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  1. Commishes

    Yep it's very're a good commish for a re-draft league but not a good commish for a keeper/dynasty league IMHO
  2. Commishes

    As a commish I would absolutely be alright with this. His team is likely losing 6 in his division anyways and dropping Droughns/Hass might help him win 1 game more then without. As a player, I would absolutely not be ok with this particularly if I were not in his division. That's the big thing. As a commish I have to separate the 2 and make the choice as commish. Again as I said before, I would be one who would make this trade too if I were in the noobs position and I applaud him for having the balls to play for the future as a good owner in a keeper league should do until it is time to play for the hear and now. Honestly the guy making the trade for Droughns and Hass is the one that is a Noob IMHO. His team isn't good enough to push for the championship IMO and trading away the youth was a bad decision.
  3. Commishes

    My point is if Whitney said "I am making the trade because I know I can't win this year and I am going after keepers for the future" You, like all of us experienced commishes and owners, would say that you have no problem with the trade after the explanation. If you are honest about the answer to this question then you look back at the trade regardless of whether the person is a Noob or not (this shouldn't come into the equation once you answer the question of whether this same trade would go through if 2 FF professionals made the deal) then you must allow this trade and not veto. That is my point.
  4. Commishes

    I've stated it in a previous post but here is the point. As an owner with this team below: C Frye,M Hasselbeck M Jones-Drew,F Taylor,R Droughns,L White S Holmes,M Muhammad,R White,M Jenkins,M Jones,L Fitzgerald,T.J. Houshmandzadeh V Davis,K Winslow P Dawson D Browns,D Bears I would absolutely make the balsy trade and get Maroney who I love for the future. Now would I have also asked for Carr in return? Yes I would have asked for a QB in return as well. But still to go after youthful RB's I would do that in a minute. I know I am not winning with that team above. Why not try to make my team better for the future. An experienced Dynasty league owner/keeper league owner would think about this trade. Half will have the balls to do it and half won't.
  5. Commishes

    theohiostate - I've got a question for you. What if the 2 owners that made the trade were Dorey and Whitney? 2 Professionals who know what they are doing. Would you say it's too one sided and veto the trade?
  6. Commishes

    The problem is...are the owners voting for the betterment of the league or are they just thinking about themselves and vetoing based on their belief that one team is getting better this year. Horrible process and horrible rule!
  7. Commishes

    This is just as stupid as having a Commish the power to say yes or no to a trade. No trade should be vetoed unless there is collusion. All trades should be allowed unless there are at least 3 owners who question a trade's validity and hen take it to a vote. Otherwise all trades should be processed. Even when a trade is questioned it really should evolve around collusion.
  8. Commishes

    Sorry TOS but your dead wrong in what you're doing. Whether this trade is balanced or not is not the question because 3 years from now it could be balanced or it could be beneficial to the fuy getting the young RB's. The question is does this benefit each team. For this year and if an owner was playing for this year the answer is No. But when an owner tells you that he is playing for the future this absolutely benefits his team for the future. You vetoing this trade is dead wrong and I absolutely wouldn't blame the owner leaving the league and asking for his money back. You have no right to tell an owner how to run his team.
  9. Commishes

    I absolutely agree with this 100%. Last year in a keeper league I did the same type of sacrifice (in a $ 250 entry league). This year my keepers are Ronnie Brown, Larry Johnson and Randy Moss. Remember last year Ronnie had Ricky and Larry had Priest still around. Sometimes it's worth taking the chance...sacrifice a year and just play for the future when you know you can't win it all with the team you have.
  10. Come on Portis

    You should look to add 5 people not 1. At the very least 3 people. No offense but until you have at a minimum of 12 teams in a league you don't have the ability to truly show FF acumen. The talent in the NFL is so large that you don't start dipping into the 3rd WR's in a 10 team league. In a league with 14 owners you really have the ability to show how much you know in football. Most teams will only be able to carry 1 RB (versus 3 in a 10 team league). In a 14 team league someone will have to start Hank Baskett, in a 10 team league no one will draft Hank Baskett. IMHO it's not worth entering a league with less then 12 teams. 14 is optimal!
  11. Heard Something Today

    Driving home from work in Steamy Philadelphia and listening to 610 WIP Sports Talk Radio and what do I hear???? Fantasy Football Commercial for the best damn Web site on the net....The I hadn't heard this before nor have I seen anyone post anything about the commercial. Kudos Whitney and David it was very professional and sounded great! How new is this?
  12. Interboard Challenge League - Recruiting Huddlers

    Hery Z!!! LTNS...I have played for The Huddle the past 2 years...did quite well year 1 but had a bomb last year. I am absolutely looking for retribution. I can vouch for Z...competed against him in Trench Warfare and he knows his chit. You still hangin around Warroom?
  13. Interboard Challenge League - Recruiting Huddlers

    1. - No there is no money involved 2. - The drafts are done through MFL over a period of a couple of weeks. 3. - You draft 16 players and are assigned to 1 of the 5 drafts. The difference in this league is that you can trade out of your draft and into another draft if you see a player drop who you believe has value...for instance...say you are drafting in Draft E...but Tony Gonalez falls to the 5th round in Draft can trade picks from your draft to move into Draft A and take Gonzalez. Therefore you really need to pay attention to all 5 drafts and look for players that you believe you want in another draft. The 5 drafts don't take place all at the same time (Usually 2 drafts start 1st week of AUgust, 2 more drafts start 1 week later and the last draft starts 1 week after that) HtH
  14. Interboard Roll Call

    MikeVikes, Any way you can get a separate board at the Huddle for conversation amongst the team mates? It would be great to have that...whether it's open or password protected is fine by me.
  15. Interboard Roll Call

    I'd like to give it another go and think Mike is the perfect guy to lead the way. I am gonna emmulate my 1st year in IBL and not last year.
  16. Consensus Cheat Sheet pick #11

  17. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick 10

    Rudi Johnson
  18. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #9

    Stephen Jackson
  19. Membership...

    In that case I want my money back for the last 4 years
  20. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #8

    Ronnie Brown
  21. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #6

  22. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #5

  23. Interboard League

    Mike, I think you should lead the team and Commish.
  24. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #4

    Clinton Portis