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  1. Curious as to if anyone's going to be rolling with him this week. Even though he's questionable it seems like he'll play I guess.


    I don't want to have to but will due to a short bench and having James Jones on bye, Antonio Brown hurt, and not wanting to cut one of these WRs to grab WW trash.

  2. I need 14 pts from Forte tonight. Scoring is half ppr and 1pt/20yds rushing/receiving. So hoping for a few catches 100 combo yards and a TD. I'm not holding my breath.


    Sadly I'm in this spot because I chose Palmer over Freeman for bye week filler (and Bills D over Giants). Hopefully Forte can bring it home.

  3. half ppr league we start 2 RB and 3 WR no flex


    I've got Sproles and Forte on bye and I've got to start Alf Morris and Vick Ballard. My WRs are ok in Cruz, Andre Johnson, James Jones, Antonio Brown, and Andre Roberts. Another team stocked at RB would probably take Brown for Leshoure but should I? I'm riding James Jones now but when Jennings comes back I assume jones' production to drop off again. That puts my WR3 as Brown or Roberts...and Brown's been more consistent. Andre Johnson has been a disappointment but I can't trade him, not for Leshoure.


    Another possibility is to package Sproles and Brown for Turner/Moore? Anyone have any other suggestions? he doesn't want Jones for insurance to plug in for jennings


    Or I can just stick with Ballard or scoop up Shonn Greene (can't believe I said that)


    my team



    Sproles, Forte, Alf, Ballard

    Cruz, AJ, ABrown, James Jones, Roberts

    Witten, Bennett


    his team


    RG3, Peyton

    Reggie Bush, Turner, Spiller, Leshoure

    Jennings, Austin, Welker, Moore, Avery

    Finley, Heath Miller



  4. half ppr league I've got Victor Cruz and need 2 more


    Antonio Brown @TEN

    James Jones @HOU

    Andre Roberts v BUF

    Andre Johnson v GB


    I've been rolling Cruz, AJ, and either Brown or Jones all season. All 4 have decent matchups but I'm leaning toward Jones and Roberts based on matchup, and that AJ looked bad on MNF.


    Having a hard time sitting Antonio Brown though because he's so consistent.

  5. We are a 2 keeper league with half ppr scoring and I'm tring to pry Arian Foster away from another team. We are at an impass because he wants Forte and Cruz for Foster. he needs help at WR but I'm not sure what to counter with. Should I counter with Forte/AJ or maybe Sproles/AJ.


    Or maybe just forget it because I would end up weaker at WR despite gaining at RB and have a stud keeper for next few years.


    My team

    QB - Ryan, Palmer

    RB - Forte, Sproles, Alf Morris, Tate

    WR - Cruz, A Johnson, A Brown, Burleson, Ogletree

    TE - Bennett, Witten

    K - Bryant

    DEF - ATL


    His Team

    QB - Rodgers, Tebow

    RB - Foster, Martin, Benson

    WR - Wallace, Wayne, Blackmon, Cobb, S Hill

    TE - Olsen

    K - Akers

    DEF - BAL, NYG

  6. half ppr league; I'm starting Andre Johnson and Cruz need to pick my WR3 between


    Burleson vs MIN

    Ogletree vs CHI


    Got Burleson penciled in based on targets (not expecting a huge game like last week) but read about how Bears D gives it up to the 3rd WRs alot so thinking about starting Ogletree.


    Rest of my starters



    Sproles, Morris (orTate)



    Atlanta Defense