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  1. Thomas Jones

    this guy's a joke and it's too bad this thread won't have anything else of value
  2. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

  3. Keeper League Rules

    My league you can keep 2 players, and if you draft a rookie and keep him the whole year you can have him the next year by giving up the pick in the round you drafted him.
  4. Lamont Jordan.............

    it's good that you don't swallow :
  5. Draft Strategy from the past

    I don't try to draft for it. I drafted Trent Green and mid season picked up Kennison because my WRs sucked besides Harrison. That acquistion saved my season in some must win games like the Monday night game shootout with the Titans, and that other game where he scored a 72 yd TD at the end of the 4th. I ended up losing in the Superbowl though.
  6. How many huddlers from NC?

    I heard Richmond was decent because it was relatively close to both the mountains and beach.
  7. Hines Ward & Pittsburgh

    Preach on brother! Go Stillers!
  8. Thomas Jones

    I'm going to draft Benson and this is just making me have to get TJ earlier than I really want to.
  9. How many huddlers from NC?

    I'm most likely moving to NC next year, either Charlotte area or Asheville. Been down there a couple times and loved it. Like THEbigred, I'm in IT consulting so I'm leaning more towards Charlotte for the job market. Of course if I have to travel it doesn't matter. Big Mac, I might have to take you up on some contacts.
  10. QB draft strategy

    Him or Bulger. I'm a Steelers homer but I've only had Ward the year he blew up. Here are the keepers in my league. I've got Harrison and Green. Since our 1st RD is like a 3rd round there are very few top tier players available. Here are the keepers in the league by team: Corey Dillon Byron Leftwich Eli Manning Deuce McAllister Rudi Johnson Julius Jones Edgerrin James Domanick Davis Steven Jackson Terrell Owens Dante Culpepper Ladanian Tomlinson Reggie Wayne Brett Favre Lee Suggs Clinton Portis Shaun Alexander Michael Clayton Peyton Manning Randy Moss Donovan McNabb Priest Holmes Willis McGahee Kevin Jones Andre Johnson Roy Williams Larry Fitzgerald Ahman Green Marvin Harrison
  11. QB draft strategy

    I need to be in your league! I'm in a 12 team 2 keeper and drafting 11th. I'm looking to take Trent Green in the 1st and Benson in the 2nd because all the top tier RBs and WRs are gone! I'd be lucky to get Bennett, Bell, Ward, or Burleson in my league.
  12. Clayton vs Roy Williams vs Burleson

    I wanna hear about Porter, but I'd rank them 1) Burleson 2) Clayton 3) Williams
  13. Bulger or Favre

    If you can take Trent Green over Bulger I would think about that. Green hasn't missed a game in ages, and has improved his stats each year. He should do better than Bulger despite the fact he's got a tougher schedule.
  14. What was your most painful fantasy loss?

    2002 Superbowl. I lost to my little brother by 4 pts. I had Bulger and the first snap of the game he hurt his back and didn't come back. Despite that I was still in it. I had Hines Ward on Monday night, all I needed was a TD. He came so close to scoring but didn't. I was crushed and never hear the end of it.
  15. Drafting with bye weeks in mind

    I only take it into consideration when I'm ranking similar players. If one has the same bye as one of my guys I'll go with the other one.
  16. Mock 10 thread

    sorry for the delay, was cooking some grub. alchico you're up!
  17. Mock 10 thread

    love that avatar Quimby, that's how I feel right now!
  18. Mock 10 thread

    Done! We're sitting with the next Panther pick from PantherDave
  19. Mock 10 thread

    Put my pick in, Big Talker is up now
  20. Tie Breakers

    We came up with this formula 2 years ago and thankfully didn't have to use it. I also switched scoring to half points and we still had 1 reg season tie last year. I like this system for the reasons Sigalf03 listed. I don't really like home field advantage for tie breakers, however I give the #1 seed a 4pt home field advantage and #2 seed 2pts for their playoff games leading up to the superbowl.
  21. Mock 10 thread

    Don't forget Rod Gardner or John Kasay
  22. darnit I hate my owners!

    I always set the date 2 weeks before the draft. No every really complains they all yield to my decision! We're in our 6th year and we've never had less than 10 and had all 12 once and hopefully this year too. They always want to have it on Sat morning, cause we have it in greater Cleveland and we have 4 out of towners. 2 drive up from Columbus (2 hrs) and one from Pittsburgh (2 hrs). The 4th FLYS in from Baltimore! So set up a dinner on Friday night with those who will be around and breakfast for everyone right before the draft. It's a good time, and it brings back college memories when I crack open that beer at 9:30am.
  23. Mock 10 thread

    yeah lets get Nogohawk moving. I want to make my next picks then do some preselects so I can call it a night and get some sleep.
  24. Mock 10 thread

    I gambled that one of those would slip to me, nice pickups!
  25. Mock 10 thread

    just got home in the nick of time...go quimby!