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  1. On July 25, 2021 dug rolled 5D1000 dug chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [193, 540, 219, 435, 193] 1580 This roll is for Black Sails Dice Roll
  2. 2020 Black Sails Post-season matchups are set

    you can starting thinking of what to name my team now...
  3. OG Check-In

  4. OG Check-In

    i see that DMD traded in his revolver for a new furry hat.
  5. rumor has it that attendence by the general public at these pools was so low that the managers were hiring strippers to come in and hang out...
  6. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    here is our version: Bernie
  7. first annual huddle's cutest dog contest

    take your pick: this cutie.... for those that like something a little older: houdi for those that like something a little shorter: sweat pea for those looking for something a little more mascaline (not that there is anything wrong with that): george nick or bubba enjoy!
  8. Credit Card Companies

    do a balance transfer, but do not close the account (unless you have a high fee to keep it open). we have been playing the transfer gave for a little while now and have found out that it is better for your credit rating to have multiple accounts open (that show you have a larger line of credit) than to pay off a card and close it. the credit rating companies see that as a lowering of available creidt, and thus see you as a higher risk and lower your rating.
  9. My little dog of 17 years

    sorry DW. i know how dear to you heart your dog must have been. my wife and i rescue dogs from pounds on their last days- we always seem to take the ones that dont have a chance: some that are blind, deaf, missing a leg or two, with a cancer... you name it. we take them in not to adopt out- but just to give a comfotable home for their last days. when they each have passed on, it has torn at my heart. it is a tought loss, but as mentioned before- there are a number of guys out there that could use a great caring owner like yourself.
  10. 2007 Bengals Schedule

    the Bengals only play Pittsburgh twice, who else they gonna beat?
  11. NFL suspends Chris Henry

    sorry bout that Big John- can you add Chris to the post title?
  12. llink maybe he will learn his lesson...
  13. you're stuck in a room

    place it on the light under the desk.
  14. did you try removing the underwear?
  15. Growling Dog

    see- that is the problem right there. i dont get on my soapbox here often- but those words right there irk me and remind me of what is wrong with our society. we dont care for thing around us. we dont honor the commitment we make to those that need us, because someone else will do it instead. we look at everything around us, living or not, as disposable- BECAUSE HUMANS ARE MORE IMPORTANT. we were put on this earth to be stewards that care for the rest. the problem is- most people dont care. the first thing half the people said in this thread was to get rid of the dog- before even understanding the complete situation. tough situations require hard work. this can be rewarding. but too often people are ready to give up before even starting. that is sad. Tally- i dont mean to highjack your thread and dont imply anything here towards you personally.... i am just tired of dealing with the results of all the idiots who think they are more important than everything else in the world.