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  1. DMD's New Book

    Ordered mine today. Can't wait to get it!
  2. 2 Man Keeper League

    Gore and Maroney
  3. Ron Dayne led me to a title!

    That's why we freeze the rosters the week of the playoffs. So the teams have to win with what got them there all year, not a flash in the pan pickup the week of the superbowl.
  4. calling all champions

    +1. After having lost 3 superbowls, finally winning this one is huge for me and I will spend the next 8 months rubbing salt in my buddies wounds.
  5. anyone else win their 1st Championship today?

    been in my league for 8 years. It was only 7 teams in 1999 and online autodraft. I won that though the guys don't recognize it. We expanded to 12 in 2000 and since then I've only missed the playoffs once, been to 4 Superbowls and won my first this year
  6. Reggie Wayne and Torry Holt killed us.

    And I got Harrison so I'm laughing all the way to my championship!
  7. Reggie Wayne and Torry Holt killed us.

    Isn't Wayne supposed to be the #1 in Indy?
  8. MJD the little man

    MJD is a TD hound and delivered me a Superbowl...along with Harrison, Bulger, and Gore.
  9. love to the Huddle

    Here here! I reached my 3rd straight Superbowl and 4 of the 7 years of the league's existence. I finally won it all yesterday and gotta thank the Huddlers for all their good advice. Carry on.
  10. What do you need...

    I'm up by 46 and still have Grammatica, I am VERY happy right now
  11. Watson's still out, so my options are Stevens vs SD Vernon Davis vs ARI Stevens came thru last week with a garbage TD and this week SD is 32nd vs TE. Davis has scored the last 2 weeks. I'm thinking of sticking with Stevens again and hoping Stone hands can hold on. Thoughts?
  12. MJD or Benson?

    MoJo baby!
  13. Stevens or Vernon Davis?

    Thanks nhoops, anyone else?
  14. Nice options at WR, but WDIS?

    Roll with the vets...Harrison and Driver. See mine on TE issues.
  15. WR help for 2 Superbowls

    Hackett and Coles. Please see mine
  16. Super Bowl Help Needed!

    In Colston we trust!
  17. RB Help for the Title

    I like the Chicago RBs, unless Brown is gonna be the clear cut starter. See mine on TEs.
  18. Which D to Start for the Super Bowl?

    Houston is awful. Go with Indy and pray
  19. Which stud WR?

    I like TO vs Philly
  20. Going for Title.

    All those options are not good. Of those I would go with Caddy, since he's done better as of late, and Rattay might get him more involved in the passing game.
  21. Which Defense should I start?

    PIT, they've been red hot and will look to exact revenge against a banged up McNair and Baltimore.
  22. I am in the same situation. I have Stevens and looking at Davis.
  23. Stevens or Vernon Davis?

    anyone else?
  24. Did anyone hear the radio announcement...

    going against LJ this week I'm keeping my fingers crossed