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  1. Keeper: Gibson (3rd) vs Hockenson (11th)

    That's a bit too much faith in Goff for me...I'm more pessimistic with Swift and Williams around.
  2. Keeper: Gibson (3rd) vs Hockenson (11th)

    2 RB starters makes me favor Gibson with the third round keep rather then a TE that will probably score much like the rest of the non-top 3 options.
  3. Keeper Question

    Ugh....Montgomery for sure. Rankings wise I'm sure Gaskin will be higher on all the sites, but honestly I think Robinson will have actually have the larger work load come end of this year. If there's an option to not keep either and get an extra pick, I'd probably do that. They're both avoids on my sheet.
  4. Yes, starting 2 QBs and 2 RBs will force you to go this route. Of course, it's going to force everyone else to go that route too though.
  5. Thoughts on this trade?…..

    I'd pass. Fuller is an injury prone short term player in Miami and the 3rd is just a throw in for this offer. So it comes down to does Andrews make the difference, and unless it's TE premium I just don't see how since you're already rolling out Waller. It's basically giving someone a starter for you to gain bench depth and while that's fine if your sure fire contender setting up for your playoff run, it's a blah decision now IMO.
  6. Justin jefferson
  7. Taylor & Montgomery, very probable there will cheap QBs that offer near the same production as Lamar.
  8. Which side trade?

    Taylor easily.
  9. Should I take it?

    Honestly I’d only say no because you have Gibson then a boat load of ugh at RB. Would rather see if you can use that 1st & Jones or Jacobs for a better back. Though guess if you wanted to you could try to flip Godwin or Hopkins for a back after trade too. Risky though. If you think your future pick will be back half, then it’s a decent trade for you.
  10. Keeper help

    Sorry, but stupid setup IMO. How can you make an informed decision then? If there's a chance both picks are early drop him and take the chance I guess. If its like a supplemental pick for only having 1 keeper and guaranteed after everyone else uses their their 1st rounder, then may as well keep him. Went around 30 in a recent mock draft I did.
  11. Keeper help

    Where would your two picks be in the 1st if not kept? I can see him being a 1st rounder in PPR league with 20 players kept, so would consider it more the later the pick is.
  12. Forfeited games

    Goddell's memo summary - Fall in line or (the really bad word) off. Looking forward to the upcoming productive conversation that will occur in this thread...
  13. Draft results - do you agree?

    Just to add, it's not like the Rams stayed static either. Stafford with all his faults is still an improvement for that offense. Should help open up running lanes and give extra pass looks to the backs. I admit the line is still a concern for me though.
  14. Keeper Question

    If 12 teams, Montgomery is a 3rd round ADP so you're not really getting any value out of that currently IMO.
  15. Keeper Question

    How many teams, starter reqs, and standard or ppr?