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  1. Stop using PIT D?

    I've got PIT and here's what's available: CIN BUF ARI OAK STL GB It's very slim pickings. Of those maybe CIN or BUF...but I might be stuck riding the Steelers.
  2. Stop using PIT D?

  3. Stop using PIT D?

    Buf - SD, NYJ, MIA, TEN Oak - HOU, @CIN, STL, KC Pitt - TB, CLE, @CAR, BAL also GB - NYJ, @SF, DET, MIN CIN - BAL, OAK, @IND, @DEN Bold are playoff weeks Pitt's TB and CLE look good, but @CAR and BAL look awful though BUF had MIA and TEN so maybe platooning the two?
  4. Rank these WRs

    Need to pick up another WR. Booker Holmes Curtis SHould I pick up Booker or Holmes or keep Curtis. I'm thinking Booker but he does shine and fade fast.
  5. Ronnie Brown?

    pick up sammy morris and yeah I'd keep him if you can.
  6. Stop using PIT D?

    anyone else? I'm a little concerned about Oakland
  7. Rank these WRs

    thanks guys, any other thoughts??
  8. Need a little Help

    +1. I'm probably going to start MJD over Thomas Jones this week as well.
  9. which way would you go?

    I'd roll with Bulger. ARI gives up alot. They made Brad Johnson look like a stud.
  10. T Jones or MJD?

    T Jones @NE MJD @BUF My gut says T Jones hands down. But Jones-Drew seems to find the end zone alot more, and Buf def is horrid against the run, while NE is top 5.
  11. T Jones or MJD?

    yep, thanks guys!
  12. Watson or Stevens?

    Watson vs CHI Stevens vs GB both have decent matchups, but can you sit Watson as he's always the NE top receiver?
  13. Vick or Breese?

    +1. Ride Brees the rest of the way
  14. T Jones or MJD?

    thanks guys. Any others?
  15. Which N.O WR this week?

    I'm a Colston owner and picked Henderson. You should do the same. Copper's ankle isnt' 100%
  16. My WRs are Harrison, Colston, Boldin, Henderson, and Curtis. We start 3. With Holmes getting more looks from Ben, think he will be better down the stretch than Curtis. Curtis had 2 great weeks then has nosedived along with the whole STL offense. He hasn't come close to what he did last year.
  17. Santonio Holmes- Worth picking up?

    Yeah I was thinking if he's a better option than Curtis Booker is out there too
  18. My buddy is out of town so I have to set his lineup. Pick 2 of these awful WRs Furrey vs MIA Rod Smith @KC Henry @CLE and 2 of these 3 RBs Dunn vs NO Lewis vs PIT Mike Bell @KC
  19. Setting buddy's lineup - need help

    Also forgot his DEF ATL vs NO PHI IND
  20. Setting buddy's lineup - need help

    I am. My team doesn't suck like his. I've got Gore, T Jones, MJD, and T Bell. My WRs are Colston, Harrison, Boldin, Henderson, and Curtis. I'm playing him this week so I want to be impartial with his lineup.

    they stopped taking paypal. It's something else now. Haven't signed back up.
  22. Devery Henderson or Copper

    I'm in the same boat. Interested to see what people think?
  23. WDIS TE

    Stevens vs SF Watson @GB GB hasn't given up a TD to a TE all season, yet Watson is the leading receiver but with only 1 td. Stevens is getting back into the mix, and scored 2 of last 3 weeks. SF is 31st against TEs.