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  1. half ppr league we start 2 RBs and with Forte out I am starting Sproles @GB and need to pick between


    Tate vs TEN

    Alfred Morris @TB


    Had Morris penciled in earlier this week but now thinking Tate may be the better play even though he's the backup given they are playing TEN and should be plenty for both Foster and Tate. Also pondering Ogletree or James Jones...thinking of going with Ogletree or possibly picking up Nate Burleson.


    Rest of my starters



    Sproles, Morris or Tate

    Andre Johnson, Cruz, Ogletree or James Jones






  2. As a Graham owner I wouldnt take it. It just isnt good enough at the RB spot to let go of him. I drafted him in the 2nd round so I would not part with anything less than a RB taken ahead of him or slightly after him. If it were me I would counter for your Spiller. BJGE and Chandler are chump change in this deal.



    I see your point but he's got FJax already not sure he wants to have both.

  3. 10 team yahoo league with half ppr. Start 2 RB and 1 flex spot. My team is solid except at TE currently using Chandler (after dropping Olsen the week before). I've got depth at RB and the Jimmy Graham owner is hurting at RB for now.


    Thinking of offering BJGE and Chandler for Jimmy...maybe Leshoure instead of BJGE. Or is that too much to give up for Graham? Or should I just stay put with Chandler or pick up Rudolph, Gresham or Heath Miller off waivers


    We start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 flex. I'm currently starting Foster/Spiller (now Leshoure or BJGE) and flexing Sproles.


    My team:

    QB - Ryan

    RB - Foster, Sproles, BJGE, Spiller, Leshoure, Hillis

    WR - Roddy White, Austin, B Lloyd, Antonio Brown, LaFell

    TE - Chandler


    His team:

    QB - Stafford

    RB - FJax, Martin, Beanie, Dwyer

    WR - Julio Jones, Dez, Wayne, Colston, Britt, Malcom Floyd

    TE - Graham

  4. P.Manning (top 10 QB regardless who he plays)


    M.Stafford (would be number 1 without the INTs, he hard the yardage)

    J.Flacco (don't be afraid of what the Eagles did last week, that was against a terrible Browns offense. Flacco looked impressive with the no huddle offense last week)

    J.Cutler (reputation to throw picks against the QB D is something you have to look out for)

    M.Schaub (not much to say, Arian does the leg work on the Texans)



    +1 this is some sound logic

  5. I found the "Vince" last year and ordered it for our league. The trophie looks awesome. I also put my favorite movie qoute of all time on the front panel.


    Mongolian General - "CONAN, what is best in life?"

    Conan - "To crush your enemies, to have them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."



    Yeah I totally recommend the Vince. The shadow Vince is awesome.


    Now if I had my druthers I'd be getting that NWA world champ strap.



  6. For some reason Yahoo allowed me to pick him up in the middle of the game? :whistle: I pulled the same crap last year with J. Nelson :brow: . Not only do I get the benefit of busting the league's chops this morning, I only had to drop Taiwan Jones to get him.



    If I was in a league that allowed that I would quit in a sec. Awful league setup cause it only rewards those guys who can sit in front of a pc 24/7