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  1. Stick with PIT or another Defense?

    anyone else, have to finalize my team today
  2. Should I drop Desmond Clark

    stick with the Warrior. He'll get his touches.
  3. Stick with PIT or another Defense?

    I'm on bye this week. I only need a defense for weeks 15 and hopefully 16. Our playoff rosters are locked Thursday night.
  4. Which WR in week 14?

    harrison and driver
  5. Pick up Garcia?

    I was thinking of picking up Garcia to play possibly over Bulger or Favre but the schedules dont look good. I have a first rd bye so I'm only looking at weeks 15 and 16 Bulger @OAK and vs WAS Favre vs DET and vs MIN Garcia @NYG and @DAL I think I just stick with Bulger and Favre, and probably start Favre Week 15 over Bulger @OAK.
  6. Early WDIS

    stick with Young and Betts. Though MJD will probably score. That guy is a vulture!
  7. Which 3 WR's?

  8. Droughns or McAllister?

    Deuce...You do NOT want to play the average Droughns against the Steelers.
  9. Bulger and Maroney are going

    Bulger redeemed himself with 305 yds and 2 tds....that endzone int at the end was bs. I hate when that happens.
  10. WDIS RB

    I'm starting Gore and have to choose 1 T Jones vs MIN T Bell vs SEA MJD @MIA Looking at MJD despite the tough MIA defense. Question is how effective Bell will be his first game back?
  11. WDIS RB

    someone for MJD? Any other thoughts?
  12. RB Question

    Bell see mine
  13. WDIS - Flex

    OAK D is better than you think. Bruce is the way to go.
  14. Anyone starting Cutler?

    Philly is crumbling. Delhomme should put up decent numbers. Use him and that gives you another week to see what Cutler does. See mine
  15. WDIS...Win and In Scenario

    Rex is the better play. MIN pass D has been awful
  16. Must win this week!

    I'd stick with Williams against that soft Eagles D
  17. WDIS

  18. RB ? Marion Barber or Ahman Green

    I would start both Green and Barber...they will both do better than Edge will see mine
  19. Need to start two qbs

    Leinart should have the best game. See mine
  20. Have last minute questions?

    Thanks Flip! I forgot to mention we get .5pt per 20yds IKR and IPR. Also 1pt/2 rec...don't know if that changes your advice or not.
  21. WDIS RB

    Thanks guys, looks like Bell's a favorite. Anyone else? Forgot to metion scoring is in sig line....but we get .5pt per 20yds IKR and IPR, and 1pt/2 rec
  22. Leinart or E. Manning?

    Leinart. He'll be pissed USC lost yesterday
  23. FWP over Alexander!?!

    Use FWP. He's at home and should score at least once.