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  1. I had thought my subscription needed to be renewed but I'm good until 2013. I keep getting an error that says I am using an invalid username. I reported this to customer support on Monday and was told they escalated it but I've not heard anything since. I would like to be able to get logged in today so I can use the $10 off MFL discount link for my MFL renewal before the early bird offer ends today.


    My email is


    Any help is appreciated!

  2. same issue for me. Says I'm already a member and redirects me to the same sign-up screen I had just filled out.


    EDIT: My membership is current I just can't log into the site at all. Still a problem...

  3. I picked up Batch just in case... I gotta go with Big Ben. My only other choices of starting QBs are Seneca Wallace, Kellen Clemens and Tarvaris Jackson. If Batch does indeed start, I would hope he could post similar stats to the other choices.


    yeah that might not be a bad idea. If ben plays I still like his chances better than Fitzy or Rexy who I have to pick between.




    This was a fantasy football night to remember! So i'm sitting here with my team, playing Big Ben and Mike Wallace. To my left is someone who doesn't even have a chance at the playoffs, but he has Antonio Brown. To my right? The guy I'm tied for first with (in record only, he has me beat in the head-to-head). And who is he playing? The guy to my left, who is playing Antonio Brown.



    What an emotional evening for everyone!! The Steelers come out strong and I am feeling confident that I'm facing some major pointage this game. Then, the injury happens. It feels like my entire season is melting away (the records are very close, if I lose this game theres a chance im taking anywhere between 2nd and 5th) and then BIG BEN MANS UP. Then the Wallace almost touch down, then the BIG PASS TO ANTONIO BROWN. Antonio is my arch rivals opponents WR3 and his team is significantly better, this feels like it sealed the deal for the guy I'm tied for first with to lose. IM SO HAPPPY




    I told the guy who is out of the playoffs if I take first and win the superbowl I'm givin him $50



    edit: p.s. i also dropped the beras defense and picked up the Steelers to play them instead :wacko:


    Cliff notes:

    I got 41 points between Big Ben, Mike Wallace, and Steelers defense, and the Person I'm tied for 1st in the league with's opponent had Antonio brown as his WR3 and he got 26 points. And I was watching the game with both those people and it was freaking awesome.



    You in a 6 team league? How can the Steelers D be out on waivers?

  5. Starting VJax and need to choose 2 of these 3


    Lloyd @SF - been solid and he should be ok with Feely

    Knox v KC - He seemed to be the apple of Hanie's eye last week

    AJ v ATL - 2nd game back but only had 2 catches last week. is he going to continue to be a decoy?


    If I win over my brother this week I'm in the playoffs in addition to the sweet nectar of bragging rights. Thanks!