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  1. Big decision at QB

    Rivers. Don't rest your season on the rookie.
  2. Need a DEF

    Use OAK. Houston's offense is awful. You should get more sacks and TOs compared to using Minny
  3. Jones Drew vs K. Jones

    I'd roll the dice with Jones-Drew. DET will be behind early at NE so KJ's numbers should be lessened. If you get IKR or rec pts then definitely go with MJD. See mine about MJD
  4. Is Willis a better play than MBIII?

    I would go with Willis. He looks to be back from his injury so he should be the better play based on number of touches. I think DAL is going to keep NYG out of the redzone so that will limit Barber III's chances.
  5. I am already starting Gore and have to choose 1 T Jones vs MIN T Bell vs SEA MJD @MIA Bell has the best matchup, but how effective will he be when he's got double turf toe and hasn't played in a couple weeks. T Jones has been doing well though Benson got the score last week. MJD gets 8-10 touches but has scored the last 3 weeks and has 8 TDs, but goes against a very tough MIA Def.
  6. Start T Bell over T Jones and MJD?

    ok so 1 for Jones and 2 for bell...any others????
  7. Start T Bell over T Jones and MJD?

    72 views and only 2 replies? bump bump
  8. I like Mason, despite the weather.
  9. RB Help Gore, S. Morris, Maroney pick2

    gore and maroney hands down
  10. Is anyone starting Tatum Bell this week?

    I've got to decide between T Jones vs MIN Jones-Drew @MIA T Bell vs SEA Not sure who I'm going with. Maybe Bell since he's got the best matchup.
  11. T Jones or MJD?

    MJD keeps hitting paydirt, and THomas Jones seems to be inconsistent from week to week. THough he had 99yds. T Jones vs MIN MJD @MIA Minny's D is real tough against the run. MIA is too, but they can be scored on. I think I like Jones-Drew EDIT: T Bell vs SEA Now that T Bell is going to start he's an option too. Not sure I want to start him but he definitely has the best matchup.
  12. T Jones or MJD?

  13. T Jones or MJD?

    T Bell vs SEA is an option now too. Now that T Bell is going to start he's an option too. Not sure I want to start him but he definitely has the best matchup.
  14. Need a Kicker

    Nedney @NO Grammatica @NYG Tynes @CLE Rayner vs NYJ Mare vs JAC I've flipping kickers all year as everytime I pick one up they get squat. I like Grammatica cause even though he's been out at least DAL is a high powered offense.
  15. pick up Cutler?

    I like the platooning idea. If you are willing to risk it I'd dump Kitna for cutler.
  16. Am I holding onto a name?

    i'd pick someone else but hang onto him. Don't really like those options but I'd pick up Carr I guess.
  17. Need a Kicker

  18. Trade deadline?

    we're a 2 man keeper league. Trade deadline using future draft picks ends Week 9 and normal trade deadline ends Week 11. Offseason you are allowed to trade players and draft picks, but only the 2 keepers. The rest of the players are non tradeable.
  19. T Bell, McAllister, Jones-Drew?

    I would play McAllister and Bell (if he's truly starting)
  20. Need Huddler help.....

    Barber then MJD
  21. T Jones or MJD?

    I agree that MJD only gets around 10 touches a game but here's the pts comparison since week 3 (when MJD starting turning it on) MJD ----- 16, 11, 14, 12, 04, 05, 12, 10, 16 T Jones - 04, 17, 07, 03, 14, 06, 11, 07, 04 MJD 90 att 454 yds 6 TD 32 rec 317 yds 2 TD 100 pts for 11 pts/per game since week 3 Jones 236 att 940 yds 4 TD 28 rec 105 yds 0 TD 73 pts for 8 pts/per game since week 3 Despite getting half the touhes Jones does this little bugger keeps getting in the endzone. He's got 8 TDs to Jones 4. We get 1 pt/2 rec, but they have about the same there. Jones clearly has more att and yds. Their scoring in my league is close and it's only MJD by 3 pts per game. It just seems that lately he's been getting in the end zone alot. Jones is gettign the bulk of the carries and did run for almost 100 against NE, it's just that despite the low touches MJD seems to be the better option. THough not sure against MIA. Just playing devils advocate here. My opponent this week is tied with me for the division, so if I win it's the #2 seed and a first round bye, or falling back to the 5th seed.
  22. Rivers or Leinart

    I like Leinart. He will have to throw against STL, and should have a nice day. Except for that one big game Rivers has taken a back seat to LT, and will continue to do so.
  23. I like Grossman. Minny's secondary has been crumbling as of late so Rex should be able to put up decent numbers.
  24. Quick Wide Receiver Question

    Driver, he'll get more looks than Cotchery should.