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  1. which defense

    go with the Rams
  2. Need Defense help!

    Which of these would you start this week? I have CHI and can pick any of the others up except Seattle (only if they clear waivers). DET vs ARZ SEA vs DAL CHI vs MIN MIN vs CHI
  3. Need Defense help!

    Seattle was picked up by someone so I"m down to flipping that coin as you say.
  4. Need Defense help!

  5. I agree with Minor and Evans. I'd go with CAR because they have been playing good as of late. I also have a DEF post as well.
  6. I hate DEF...

    I am leaning towards the Vikings or Lions. I am looking at both those teams since I have the Bears right now as my DEF. I'm curious to see what others say as well.
  7. Need Defense help!

    Ok now I'm trying to decide between DET and SEA
  8. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 12

    Hugh, which DEF to play this week. I need this win to make the playoffs. MIN @ CHI DET vs ARZ SEA vs DAL Thanks!
  9. Need Defense help!

    that's one vote for each. Anyone else please
  10. I have to start Harrison and Kennison with Burress out this week. Should I go with MRob vs JAX as my 3rd WR or pick up Joe Jurevicius @CAR?
  11. Rank these RBs

    Dunn Goings Chester Taylor Wheatley I have Dunn and Wheatley as backups to Green and Pittman. Need to decide on picking up Goins or Taylor to pair with Pittman this week if Green doesn't go.
  12. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hey Hugh, I need to pick a WR to go alongside Harrison and Burress. MRob vs DET Kennison vs NE