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  1. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    In 2002 when Tarik missed 6 games, the Colts went 4-2. At that time, rookie Makoa Freitas filled in at LT, and he was a seventh round draft pick The Colts did just fine. When I have some more time, I will post the stats from those games.
  2. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    I think that is a very good possibility. I would not be surprised to see him miss training camp, and suddenly decide to "un-retire"
  3. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Here is the latest: The Indianapolis Colts won't pressure Tarik Glenn into making an official announcement regarding his retirement, or lobby him to return for an 11th season, president Bill Polian said. But Polian told the left offensive tackle the situation needs to be resolved before the team reports to training camp in Terre Haute this weekend. "I can only tell you he's clearly thinking this over,'' Polian said Monday. "I think he's weighing the pros and cons. "I've told him when he's ready, obviously sometime before Saturday, let us know and we'll talk it through.'' People close to Glenn told The Star that he has decided to retire rather than report to camp with his teammates Sunday. Repeated attempts to contact Glenn have been unsuccessful. Polian said he talked with Glenn late last week, at which time Glenn told him about the situation. "I was certainly surprised, but not knocked off my feet,'' Polian said. "As players get older, it gets tougher and tougher to play this game.'' Including the postseason, Glenn, 31, has started 167 games since being selected with the 19th overall pick of the 1997 draft. He has missed six starts, all in 2003 with a knee injury. While hoping Glenn reconsiders, Polian stressed the Colts will not try to talk him out of retirement if that's his decision. "Obviously he's been a great player here and we looked forward to having him as long as we could,'' Polian said. "But he's got to do what's right for him. That's what I emphasized to him and that's what (coach) Tony (Dungy) emphasized to him. That's the overriding concern.'' Glenn is scheduled to earn $4.5 million in base salary this season and will be an unrestricted free agent when it ends. If he goes through with his decision to retire, then chooses to return to the NFL at some point, the Colts would hold his rights for one season. from Indy Star
  4. Bridge to Tarabithia

    Yeah, I wasn't expecting the girl to die either. Kind of a shocker. I guess if I'd read the book I'd have gone into the movie with a different mindset.
  5. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    Agreed. Cozumel is awesome.
  6. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    you might check into St. Thomas, St. Marten, and Grand Caiman as well.
  7. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    I've been to all three. Jamaica would be my first choice, Cancun my second. Bahamas a distant third. Stayed in a place called the Treehouse in Negril, Jamaica. It was very nice. But that was 11 years ago. Beaches are awesome, and so is the water. Cancun is more "touristy", but still a lot of fun. Be sure to ask about the beach where you are staying and ask for RECENT pictures. They have had a lot of beach erosion since the hurricane. Last time I was there, some of the beaches had very little sand. I know they spent millions pumping it back on shore, but I've heard it's not working. Been to the Bahamas once on a cruise. Was not impressed at all.
  8. Super Bowl XLI ring stolen!

    what would I want with a bunch of Bills AFC Championship rings? Now, if it was just the Colts ring that was taken . . . .
  9. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    In Howard Mudd I trust.
  10. Super Bowl XLI ring stolen!

    The Super Bowl XLI ring belonging to Indianapolis Colts assistant coach Pete Metzelaars was stolen Tuesday, along with other jewelry, from his South Carolina home, according to a Lancaster County (S.C.) Sheriff's Department report. In addition to the Colts ring, he lost his four solid gold AFC Championship rings earned as a tight end with the Buffalo Bills, the report said, and much of his wife's jewelry. Someone cut off the power and sliced phone and cable lines, disabling alarms, the report said. Anyone with information that could assist in the recovery of these items should contact the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department at 1-803-283-4136. from Indy Star
  11. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Between Ugoh and Charlie Johnson, they'll be fine. But it's worth watching, and it's definitely a loss.
  12. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Here is what might be going on. A couple years ago, Glenn really struggled to get his weight down during camp. The team was fining him, and forcing him to miss practices until he made weight. After a very celebratory off-season, I could see Glenn being overweight again, and not wanting to go through the hassle of making weight, paying fines, etc. He always seemed like one of those guys who really loved to play, celebrating on the field and such. And he talked in the off-season about how he was going to mentor Ugoh and not treat him like he was treated as a rookie. I dunno. Burnout just doesn't sound right to me. I can definitely see him reconsidering. I hope. Tarik PLEASE RECONSIDER!
  13. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Hmmm. Hopefully he'll reconsider after training camp
  14. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    no, it is not definite. Hopefully he changes his mind.
  15. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    Offensive tackle Tarik Glenn will not be back to help the Indianapolis Colts defend their Super Bowl title, according to several people close to the 10-year veteran, choosing instead to retire. None of Glenn's teammates would confirm the decision publicly, and repeated attempts to reach Glenn were unsuccessful. When asked to comment on his client's decision, agent Ralph Cindrich said any response would have to come from Glenn. Colts coach Tony Dungy said earlier this week he recently talked with Glenn but would not divulge the nature of the discussions. "Probably the best person to speak to on that is him,' ' Dungy said. Barring a change of heart by Glenn, 31, the Colts will report to training camp July 29 without their second-longest tenured player, and one who has appeared in the past three Pro Bowls. The Colts selected Glenn with the 19th overall pick in the 1997 draft. Only Marvin Harrison, the team's 1996 first-round draft pick, has been around longer. Glenn, who will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, has started 154 regular-season games during his career. The past 138 have come at left tackle as quarterback Peyton Manning's backside protector. With Glenn setting the pace, the Colts' offensive line continually has ranked among the NFL's best at limiting sacks. The Colts' options at replacing him include Charlie Johnson, a sixth-round pick in 2006 who primarily saw action at right tackle as a rookie, and Tony Ugoh, their second-round pick in the April draft. They traded their 2008 first-round pick to get into position to select Ugoh, then indicated he might be Glenn's eventual successor. link