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  1. WFT to be renamed on February 2.

    every time i see WFT i misread it as WTF.
  2. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    i am fine with what you propose for next year to balance the schedule- perhaps week 1. that will get us through with the championship game on week 17. we can still play week 18 with what i propose as an exhibition game just to pair off the 2 leagues. i wouldnt mind having players to be rooting for during week 18.
  3. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    my idea was to fill an empty week. i dont think we count the game for anything. just to play instead of sitting on the sidelines. if we have an open week (like this coming week) with no matches, why not try it?
  4. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    we could have the black pearl teams play the flyin dutchman teams (ranked 1-8) just for the hell of it in week 17. be interesting to see how that turned out.
  5. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    i have room... bring em aboard!
  6. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    ha! was Cook you Kracken? and dont forget you still have Montgomery and Cooks...
  7. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    Cincinnati will quarter the following fellers form the NY Marauders 1. KJ Osborn 2. Jalen Hurts 3. Austin Ekeler
  8. 2021 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Cincinnati be quartering Christian McCaffrey from the Pirates o Chesapeake
  9. On July 25, 2021 dug rolled 5D1000 dug chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [193, 540, 219, 435, 193] 1580 This roll is for Black Sails Dice Roll
  10. 2020 Black Sails Post-season matchups are set

    you can starting thinking of what to name my team now...
  11. OG Check-In

  12. OG Check-In

    i see that DMD traded in his revolver for a new furry hat.
  13. rumor has it that attendence by the general public at these pools was so low that the managers were hiring strippers to come in and hang out...