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  1. GMX is a long-standing salary cap, BOTH IDP dynasty league with a terrific group of owners, many of whom have been around since the inaugural season in 2005. Links to the two open teams are below: Team #1 Team #2 Even if you do not have time or appetite for another league, please consider telling others. The league is coming up on 15 years old and we would love to maintain 16 owners rather than drop down to 14. Annual dues are just over $50. Thanks and shoot me a PM with interest or any questions. -Apathy
  2. CCS

  3. L.G., I know you are busy the next few days but when you get a chance, can you explain what would be involved in doing a fast auction? Are we talking a couple of weekdays or weekends? You know my auction experience is nominal and I suspect it is for some of these other people. If the biggest concern is time and a fast auction doesn't require me to sit in front of a computer for 12 hours straight, that might be feasible. May be we can convince Perch that an auction would work. And as for Piranha, you're not getting off the hook that easily.
  4. Swiss, you already know I'm game for it and anxious to get everything sort of solidified (hopefully next week). A buddy of mine expressed some interest in doing a salary cap dynasty league. He is not a Huddle member but he filled in for me during the ConFusion auction and he agreed to join and be an active participant if we need people.
  5. Bad Trade?

    T_bone is wise! As is everyone else who has responded to this thread so far.
  6. Unofficial Huddle Mock Results

    Yeah, looks like there were about 30 QBs taken (not all voluntarily) and only four went before round 8 (with Vick going in round 6). Part of the reason may have been the lesser emphasis placed on passing TDs...4 points vs. 6 points. But I assume the main reason is just the large drop-off in perceived talent after the top three guys (Manning, CPep, and McNabb)? Would a keeper or dynasty league have caused folks to take their primary QB a little earlier?
  7. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    I think that went very well! Thanks guys for letting me participate.
  8. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Yep, still here. So much for on-time departures from the office. I think I'll be able to make my next selection or two and then I'll either preselect or let the chips...
  9. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Gents, Round 9 will probably have to be it for me today. If necessary, I'll try to preselect the next several rounds; otherwise we'll start fresh in the morning? Thanks!
  10. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    I've got to get out of here between 5:00 and 5:30 so whatever you all want to do is fine. I probably won't be able to visit the site until late tonight, if at all.
  11. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    I debated taking Gonzo or Gates instead of Boldin, but figured he would get a bunch of receptions.
  12. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Yes, I think that's right.
  13. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Hey gang...just wanted to let you know I'm going out for a bite to eat...be back in about 35 minutes.
  14. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    You've got to set his/her priorities straight! Tatum Bell... Not sure about that pick...lesser of several evils perhaps?
  15. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    Try this DW: http://www.antsports.com/md/draft_status.a...=6339&Year=2005