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  1. Our league locks down rosters this week. I need a def to take me the rest of the way, possibly 2 and play matchups if I cut someone for the roster spot (Dwyer or amendola/james jones) which I don't want to do.


    Scoring is standard except no pts for kickoff or punt return TDs. My options are


    NYG - NO, @ATL, @BAL

    STL - @BUF, MIN, @TB

    ATL - @CAR, NYG, @DET

    GB - DET @CHI, TEN

    CAR - ATL, @SD, OAK



    I currently have STL since on paper they have the softest matchups but looking at maybe GB since they have 2 home games and usually play DET strong and TEN is the best wk 16 matchup. I tried CAR at KC last week and it didn't work out so well...

  2. Start 2 RBs and a flex. Foster and Spiller are my RBs so I need to figure out my flex


    Bryce Brown @DAL

    Leshoure vs IND

    Sproles @ATL


    in half PPR Sproles should be gold but Brown has a good matchup @DAL and looked good on MNF. Leshoure's got a good one too. Not sure who to roll with.


    D Alexander is the only other player I'd have to flex but I think these RBs are better plays than DX this week.

  3. In my main local I'm 8-5 despite some poor start/bench decisions and being too afraid to pull the trigger on some early ww moves. I play my division leader 9-4 this week to determine who wins the division. I win I get the division and #2 seed overall. I lose I drop down to the 4th to 6th seed depending on tie breakers. All comes down to the final regular season game


    In my work league I'm 7-5 and in the last playoff spot for now. I like my chances to make it and go on a run to win back to back championships.


    My last league i'm in the last playoff spot as well. hopefully can pull the trifecta and get this one in the playoffs as well.

  4. Need to grab a defense this week for a must win to grab my division and #2 seed overall.


    No kick or punt return TDs those go to individual player


    NYG @WAS - lights out last sunday but can they do it again against RG3?

    CAR @KC - Huddle likes them against KC; they were so so on Mon night

    DAL vs PHI - at least they are home

    CLE @OAK - oak can be turnover prone


    of these I'm liking NYG the best since overall they are the most solid def. However CAR and DAL have the best matchups this week. I currently have ATL def and need to dump them they've been killing me last couple weeks and have NO this week.

  5. I just completed a trade to get Gronk. Sent Forte/Witten/Daniel Thomas off for Gronk and Fred Jackson. He was to be the extra umph to push my team ahead. This sucks cause now its Bennett time.

  6. Gronk owner is hurting at RB with only FJax, Bradshaw and Donald Brown. Thinking of offering either Forte or Alf and Witten for Gronk. Or maybe Witten is fine and I should just stay put? Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE no flex and half ppr. Felix Jones is sitting out ther so I couuld grab him to replace my empty RB slot


    my team

    QB - Ryan, Palmer

    RB - Forte, Alf, Daniel Thomas, Sproles (can pick up Felix Jones if necessary)

    WR - Cruz, AJohnson, James Jones, Amendola, Antonio Brown

    TE - Witten, Bennett


    his team

    QB - Ben, Fitzpatrick

    RB - Bradshaw, FJax DBrown

    WR - VJax, Nicks, Decker, DHB

    TE - Gronk, Chandler