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  1. Falcons Overview / News

    Friday, July 20, 2007 Falcons camp preview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Ken Moll Scouts Inc. Burning Question Can the defense improve enough to get the Falcons to the postseason? Atlanta's defense has been ranked 22nd the past two seasons and has not played well enough to support a playoff run. The Falcons bolstered their defense with first-round draft choice Jamaal Anderson and second-round pick Chris Houston. Anderson figures to be an immediate impact player, pressuring quarterbacks off the edge. Houston could shore up the corner position if he can learn the team's system quickly. With new coach Bobby Petrino being an offensive guru, the Falcons should be better on that side of the ball, but can the defense also improve to make a postseason run? Look for defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer to be aggressive with his play-calling, giving the Falcons a fresh start. The player under the microscope If he plays this season, it's Michael Vick. There is no question the freakishly talented quarterback of the Falcons will be watched closely in 2007. Vick, indicted on federal charges for allegedly operating a dogfighting ring, has been the face of the franchise since he entered the league in 2001. Vick is a streaky passer; he can rope several nice completions in a row but miss open targets in crucial situations. The acquisition of an offensive-minded head coach has put Vick on notice. Petrino will give Vick every opportunity to move the franchise forward, but with his offseason problems and his inconsistent play on the field, he will be one of the most scrutinized players in the NFL. Almost every quarterback who has played under Petrino has been highly successful, so the pressure is squarely on Vick to produce. Breakout player Jamaal Anderson. The Falcons' first-round pick sent a clear message that the 22nd-ranked defense needs playmakers on that side of the ball. Anderson will be inserted as the starting defensive end opposite John Abraham. Anderson is huge (6-foot-6, 280 pounds) and has great athleticism for his size. His power, explosiveness and quickness should make him a force in his rookie season. Anderson will need to get used to the speed of the game at the next level and absorb the Falcons' defensive scheme, but he is physically ready to step in and make a splash as a pass-rusher off the edge. Look for coordinator Mike Zimmer to give Anderson a variety of stunts and twists, making him a tough matchup for any right tackle. Comeback player of the year John Abraham. The Falcons acquired Abraham in 2006 to be an impact player as a pass-rusher off the edge. He missed half the season due to injury and only registered four sacks and 18 hits. The former first-round draft choice has one of the quickest initial steps off the line of scrimmage in the league. Abraham has a variety of moves and counters, and he requires extra attention from opposing offenses. Abraham has had a tough time staying healthy, but puts up big numbers when he can keep himself on the field. Look for him to be a force in 2007 with double-digit sacks. Offensive philosophy Obviously, if Vick is suspended for any stretch of time, the Falcons' offense will suffer; the loss of Matt Schaub would loom very large. Also, Petrino would clearly have to change his approach to play calling without Vick's unique athletic ability. The Falcons' offense was ranked first in rushing and last in passing in 2006. Petrino is excellent at calling a balanced offense, using all his weapons in a variety of ways. The new Atlanta offense will use spread, one-back sets often, with several shifts and motions to outmaneuver opponents. They will switch from a zone-blocking scheme to a more straight-lined attack. Talented backs Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood are excellent at the zone stretch play and as receivers out of the backfield, but are not the typical big, pounding backs Petrino has preferred. The air attack should change dramatically; Crumpler should not lead the team in receptions, which he has done the past three seasons. Petrino will utilize Crumpler's ability, but he will prefer to get the ball to the wide receivers. Look for newly-acquired Joe Horn, along with Roddy White and Michael Jenkins, to get a lot of action. Petrino's offense is complicated, but he does a great job of cutting reads down from week to week. Vick is the most athletic signal-caller in the history of the position. Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and Petrino will tweak their offensive philosophy to maximize Vick's running skills, but he has the arm to stretch the field and should get the chance blossom as a passer in his seventh season in the league. Vick will also be called upon to use a lot of audibles and has to prove he is capable. Defensive philosophy Atlanta's defense will use a 4-3 front with a good mix of two-deep zone and man coverages. Falcons' defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer may use more blitz packages than the previous regime, as Petrino likes to have his defenses get after the quarterback. If healthy, veteran Rod Coleman should continue to be a force in the middle with a good mix of interior stunts and penetration. Coleman led the Falcons in sacks the past three seasons, but with the loss of defensive end Patrick Kerney and the addition of first-round draft choice Anderson to pair with Abraham, most of the pressure should come from the outside. The talented Abraham should also be a force if he can stay healthy. DeAngelo Hall has excellent talent to play almost any coverage out on the edge, but Lewis Sanders has bounced around in nine seasons and has been an inconsistent performer. At safety, Atlanta has 12-year veteran Lawyer Milloy and fifth-year player Chris Crocker. Crocker will face competition from Jimmy Williams, who moves over from corner. The Falcons defense took a big drop off the past few seasons and Zimmer will look to get them back to postseason form.
  2. From USA Today: USA Today, July 21, 2007 Inside Slant Posted 7/21/2007 3:35 AM ET E-mail | Save | Print | In a development that overwhelmed the NFL, Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted on federal felony charges — with three others — for founding, funding and operating an interstate dog fighting ring. While most of the aftermath dealt with whether Vick would be allowed to play for the Falcons this season, the possibility that he could spend up to six years in prison and pay more than $350,000 worth of fines was widely overlooked. So too was the late week disclosure that local authorities in Surry County, Va., where a property Vick owned was deemed the main staging area for the dog fighting ring, would pursue charges. The possible local indictment might not be handed down until September, when the season is underway, but the consequences could be far more severe - up to five years per count if animal cruelty charges are brought. The legal problems did not sit well with the NFL or the Falcons, but both used due diligence in deciding a course of action. While acknowledging that Vick is owed due process, the league and the franchise strongly explored the possibility of suspending Vick or having him agree to a leave of absence. Vick could still be allowed to play, but the temperature around the team was nearing radioactive levels late last week and things could be too hot to have Vick around the team for the foreseeable future. The Falcons' quarterback will definitely miss the team's first practice July 26 because he must appear in court in Richmond for bond and arraignment hearings. "This is an emotionally charged and complicated matter," Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in the statement. "There are a wide range of interests and legal issues that need to be carefully considered as we move ahead, including our need to respect the due process that Michael is entitled to. Also, this situation affects everyone - our club, our players and associates, our sponsors, our fans and the Atlanta community among them - so we must consider all of our customers in making any decisions." CAMP CALENDAR: Players report July 25. First practice July 26. Ending date to be announced. NOTES, QUOTES —With QB Michael Vick's dog fighting case dominating the news, another dog fighting case is still pending. Defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux was charged with felony animal cruelty in February by Gwinnett County police for allegedly killing one of his pet pit bulls by blunt force to the head. The case is still in the information gathering phase, according to his attorney. Babineaux has declined comment. —Falcons owner Arthur Blank and president and general manager Rich McKay might have been the last people in the organization to know that a federal indictment had been filed against Vick. Both were on an airplane coming back from a trip to Africa and could not be reached for hours. —Falcons wide receiver Joe Horn on Michael Vick possibly being suspended or taking a leave of absence: "I think he should be around. The more he's around his teammates playing football might help Michael Vick. I don't think suspending him is going to help him. Michael wants to play football. He told me over and over again, 'I know what's going on and I need to be there playing and go through training camp to try and get through this.'" QUOTE TO NOTE: "No one, I don't care if you're wealthy or poor, no one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life. Everyone who's breathing is going to have to deal with issues in their life. Unfortunately, Mike is up at bat right now." — WR Joe Horn on Michael Vick. STRATEGY AND PERSONNEL The Falcons signed three draft picks this week: wide receiver Laurent Robinson, tight end Martrez Milner and center Doug Datish. All three offensive players signed four-year deals. The Falcons have six of their 11 draft picks signed. DB Daren Stone, LB Stephen Nicholas and running back Jason Snelling also have been signed. —Most of the Falcons' coaches were on vacation this week, when the turmoil surrounding Vick came to a head. —Falcons players report to camp Wednesday and begin practice Thursday. The Falcons have not had all their rookies signed on the first day of camp for the past three seasons. DRAFT CHOICES SIGNED —WR Laurent Robinson: 3/75; 4 yrs, terms unknown. —LB Stephen Nicholas: 4/109; 4 yrs, terms unknown. —TE Martrez Milner: 4/133; 4 yrs, terms unknown. —C Doug Datish: 6/198; 4 yrs, terms unknown. —S Daren Stone: 6/203; terms unknown. —RB Jason Snelling: 7/244; 4 yrs, terms unknown. UNIT-BY-UNIT ANALYSIS QUARTERBACK: Starter — Michael Vick. Backups — Joey Harrington, D.J. Shockley, Chris Redman. A key issue will be how Vick manages learning and executing the new scheme while dealing with his indictment on dog fighting charges. Though Vick has used the practice field as a safe haven during the off-season, the specter of the indictment and preparation for a trial will remain until there is some sort of resolution. Vick is a strong-willed person who has kept things together so far and maintained the faith of his teammates with his diligence and work ethic. Harrington was late getting into the mix but he's rapidly picking up the new system. He has said he loves this offense and, after nearly two full years away from Detroit, he has regained his passion to succeed. Though Redman played for Petrino at Louisville and the two share a bond, Shockley is well liked and viewed as a player the Falcons would like to develop for the future. RUNNING BACKS: Starters — Warrick Dunn, FB Ovie Mughelli. Backups — Jerious Norwood, Jamal Robertson, Jason Snelling, FB Corey McIntyre. Dunn has been at his career best the past three seasons, showing the burst and shiftiness to garner big chunks of yardage and positive gains on nearly every carry. He is coming off shoulder surgery and his durability has become an issue. Mughelli was brought in to help clear potential tacklers out of the way and protect Dunn as well as churn out the tough yards the Falcons have struggled to gain the past two seasons. Norwood might end up being a more ideal fit for Petrino's offense, because of his size, breakaway speed and hands. There is little doubt he will bear more of a load than he did last season. McIntyre is a sledgehammer that will be used to spell Mughelli. The other reserves will be used mainly on special teams or as developmental/scout teamers should they make the roster. TIGHT ENDS: Starter — Alge Crumpler. Backups — Dwayne Blakley, Daniel Fells, Martrez Milner. Crumpler had off-season knee surgery and did not participate in any off-season team camps or workouts in order to rehabilitate and properly heal. Crumpler could be the x-factor in Petrino's offense. He could be used in a traditional alignment, flexed out wide or in the slot and be incorporated as an H-back. Crumpler's versatility could earn him yet another trip to the Pro Bowl and make this offense really click. Blakley must still improve on his run blocking but he is a solid pass receiver who should see his playing time increase in passing situations. The coaching staff is very high on Fells, who made the team as an undrafted rookie last season. Milner is a very good blocker who could develop into a Chris Cooley type H-back if he improves on the receiving end. WIDE RECEIVERS: Starters — Joe Horn, Michael Jenkins. Backups — Roddy White, Laurent Robinson, Fred Gibson, Adam Jennings. Horn brings some sense of credibility to the team's most unpolished unit. The Falcons have not had a true No. 1 receiver in years and his durability will be hugely important. Injuries have cut short his past two seasons, but he said he is totally healthy — and motivated. Jenkins caught seven touchdowns last season, but like most of the receivers, he was inconsistent. White is the biggest enigma on the team. Incredibly gifted, the 2005 first-round pick has been a bust so far because of his frequent drops that have spawned doubts about his reliability. If he doesn't improve, Robinson, a speed-burning rookie from Illinois State or Gibson, who impressed in off-season workouts, could take his spot. OFFENSIVE LINE: Starters — LT Wayne Gandy, LG Justin Blalock, C Todd McClure, RG Kynan Forney, RT Todd Weiner. Backups — LT Frank Omiyale, LG Toniu Fonoti, C Doug Datish, RG Tyson Clabo, RT Quinn Ojinnaka. The drafting of Blalock was made to help the Falcons establish a more solid interior presence in the run game and in pass protection. Gandy still has something left in the tank, but he needs to sustain his production better than he did late last season. Over the final four games, he struggled in pass protection when teams sent players off the edge. Forney returns from a shoulder injury that kept him off the field for much of the season. He has been the best one-on-one drive blocker, and, if healthy, could fare well in Petrino's more traditional blocking scheme. Weiner is very solid and could be even more of a force at the heavier weight, which he prefers. DEFENSIVE LINE: Starters — LE Jamaal Anderson, LT Jonathan Babineaux, NT Grady Jackson, RE John Abraham. Backups — LE Chauncey Davis, LT David Patterson, NT Darrell Shropshire, RE Paul Carrington, Josh Mallard. With standout pass-rushing tackle Rod Coleman possibly out for four games after rupturing his quadriceps in a watercraft accident, the front, especially on the left side, is vulnerable. Anderson is going to have to deliver immediately. Coleman's backup, Jonathan Babineaux, has been very productive in rotational situations, but he is undersized and might not be able to withstand the prolonged grind. Jackson's return should solidify the interior run defense — if he's in decent enough condition after missing most of the team's off-season workouts and conditioning sessions because of a legal dispute with the franchise. Abraham is a dominant pass rusher and is better against the run than he's given credit for — when he's healthy. Abraham's durability will be a constant concern since he's been so injury prone. Davis, Carrington and Mallard provide excellent depth at the ends. LINEBACKERS: Starters — WLB Demorrio Williams, MLB Keith Brooking, SLB Michael Boley. Backups — WLB Orlando Huff, WLB Stephen Nicholas, MLB Jordan Beck, SLB Marcus Wilkins. This is the most athletic unit on the team, however, this will never be mistaken as a physically brutish trio. This group works more on speed and getting into position before they can get blocked, not by crushing blockers and ball carriers. Williams missed all off-season workouts after tearing his right pectoral lifting weights. Already undersized, the inability to get stronger in the weight room could work against him. Brooking remains in the middle and his ability to go sideline-to-sideline will be maximized in a variety of schemes, according to defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Boley is one of the most gifted players on the team and has been used to cover slot receivers and as a rush end, as well as the strong-side linebacker. He's on the verge of becoming a very special player. Huff and Wilkins should provide adequate depth. Beck has been productive on special teams and when he's seen game action, but the new coaching staff opted to keep him behind Brooking instead of moving him into the starting lineup and playing Brooking at weak-side linebacker, which would be Brooking's preference. DEFENSIVE BACKS: Starters — LCB DeAngelo Hall, SS Lawyer Milloy, FS Chris Crocker, RCB Chris Houston. Backups — LCB Allen Rossum, LCB David Irons, SS Omare Lowe, SS Daren Stone, FS Jimmy Williams, RCB Lewis Sanders. Sanders could open the season as the starter opposite Hall if Houston struggles in training camp, but Houston will be the starter at some point. Williams, who was moved from cornerback, is projected to unseat Crocker at free safety, however, Crocker has shown no willingness to surrender his spot. This could emerge as THE position battle during training camp. This secondary has tremendous potential, but without much of a pass rush, it could he highly vulnerable because of the overall lack of experience. Milloy is still a highly productive player who could be more involved in pass coverage than he was last season, when, in essence, he was a fourth linebacker. Irons has shown well in the off-season and could be a sleeper. Sanders has started in the NFL before. Depth at safety is a concern, though. SPECIAL TEAMS: PK Aaron Elling, P/KO Michael Koenen, PK Billy Cundiff, LS Boone Stutz, PR/KR Allen Rossum, Jerious Norwood, Adam Jennings. Elling and Cundiff will compete for placekicking duties, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility the Falcons could sign another kicker in preseason. Morten Andersen performed well last season and is available if things don't work out. Koenen leveled off somewhat as a punter last season, but he has huge potential. Rossum remains one of the more effective punt and kickoff returners in the NFL, but if he gets pushed back on the depth chart at cornerback and one or more upstarts shows promise in the return game, Rossum could end up battling for a roster spot.
  3. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    This site was much better when they weren't trying to sell product but there is still some good information to be had. Hardwood Installer We were sort of forced to go with engineered since it was going on top of concrete but I think it turned out great and we wouldn't change a thing. I think solids are risky on ground floors and in kitchens but I know people do it and are quite satisfied. You do get what you pay for and a good engineered can cost more than a good solid. As for price to install, BBP or Grimm would know better but it probably depends on nailing vs. glueing, prep time, the quality of the product, and several other factors. I'd also say that if you go with an engineered, make sure the wear layer (top layer) is thick enough so that you can go back and refinish it once or twice as it gets beat up a little over time. This is a given for solids.
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