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  1. playing Willei parker over Gore

  2. Henderson over Harrison?

    Marvin, he'll bounce back this week.
  3. Have last minute questions?

    I'm starting Gore and have to choose 1 T Jones vs MIN T Bell vs SEA MJD @MIA Bell's got the best matchup but I'm still not sure about using him. This game is for the division title, a first round bye, and a +2 pt advantage in my first playoff game.
  4. Wdis

    I like Evans if Colston cant' go

  6. WDIS Edge or K Jones?

    KJ even though the matchup sucks. I would avoid Edge if at all possible.
  7. WDIS - DEF?

    I like Denver
  8. QB problem...

    I would also go with Favre for the reasons above. I wouldn't touch any Giant except Tiki with a 10 ft pole. See mine on RB WDIS
  9. Help with WR


  11. Flex help

    I agee with rew and the others. Chester is the way to go here due to # of touches he'll get.
  12. Fantasy Title droughts

    My local I started in 1999 with 7 owners. We drafted online and I won that year,. but nobody recognizes it because we did an online draft. In 2000 we expanded to 12 teams and a live draft ever since. I've been to the Superbowl 3 more times but have lost them all. They call me Marv Levy.
  13. WDIS at WR

    Harrison for sure. I agree with the others.
  14. SA and Tatum. Those are your best bets. See mine.
  15. Leinart or Bulger?

    I would go with Leinart. THough I am starting Bulger over Favre.
  16. WDIS RB

    thanks, any others? I'm still hesitant to start Bell, given Shanny's history. This week I'm playing for the division title, a first week bye and +2 pt advantage in the 2nd rd of the playoffs. If I lose I drop to the 4th seed, no bye.
  17. Which PIT WR - Holmes or Washington?

    If colston plays get him in your lineup. I would go with Holmes. He's done the best of the WRs behind Ward and should step up today.
  18. Def. help......

    Go with MIA. It should be a low scoring game and MIA has been very solid the last 4 weeks.
  19. WDIS@QB

    I agree with rew70. Grossman can definitely get his shots in. Eli has looked awful and I expect him to cry this week against the DAL D.
  20. Is KJ a better start than TJ?

    TJ. If Pat Williams is out for Minny...then definitely TJ. KJ will not do well against NE. See mine on TJ and MJD.
  21. W.R. and Def

    Good point. If you think that DEN will not light it up at home, then go for Seattle. with Henderson, I'm starting him with confidence unlesss Colston plays...then I'm starting Colston!
  22. what a dilema

    Both have great matchups. I would start Gore, he's too hot to sit right now. SF will run him into the ground to keep the ball away from Brees.
  23. W.R. and Def

    If Colston is out definitely Henderson. If not then start Driver. Jags D. Denver should put up some pts at home, and will play conservative with the rookie starting.