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  1. We have a short bench and can only carry 4 RBs so I would have to drop Riddick or Ware to keep both McKinnon and Hyde.


    I'm planning on keeping Riddick as we are half PPR so his value should be better than McKinnon. gonna drop McKinnon for Hyde and hope SF turns things around. Can't be much worse than last week.


    I'll be starting Ware and Riddick this week...Lord help me...

  2. League is a half PPR. Someone dropped Hyde last night for some reason and i had picked up McKinnon as I have AP. Should I dump McKinnon and grab Hyde? I figure i should since Hyde is a starter where McKinnon will probably only be good for a few weeks. Here's my RBs

    Peterson - hurt

    Ware - will lose time to Charles

    Riddick - now the starter

    McKinnon - timeshare with AP out

  3. This guy is willing to give you Rodgers for Landry and Garcon?


    Yeah he just texted saying maybe he'd do Landry and Garcon. I'd keep my RBs, upgrade from Tannehill to Rodgers, and Downgrade WR2 and WR3 from Landry and Garcon to Randle and Agholor or whatever I could pick up off waivers.

  4. We are half ppr league. My QB is Tannehill and I’ve been offered Aaron Rodgers and a WR for AP and Landry. Not going to do that but the Rodgers owner is really hurting at RB and WR. I was thinking of Forsett/Martin and Garcon for Rodgers but is Rodgers going to be that much better to take a step down at WR3 and RB2. Forsett hasn’t done anything better than Martin at this point though. I’m thinking of just staying put but would like some other thoughts.


    My Team

    Tannehill, Foles

    Peterson, Forsett, Doug Martin, David Johnson (or whatever waiver wire RB I get tonight)

    Calvin, Landry, Garcon, Randle, Agholor

    Reed, Ertz


    His Team

    Rodgers, Palmer

    Jennings, Crowell, Spiller, Karlos Williams

    TY, Cooks, Wallace, Tavon, Austin, Quick

    Bennett, Maxx

  5. Update: So I was able to work 2 trades on draft day to get both Peterson and Calvin.


    Trade 1: My 2nd, 6th and Jordan Matthews for Adrian Peterson

    Trade 2: My 1st , 4th, and 5th for Calvin Johnson


    Here’s how my team ended up at skill positions:


    QB: Tannehill

    RB: AP, Forte (keeper), Doug Martin, David Johnson

    WR: Calvin Johnson, Jarvis Landry, Garcon, Agholor, Randle

    TE: Ertz


    Not happy with Tannehill but I’m 1-1 and since added Jordan Reed at TE. If AP and Calvin hadn’t stunk week 1 I’d be 2-0.

  6. I've got the 6th pick in a 12 team 2 keeper league, half ppr. My current keepers are Forsett and Jordan Matthews. I unfortunately had Jordy Nelson and had to replace him with Matthews. The guy with the #1 pick has AP and Beckham.


    He want my #6 overall and Jordan Matthews for Peterson. I am considering this as I would be set at keeper for a few yrs. Did a mock with and without the trade and here's what I ended up with:


    No Trade with keepers Forsett and Jordan Matthews I ended up with starters of Forsett, Murrary at RB and WRs are Matthews, Cooks, and Adams.


    With trade keepers are Peterson and Forsett I ended up with RBs: AP and Forsett and WRs are Adams, Fitzgerald and some other junk, I didn't pock past 2 rds on this one.


    Am I killing myself by giving him Matthews and my 1st rd pick? Or just pass and hope I land some gems in mid rds that will break out and lock down for keepers next year. Jordy really killed me longterm.

  7. 2 man keeper league. I'm looking at top 5 draft spot next year and my current keeper options are Welker, Cruz, Alf and Gore. We are a half ppr league so given I bet I can upgrade at RB I'm probably going to keep the 2 WRs or Welker and Alf.


    Now the megatron owner is looking to gain 2 keepers as his only real option is Megatron. So I'm wondering whether to offer Welker/Alf or Cruz/Alf. Thinking that Welker is more consistent but Cruz would be the #1 threat and a higher ceiling next year.