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  1. Garcia-Young-Roethlisberger,

    I'd go with Garcia
  2. WDIS - RB

  3. Need a win to get in playoffs!

    I like the Vikes
  4. Need Kicker help

    thanks, that's what I'm trying to figure out.
  5. Housh or Mushin

    Houshamazilla. Mushin needs someone to throw him the ball.
  6. Vince Young over Palmer?

    Stick with Palmer. He will do fine against OAK.

    FWP. He'll tear up the browns in a game with bad weather so they'll keep it on the ground.
  8. WDIS

    use the 6'5" QB with a laser rocket arm
  9. WDIS @ QB

    Palmer. Stick with him
  10. Stick with PIT or another Defense?

    so people like PIT @CAR and vs BAL?
  11. Betts or K.Jones

    Betts. way better matchup
  12. QB WDIS ?

    You gotta roll the dice with Bulger. He's at home and the bears D is suseptible. Jax will probably just run all over Indy, and Johnson is not an option.
  13. Which QB should I start?

    I think you have to go with Eli
  14. To win my division this week....

    MJD. THis guy has a nose for the endzone, no matter how many touches he gets.
  15. Lineup help

    Rivers, Houston, and Jones. Jones is getting hot and looks to be fully recovered from his injury.
  16. Need Kicker help

    Sorry I didn't add him yet, but put him on the list of kickers. I do like his matchups though. So 1 for Nedney and 2 for MG
  17. Need Kicker help

    Just put Grammatica to the list. He is @ATL, PHI
  18. Need last roster spot

    I agree. Coles is probably the better chance to get a TD
  19. Stick with PIT or another Defense?

    I do not need them this Week. I have a first rd bye in week 14. I would have to use them in week 15 @CAR and week 16 vs BAL.
  20. WDIS @ WR

    Roy Williams for sure the way Minny D has been playing. Cotchery has been hot lately and BUF D isn't I think you have to start Holt. THe Bears D can be scored on and the game is at home. STL should do decent, especially if the Bears turn the ball over.