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  1. Should Parcell be upset at pupil?

    it all just hurts, ok.
  2. Tom Brady Killed Me Today

    worst fantasy day, ever. 5 hour playoff run. Thank God I am still alive in 2 leagues.

    it's dark and hell is hot
  4. why I hate fantasy football

    I started Chambers too.
  5. Tom Brady Killed Me Today

    I'm actually still in the process of dying. It will be a slow process but, with 3 points from Brady, I am positive that I will be dead within the next couple days.
  6. Worst FFL decision today...

    Brady in Jones-Drew and Clayton on the bench.
  7. TO interview with Michael Irvin

    the National media is making way more out of this than the local news is. it's really nothing. TO has a pretty good point. Every little thing he does is reported. He is under the highest level of scrutiny that a person can be under. If that wasn't bad enough, he has people on his team that are leaking petty mishaps out to the hungry wolves in the media. I don't know if you recall back when it was reported that TO fell asleep in a meeting, but Jerry Jones himself said he would fire the person who leaked the information, immediately, no matter who it was. This is nothing, y'all.
  8. T.O. Implosion

    Except Drew wears a visor,instead of a ball cap. Who wears visors anymore anyways?
  9. How is Everyone Doing?

    Made the playoffs in all three of my leauges. I get to sit out on a bye as division champ in one, and it's on like a pot of neckbone this week in the other two. 10-3 8-5 8-5 Possibly my best year yet.
  10. Dallas @ Giants

  11. QB

    toss up between Harrington and Grossman. Campbell is far too unproven and Vince just doesn't have the weapons and consistency yet.
  12. ThNF

    Why does Colinsworth smile with his mouth only? Is this a technique he adopted earlier in life to avoid crows feet around his eyes, or what?
  13. Three weeks ago, it seemed like a decent trade. Things change, man. Chalk it up and let the league roll on as/is.