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  1. My Team QB – Bulger, Favre RB – Gore, Thomas Jones, Tatum Bell, Jones-Drew WR – Harrison, Boldin, Colston, Curtis, Williamson TE – Watson, Stevens K – Hanson DEF – Steelers His team QB – Grossman RB – Edge, Caddy, Foster WR – Holt, Stallworth, Cotchery, Gabriel TE – McMichael, Cooley K – Kaeding DEF – Bears I'm 6-5 in a 3 way tie for my division lead. I give up Tatum and get Edge and Bears D. I can put Edge or T Jones in there alonside Gore, and get an upgrade at D with the Bears. Or should I just stay put because Edge isn't going to get better. Or is there something else I should try to pry from his team? He's looking to get younger keepers. We keep two and he's looking at Holt/Edge or Holt/Caddy right now.
  2. Trade Bell for Edge and Bears D?

    putting the trade up, hopefully he wont' back out.
  3. Should I pick up Betts

    definitely drop Carr and pick up Betts. See mine about the Bears D
  4. Trade Bell for Edge and Bears D?

    only concern I have is having 2 arizona players (boldin and Edge) on my team.
  5. Fast Willie

    I'm going against FWP AND DD, I want to cry.
  6. Vick is BACK!

  7. Venting time

    Chose hanson over Nedney...that 7 pt diff may cost me
  8. Starting Gore already and need to pick one. T Jones @NYG Jones-Drew vs HOU T Bell @OAK So I'm wafflying between Jones and Jones-Drew and now Tatum might be starting??? I think I should use Jones-Drew, with the bears playing against a tough Giants D at home.
  9. WDIS T Jones or Jones-Drew or T Bell?!?!

    MJD was definitley the right play!
  10. WDIS T Jones or Jones-Drew or T Bell?!?!

    Thanks, I'm rolling with MJD too. In my league he's got the same total pts as Jones and Jones stinks on the road. Now he'll blow up lol!
  11. Starting Gore @DET and need to pick one of T Jones @NYG Jones-Drew vs HOU Hard to pick Jones-Drew over Jones since Jones is the starter and gets all the carries but Jones-Drew has the better matchup and seems to have a nose for TDs.
  12. A guy in our league is on his honeymoon so I'm setting his lineup this week. Need to pick 2 of these Dunn vs CLE Mike Bell @OAK J Lewis @TEN All have pretty good matchups. Thinking I should start Dunn and Mike Bell for him.
  13. WDIS T Jones or Jones-Drew

    Thanks, I know the huddle's projections. I'm looking for fellow huddler advice
  14. Portis projects

    Stick with Portis.
  15. WDIS?

    Dallas Clark. He's way more likely to get that td. See mine
  16. WDIS T Jones or Jones-Drew

    any other thoughts? This is a tough one for me.
  17. WDIS

    addai and morris
  18. Scratch my Bush or itch my Maroney

    Maroney, bush is an overhyped WR.
  19. WDIS at RB - Pick two

    Mike Bell and A-train. I don't trust foster, and those guys have the best matchups.
  20. Favre. Ignore the history, he has played well against them recently. And the others are right, eli has no one but shockey to throw to. See mine
  21. Rudi Buress Vick See mine