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  1. Tie Breakers

    for games I allow ties in regular season. For playoffs we use this formula to break a tie game: The team with the most points out of five will receive the win. Each criteria is worth 1 point 1. Theteam having the most actual points scored. The team with the highest total of touchdowns, field goals, safeties, and extra points will receive 1 point. If both teams have the same, then the team with the highest number of touchdowns gets the point. If they have the same touchdowns, then the highest number of field goals gets the point. If still tied then the tiebreaker will be the higher number of players that scored. 2. The team having the most total rushing yards. If tied in rushing yards, the team with the higher number of total rushes would get the point. 3. The team having the most total passing yards. If tied in passing yards, the team with the higher number of total completions would get the point. 4. The team having the most total receiving yards. If tied in receiving yards, the team with the higher number of total receptions would get the point. 5. The team that has the defense that gave up the least number of points. If tied, the team with the defense that gave up the least number of total yards would get the point.
  2. Mock 10 thread

    didn't see that one coming
  3. Mock 10 thread

    I was thinking the same thing, but I passed on him to pick up Owens
  4. Mock 10 thread

    got it in, move along!
  5. Mock 10 thread

    I'll have it in shortly...had to run to a meeting. Sorry!
  6. Fantasy Draft Board

    I agree, been using it 3-4 years and love's board. I got that free thing from cbs.sportsline last year. It was way too busy and the names were so small nobody could read them.
  7. I have Harrison and Green as my keepers. A guy offered me TO for Harrison and my 2nd Rd pick 14th overall. I'm not going to do this trade because even though Harrison isn't getting any older and he is losing stats to Wayne/Stokely the difference btw TO and Marvin isn't enough for me to give up the 14th overall pick in the draft. If I were to counter, what draft pick should I offer?
  8. Benson or Brown

    I'm in a 2 player keeper keeper league (you can take a rookie keeper and lose that draft pick next year). I currently have Marvin Harrison and Ahman Green and pick 11th in a serpentine draft since I lost in the Superbowl. Jamal Lewis, Tiki Barber, Curtis Martin, Lamont Jordan, Westbrook will probably be gone by my pick, and I think Benson or Brown might be a better bet than Westbrook or a Chris Brown anyway. I am thinking of drafting Ronnie Brown or Cedric Benson with either my 1st Rd pick or 2nd (14th overall) on the serpentine. Who do you think would be a better gamble? Here are the keepers in the league by team: Corey Dillon Byron Leftwich Eli Manning Deuce McAllister Rudi Johnson Julius Jones Edgerrin James Domanick Davis Steven Jackson Terrell Owens Dante Culpepper Ladanian Tomlinson Reggie Wayne Brett Favre Lee Suggs Clinton Portis Shaun Alexander Michael Clayton Peyton Manning Randy Moss Donovan McNabb Priest Holmes Willis McGahee Kevin Jones Andre Johnson Roy Williams Larry Fitzgerald Ahman Green Marvin Harrison
  9. Benson or Brown

    If Grossman can connect to Mushin then that should give Benson room to run. I'm ranking them 1. Benson 2. Williams 3. Brown
  10. Moss, Portis, Johnson?

    Moss and Rudi. I don't see Portis ever getting back to what he did in Denver. The Bengals have a great core of Palmer, CJ, and Rudi and should put up some good numbers.
  11. should be random since it's a redraft every year. If you had keepers then it would make sense to base it off of last year.
  12. Benson or Brown

    Athough Pittman ran for close to 1000 yds in 13 games behind that line. I guess I go with either Williams or Benson, and I think Williams might be the better pick to reap benefits from over the next couple years.
  13. Benson or Brown

    Based on the history of my league I expect to see all 3 Benson, Brown, and Williams there at 1.11. The guys before me will be picking up WRs and RBs. LT went in the 2nd Rd back when he was a rookie. If they happen to not be then I'll just pick up Arrington. Does anyone worry about Cadillac's knees?
  14. I would go with Barber, Horn, and Green. I think Green will bounce back despite the O Line problems. With Buckhalter back Westbrook should get less touches and he's injury prone!
  15. Benson or Brown

    I was planning on drafting Benson, but didn't think about Cadillac Williams. Do you think he's poised for a better season and more impotantly a better long-term situation. Green isgetting old and I'm hoping to replace him with Benson/Brown/Williams
  16. Benson or Brown

    little help??
  17. Should I make any moves?

    I agree with Roo, how many are in your league, 6 guys? Your team is stacked! I would try to move Bennett for a more reliable back or package Jimmy Smith or another receiver for an upgrade at WR.
  18. Portis / McCallister

    I like the trade because I never thought Portis would put up numbers like he did in Denver, granted it's only been one year but I doubt he'll do much better. I'd take that trade and if you can get a little more then that's great. Deuce is supposed to be even a bigger part of the offense this year (yeah they say that every year) and he should put up some pretty good numbers.
  19. The Longest Yard Fantasy Football League

    Nice name! The league I started back in 1999 has the same name. The original was such a great movie!
  20. pittman or dunn?

    this is the superbowl game, already played green and need to pick between pittman vs CAR or Dunn @ NO.
  21. Superbowl WR matchups

    I'm starting Harrison and Kennison and I need to pick one of these guys TJ Houshmandzadeh vs NYG MRob vs GB TJH finally came down to earth last week, but MRob hasn't done anything in weeks. With Moss back I like to think he could have a nice game against the Packers. However I'm leaning towards sticking with TJH. Thanks in advance for the help!
  22. Superbowl WR matchups

    anyone else?
  23. Our rosters are locked and I'm in the Superbowl this week. This is what I have to choose from on Defense: CHI @ DET GB @ MIN Neither are good options so I can't decide which one to go with.
  24. I have started Ahman Green all season and paired Pittman alonside him for the last half. Now that Duckett is gone should I consider playing Dunn ahead of either of those two?
  25. WDIS RB

    Start Pittman. He has been solid in scoring 10 tds in 9 games. He gets both receiving and rushing yardage. You dont' know what's going to show for the Browns and Suggs. He keeps getting dinged up.