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  1. T Jones or MJD?

    anyone else?
  2. T Jones or MJD?

  3. Need Opinions - Pick 2 of these 3

    I agree with soco, use these guys
  4. HD idiot

    and watched the entire game last night on NFL network which isnt' broadcast in HD. Then I just start running thru channels and saw 95 was a DirecTV channel and it broadcasted the game in HD.
  5. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    taylor Barber III Jackson
  6. Hiking the Football

  7. Fantasy Playoff seeding question

    That's a very interesting way to determine the lats playoff spot. I'll tuck that one away in case we ever want to shake things up
  8. Fantasy Playoff seeding question

    also we had 10 of the 12 teams in it up to the last week. Never had a problem where a team with a better record missed the playoffs. Parity always seems to win out win out with the lower seeds. This was the only year probably that one of the top 3 scorers didnt' make it. But we're head to head, so that's how it goes.
  9. HD idiot

    I just found out channel 79 on directv shows all kinds of programming in HD, including sports games and hockey.
  10. America's Team

    Chicken of the Sea?
  11. I have a first round bye, and Pitt's schedule for weeks 15 and 16 have me worried PIT is @CAR, BAL Here's my options on waivers: BUF is vs MIA, TEN NYJ is @MIN, @MIA GB is vs DET, MIN The Pack seem to have the best schedule on paper, but they aren't consistent at all. Or maybe jus stick it out with PIT. Scoring is in my sig line.
  12. Weekly M. BarberIII v. J Jones

    put barber in and don't look back. JJ is a total bust this year.
  13. St.Louis or Carolina D

  14. T. Jones, Houston, T. Bell

    Jones and Houston
  15. Need Kicker help

    I have a 1st rd bye so I'm only concerned with weeks 15 and 16. Every kicker I pick up does squat, so I figure maybe this is my last chance to get somethign from that position. Here's the highest scoring kickers that are available Nedney is @SEA, ARI Hanson is @GB, CHI Longwell is @NYJ, @GB Elam is @ARI, CIN Lindell is MIA, TEN Rackers is DEN, @SF Rayner is DET, MIN Reed is @CAR, BAL EDIT: Grammatica is @ATL, PHI Kickers drive me crazy. Any thoughts are appreciated. I like Nedney and Elam the best, though he strained his hammy. Grammatica did well on MNF, so he's in the mix now too.
  16. Need Kicker help

    thanks guys, I picked up MG
  17. Remembering...


  19. Fantasy Playoff seeding question

    12 team, 3 division league, head to head. division winners are top 3 seeds, top 2 getting byes. 3 wildcards going by best record. since we did divisions we mimic the NFL as much as possible. In 7 years no one really complained. This year the 3rd highest scorer finished 7-7 but missed the playoffs because 2 other teams were tied with him for the last spot and he lost to both of them. He bitches now but it's always been head to head, so that's what you get. If you want to take the top 6-8 teams, then why even have divisions?
  20. Need Kicker help

    got 30 min left
  21. Need Kicker help

    looking for some more views
  22. WDIS

    I bet Benson gets decent play against STL and probably a TD.
  23. WDIS @ QB

    Eli. He'll bounce back and is the best option of those above.
  24. Need a #2 WR for first week of playoffs.

    Booker's been on fire. Despite the matchup it's hard not to use him.