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  1. WDIS TE

    Stevens -1.5 pts Watson 11.5 pts I'm an idiot. Played STevens because SF is 31st in league in scoring against TE. So much for stats.
  2. Add Favre to the list

    I hear ya Colston getting hurt could be the nail in my coffin.
  3. Colston injured

    Between him and Favre going down I am screwed. I knew I should've started bugler
  4. Add Favre to the list

    son of a lady dog!!! I started him over Bulger. Figures just my luck.
  5. Reed or Hanson

    Reed @CLE Hanson @ARI
  6. Bulger or Favre?

    Bulger @CAR Favre vs NE Throw out Bulger's performance last week against SEA and it's hard not to start him, but CAR is real tough. Favre could roll again but just as easily put up a stinker. Not sure here at all. Watson @GB Stevens @SF playing my little bro and need the win to keep at top of my division.
  7. Bulger or Favre?

    any other last minute thoughts??
  8. Have last minute questions?

    Stevens @SF Watson @GB Bulger @CAR Favre vs NE Pick 1: Hanson @ARI Nedney vs SF Reed @CLE
  9. Bulger or Favre?

    my other starters are Gore vs SEA T Jones @NYJ Harrison @DAL Colston vs CIN Boldin vs DET Stevens @SF Steelers D Hanson @ARI
  10. last minute TE help

    LJ Smith. GB hasn't given up a TD to the TE all year. See mine
  11. WDIS Kicker

    horrible luck with kickers this year Hanson @ARI Tynes vs OAK Reed @OAK I like Hanson the best, maybe Reed.
  12. WDIS Kicker

  13. Bulger or Favre?

    nobody has an opinion? out of 33 looks?
  14. Bulger or Favre?

  15. WDIS?

    Gore, Chiefs and Smith
  16. Watson or Stevens

    Watson @GB Stevens @SF GB hasn't given up a TD to a TE all season, and Stevens goes against a better SF D at home
  17. Watson or Stevens

    anyone else?
  18. WDIS

    Betts, he should get alot of action against MIA
  19. Which D/ST to start?

    Denver. Den at home has been suffocating opponents.
  20. Need your help

    Sjax and Green
  21. Watson or Stevens

  22. Watson or Stevens

  23. 2 keeper 12 team league. Start 3 WRs and 2 RBs My Wrs are Harrison, Boldin, Colston, Curtis and Williamson. I'm working a 3-team trade involving the following: 1. I trade Harrison/T Bell to Team A for Portis/Reggie Brown. 2. I trade Portis and Reggie Brown to Team B for Stallworth, Edge, and Bears D My team before the trade: RB - Gore, T Jones, Jones-Drew, T Bell WR - Harrison, Colston, Boldin, Curtis, Williamson DEF - Steelers and after the trade: RB - Gore, T Jones, Edge, Jones-Drew WR - Stallworth, Colston, Boldin, Curtis, Williamson DEF - Bears, Steelers Team A might take Boldin, but if Boldin starts picking up again he could do better than harrison. I would also like to get Chambers off him instead of Brown but this guy is awful at trading and probably won't. My main goal here would be to get the Bears D and have Edge as a backup alonside MJD. Or am I just messing with a good thing and should just ride out with what I have? Team A QB - Delhomme, Romo, Big Ben RB - Alexander, Portis, Betts, Jacobs, Norwood WR - Roy Williams, Chambers, Reggie Brown, Joe Horn, Chad Jackson TE - Crumpler K - Stover DEF - Colts D Team B QB – Grossman RB – Edge, Caddy, Foster WR – Holt, Stallworth, Cotchery, Gabriel TE – McMichael, Cooley K – Kaeding DEF – Bears My Team QB – Bulger, Favre RB – Gore, Thomas Jones, Tatum Bell, Jones-Drew WR – Harrison, Boldin, Colston, Curtis, Williamson TE – Watson, Stevens K – Hanson DEF – Steelers