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    F.Football, Football, College BB, reading, hiking, good food, wine and craft beer
  1. Best league host(s)

    After years of begging and pleading we are finally going with MFL this year It's a longtime Sportsline league and we went with yahoo for lack of a concensus last year.
  2. Vick Indicted

    This is pretty unbelievable, especially someone who's supposed to be the face of the franchise. Could you see Manning, Brady, McNabb, Favre (pain killers aside) to name a few ever being involved in something like this? Never drafted him......probably never will . And we thought Marcus was the bad seed. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. I feel bad for those that have him as a keeper....... (BTW like the new format! )
  3. Fathers Day presents

    That's what I'm getting my Dad!.....Dad? He's closing his company and starting a new job in July. My Mom says his old one has seen better days. He's really tough to buy for and I'd at least like to be a little creative than a gift card to a resturant or store, even though I know he appreciates them. So knowing we're getting him something he needs is good. Got GC for FIL, he's 8 hrs away and we just saw him 2 wks ago. Family get together at my grandparents on Sunday. No kids on our end yet so I'll be waiting a year or 2 to benefit from this day.
  4. I Need...

    Love Maui Jims.....but can't afford them as well. If you are looking for sporty frames the wife and I have Natives and are extremely happy. Works out we as she's had to replace a couple....actually lost 1 set, used my proof to get a new pair, then found the others so now she has 2.
  5. The perfect thread

    Really?..... Unfortunately....except for Crumpler, his WR weapons aren't as good as when he was with Miami. If Harrington is your savior then you've got issues. He needs to be more consistant for a few years for me to think he can produce every year.
  6. The perfect thread

    Todays Belmont was the 1st Horse race I watched (the whole thing) in years. We came home and I turned on the TV at 6 and stayed with it until the end......exciting stuff. Love that Clemens won today.....against the pirates . I doubt he sees the end of the year. Oh and I bet that the Falcons are wishing they held on to Shaub..... Good Night All
  7. Yeah, they were running out of Anna-Nicole stories. Edit: Sweet.....
  8. Asante Samuel unhappy

    Agreed.....I think he made 700K last year and would be making 7.6 Mill this year....how is that unappreciated again? Essentially what it comes down to is that he wants a new contract so he'll at least get a decent signing bonus. Hey Samuel, if we didn't give it to Law or Milloy, why would we to you? I think he could learn a lesson from Moss who took less money and looks like the ultimate team player.
  9. This is fantastic news Polk!! The best to you and your newly expaned family!!!!!!
  10. 2007 NBA Draft

    +1 Tell me about it.......
  11. Must keep this at the top........Sending Polk and his family happy thoughts and prayers from the North!! Hang in there!!!!!
  12. Randy Moss

    Agreed 100%. But the minute he gives them trouble he'll be disciplined or benched....I hope.
  13. What book are you currently reading?

    The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - About Vlad the Impalier....Dracula, really good so far! Flew through Darkest Fear by Harlan Coban the week before.
  14. People who use DVR

    That's how we usually are..... Only part that sux is that if you have 2 things recording you have to watch one of them or a DVR......can't watch something else like the Red Sox while making dinner. I guess the solution would be to switch the box to the smaller TV or get another box.....life's rough

    Borat voice "That's a nice" I just wanted to add my Congrats!