty league where he is the commish! I think he is right in this reguard for a redraft league but he is absolutely wrong in a keeper/dynasty league.