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  1. who to cut?

    Anyone think Reggie Williams is going to take it to the next level?
  2. who to cut?

  3. TE Wiggins or Cooley?

    Dough Boy's got sweet hands and Kleinsasser won't cut into his recs or TDs. And Swashbucklers right...he does have mad hops!
  4. TE Wiggins or Cooley?

    I had Wiggins last year and if I didn't draft Witten I'd have gone after him. He'll get alot of receptions and is in a much better offense than Washington. He should be good for 4-5 TDs IMO.
  5. my turn to get rated

    I would try to trade some of your RBs to strengthen your WRs. You are relying on all WR2 and WR3s.
  6. The Panther RB ?'s

    I believe Foster had the same surgery done 2 years ago.
  7. Aaron Brooks

    I drafted him and Warner hoping Brooks will finally put together a consistent season.
  8. 12 team 2 keeper league with owners having Stephen Jackson, Julius Jones, and Michael Clayton as a third keeper (rookie rule). I drafted from the 11th spot and Marvin Harrison and Ahman Green are my keepers 1 - Nate Burleson 2.08 - JJ Arrington (traded down to 2.08 and picked up 6th Rd pick) 3 - Isaac Bruce 4 - Jason Witten 5 - Jerome Bettis 6.02 - Marshall Faulk 6.08 - Aaron Brooks 7 - Keary Colbert 8 - Altanta D 9 - Kurt Warner 10 - Reggie Williams 11 - Jeff Wilkins 12 - Reuben Droughns 13 - Daniel Graham 14 - Bobby Engram 15 - Roddy White 16 - Eric Shelton We can only keep 15 players so my team will most likely look like this early on: Starters: QB - Brooks RB - Green, Arrington (Bettis if healthy) WR - Harrison, Burleson, Bruce TE - Witten K - Wilkins DEF - Falcons Bench with max 2 at any position: Warner Bettis, Faulk/Droughns Colbert, Reggie Williams Graham
  9. Is this trade fair?

    I still have to make some cuts at RB and WR, but here's my current team My Team: QB - Brooks, Warner RB - Ahman Green, JJ Arrington, Bettis, Droughns/Faulk (have to cut one) WR - Harrison, Burleson, Bruce, Colbert, Reggie Williams, Engram, Roddy White (have to cut 2) TE - Witten, Graham K - Wilkins DEF - Falcons Owner's Team: QB - Bulger, Brees RB - Alexander, Portis, Martin, Brandon Jacobs WR - Clayton, Branch, Chambers, Bennett, Kennison TE - Crumpler, Putzier K - Stover, Nugent DEF - Seahawks I need to get a better RB2 since Bettis is now hurt and Arrington is a rookie. I told this owner I am interested in Martin. I want to offer the following: Bruce and his choice of Bettis, Droughns, Faulk for Martin and his choice of WR. Do you think this is a fair trade to offer?
  10. Is this trade fair?

    Should I offer Burleson instead of Bruce or will that weaken me too much at WR.
  11. How does my team look?

    anyone else have any thoughts?
  12. Is this trade fair?

  13. 2nd Keeper

    I agree with Hugh, you'll be too thin at RB without Jackson.
  14. How does my team look?

    at my 1st pick it was getting Burleson or drafting someone like Tatum Bell. I figured on snagging a rookie RB in the 2nd so that's why I went WR. I don't think Green is an aging RB, but my backups are.
  15. Rookie RBs

    My league is 12 team 2 keepers. In mocks I have the rookies going in the 2nd round so I'm going to jump on one with the 2.02 pick. My draft is this weekend and I had them ranked 1. Benson 2. Caddy 3. Brown 4. Arrington Who do you think has the best keeper potential, not just for performing this year? My league scoring is in my sig line.
  16. I draft 11th in our 12 team 2 keeper league. You can keep a third one as a rookie depending on the rules. Here's the list of keepers. RBs: LT, Alexander, Holmes, Edge, Deuce, Dillon, D Davis, Suggs, Kevin Jones, A Green, Portis, McGahee WRs: Moss, Harrison, TO, Horn, Wayne, Roy Williams, A Johnson QBs: Manning, Culpepper, McNabb, Favre, Leftwich My keepers are Harrison and Ahman Green. I did a mock draft and here's what was available to me: QB: Trent Green or Marc Bulger RB: Any of the rookie RBs, Dunn, Barlow, Chris Brown, and all Tier 4 RBs etc.. WR: Burleson or Steve Smith, DJax, Coles, Boldin, Lelie, Driver, Bruce, etc TE: all of them Should I draft Burleson or Steve Smith if they do drop to me, or should I go ahead and draft a QB if those WRs are gone. I plan on drafting a rookie RB with my 2.02, so that will leave me to get my WR2 with the 3.11 if I take a QB.
  17. I had Trent Green last year and he had 7 or 8 games over 300yd passing, so I got the 3pt bonus quite a bit. If Burleson or Steve Smith does drop to me I think I'll pick them over Bulger/Green and then grab the rookie RB with my 2.02. Then I'll settle for a tier 2 QB (in my league) in the 3rd or 4th Rd. Probably Plummer, Hasselbeck, or Brady. I did a mock and if I can can get Burleson that will be much better than say getting Kennison in the 4th.
  18. The catch with the rookie keeper is you lose that draft pick next year, so if you draft one in the first then no first round draft pick in 2006. The earliest someone took a rookie was last year with Kevin Jones at 2.12. He ended up not using the rookie rule and just used KJ and McGahee as his keepers.
  19. That's guy's a Cleveland homer. He lost Ricky as a keeper when he retired and hasn't quite recovered yet. He drafts #1 and should be picking up Jamal Lewis as a new keeper. His other is Favre! Based on the RBs I'm projecting, I'd take Cadillac and Arrington over Dunn, Brown, and the others. I will be able to get one of the rookies with the 2.02 so that's why I think I might go ahead and stock up on one of the 2 stud QBs available. Then I grab WR2 at 3.11. I know not to assume, but the guy drafting 12th could've kept Rudi as his third keeper but took Horn instead to make sure he got one decent WR. I'm banking he'll go QB or Burleson.
  20. I got the guy drafting 12th and he's planning on taking QB/WR or WR/WR. He has McAllister, Julius Jones, and Joe Horn as his keepers. He could be throwing me off, but I doubt he'll snag a RB cause it will weaken his team at other positions.
  21. Who's the better pick here?

    Matt Jones Kevin Curtis both have good potential. Matt has alot but he's very raw and it'll take a year or two
  22. Rookie RBs

    Thanks guys, I'm leaning to 1. Caddy 2. Arrington 3. Benson 4. Brown I hate to drop Benson but who knows if that guy is ever gonna sign. I need to draft a possible keeper replacement and Benson is worrying me.
  23. Rookie RBs

    anyone else?
  24. Thanks Rhino! I have a general question for everyone...Do you mess with the weights of the sites on the POS tabs or do you usually leave them all 1. If so then how heavily do you weigh The Huddle vs the others? The Huddle is the only site I use so I'm not familiar with the others.
  25. New rhino spreadsheet

    awesome man, you rule!!!