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  1. Interboard League

    This year if I have an injured player you all need to tell me to trade them when I have the chance. I held onto McNabb way too long and had some decent offers in the interim. No matter how bad I was I still made pickups even in December.
  2. Interboard League

    Mike, I was talking more about team discussions rather then just posting at the Huddle. Practice drafts, discussion of those practice drafts, full discussion on players we as a team like and dislike. We did this a little bit 2 years ago but really didn't do anything at all last year. I was killed by 3 things last year, injury, picking TE too early and picking QB too early. I will definitely not grab QB early again this year nor will I move up to grab a TE.
  3. Interboard League

    That's because the other boards all get together many times prior to the real draft and set a game plan. They also help each other up to the point where it doesn't cross the line but it would be close. Lastly, if we trade amongst each other we can't be out to screw each other in our trades. Yes we act as individuals but we will not win as a team unless we act as a team and help each other.
  4. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #1

    Isn't Alexander on the Madden cover this year? That alone is enough for me to stay away from him this year
  5. Any advice on how I can improve my team?

    I'd look at trading Williams as he looks to be moved from MLB to SLB and won't have the value.
  6. Thoughts on this dynasty team

    You're need position is WR...not QB. Getting Westy and Hasslebeck doesn't help you tremendously if at all. Brooks should be good enough this year while you watch your young QB's develop. IF they don't work out then next year you trade for a QB. This year you have to grab a WR. There isn't one to get in the draft that will make a clear cut impact so you gotta grab an older stud. Holt is a better option then D Jax but will cost more.
  7. Possible Trade

    A bit much? I would be insulted if I received a lopsided offer like that. You've got to ask yourself the question, "If I were on the other side of this offer how would I feel?" When in this lifetime is Benson worth Alexander by himself let alone an additional 1st and 2nd round pick? If Jones maintains the starting job again this year and he isn't traded then Benson's value isn't even a 2nd round rookie pick. Trading him now you'd be lucky to get a 1st and 2nd round rookie pick with the uncertainty around him.
  8. Interboard League

    What is there no Huddle pride? I watch the other boards and their dedicated posters are always vying for any openings on the IBL team. With all of the BOTH leagues and so many people willing to participate in a BoTH league we should be able to find dedicated owners who want to show the other boards that we are better then them when it comes to FF.
  9. Interboard League

    One of the issues The Huddle has been lacking is communication and preparation prior to the draft. In talking with some of the guys from the winning boards the last 2 years they both had one thing in common. They both had discussion a month in advance regarding players they were targeting and players they wanted to shy away from. 2 years ago I was in the top 12...last year I flopped and want retribution. This year, however, I would like to see The Huddle team have some discussions prior to the draft and lets draft both individually and as a team. It is what the other winning boards have done. We acted too much like an individual and not enough as a team.
  10. If you were GOD of the NFL

    Forget the divisions...I'd extend the season to the end of Marchwith Playoffs in April...16 games isn't enough to satisfy my addiction
  11. LIVE "Expert" Mock On Right Now

    I tend to agree with you and last year in the IBL I grabbed Heap early because I didn't like the drop off and that move combined with picking McNabb too early killed me. I won't let either happen again this year.
  12. Sean Taylor to accept plea

    Question! By accepting the plea does that mean the NFL suspends him for 4 games or more?
  13. LIVE "Expert" Mock On Right Now

    Seeing DMD's comments about McNair, I believe he might be worth the early pick. Heap has been a top TE with a horrible QB, what will he do with a better QB and one tat has looked to the TE often in his career.
  14. how many leagues

    Hmmm Lets see: PAFFL - BOTH - Semi-Keeper - Live Draft in Philadelphia PnH2 - BOTH - IDP Dynasty F-OFF - BOTH - Semi-Keeper Bound for Glory - Semi-BOTH - IDP Dynasty Ironman 3 - IDP Dynasty Trench Warfare - IDP Dynasty Cover Two - IDP Dynasty Perfect Vision - IDP Dynasty Game Breakers - IDP Dynasty IBL - Represent The Huddle - Redraft Zealots - 2, 22 & 46 - IDP Dynasty's Bar Stool - Semi-Keeper - Live Draft in Washington, DC WFFL - Local League Partial Keeper - Live Draft TFFL - Local league Re-draft - Live Draft and to think I've cut down on the # of leagues.
  15. Question to huddlers that have had to deal with

    Whiskey, My thoughts are with you. I lost my Mother to Breast Cancer and Father to Leukemia. It isn't a good sign if they couldn't pull the cancer out with surgery but if you contact me by e-mail I will be able to get you into my Company's database so you can do some research on possible treatments. When my Dad got sick with CLL, the Doctor told him he could live a long time as it is chronic. I looked it up in my database and found that the likelihood of him living more then 5 years was slim. The Doctor lied and I never told my Dad as I didn't want him to give up the fight. I also found some Drugs that were in Clinical testing that had some success and passed it on to the Doctor. If you want some access I'd be glad to get you in. E-mail me at I wish you and your family the best. Storm
  16. 5000 post count league

    She can also show you how to wear a push up bra
  17. T.O. Scores vs. Eagles

    He's going to pull out a roll of $ 100 it out and show it to the crowd. Bang his chest and walk off the field.
  18. What does INDY have to do to get over the hump?

    How many years and games does it take to come to the realization that maybe it's the coach? How many times has Dungy lead his team to a great regular season only to be ousted in the playoffs? It seems to me for years the Bucs made the playoffs under Dungy and they continually got ousted in the playoffs. THen the year after Dungy left Chucky wins the Superbowl for the Bucs! Dungy moves to the Colts and starts taking them to the playoffs every year and low and behold the Colts get ousted in the playoffs and are disappointing. Could it be we have a proven example that in this instance it is the coach? Alot of what was stated prior to this post comes as a result of coaching decisions. It's getting close to the point where we should say..."you can't win it all with Dungy as the coach".
  19. Owens Free To Seek Trade

    The key here is this statement. A stellar season not stellar seasons. Regardless of what TO attempts to do his real nature can't be suppressed for longer then 1 season. Whichever team grabs him will have 1 year before he lets loose. If you think about it, no team will give TO a HUGE (not HUGH as this is a proper name ) contract beyond a 1 year incentive laden agreement. After the 1st year TO will want a longer term deal worth big bucks which he likely won't ever get again. He will do this once again and it will be strike 3 and out of football.
  20. Vermeil to retire

    It was my understanding that Vermeil was comfortable retiring if someone with-in the organization would be promoted to HC. If this is true then 1st I don't see this hurting LJ's value at all. The only thing to truly watch is how Vermeil's retirement affects other players decision (Roaf and Shields). The other positive from retirement is that this could propel Priest to retire which would make LJ "The Man".
  21. Calling all BOTH champions

    PAFFL Champion History: 2005 - Crazy8's Defeated Liverlips 2004 - The Next Generation deafeated TBizzle 2003 - StormChasers defeated The Next Generatioon 2002 - Marauders11 defeated Gossamer 2001 - Liverlips defeated SttBear 5 years and 5 different champs...just how a competitive league should be. PAFFL is a 3 optional player keeper league as long as 1 player is a rookie from the previous year. This is a money league and I believe the 1st BOTH league that required a live face to face draft.
  22. Throwing a game?

    It all depends how your rules are worded in an instance such as this. If I were in your position I'd e-mail out all owners right now and ask for feedback from them on how they feel if it stays as is. Since you aren't alone in how you feel maybe the fact that all owners are upset by this might sway his intentions. And if your rules have something in them that touch upon something like this I would post the rules in the e-mail. Storm