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  1. Huddle in Decline

    That's a hell of a story...
  2. 2021 Panic Meter

    Its not the players that are the problem, it's the guy submitting these suboptimal lineups that I have an issue with.
  3. Ethical to not play DST?

    Post sounds a lot like a complaint friend.
  4. Ethical to not play DST?

    Generally the only place manure like that flies are in free bush leagues. Even in those, you'll be viewed as a not so swell guy (to put it mildly).
  5. Ethical to not play DST?

    Don't understand leagues that go out of the way to punish with large negative scores. So much luck factor already exists in most leagues (speaking mainly of the redraft/keeper variety), why add on another very manurety way to lose? Ya bench your D. If your D scoring tops out at around 10pts for a great game, just ditch the position all together already.
  6. You’re hoping into the middle of a conversation that you do not have the full context of. Since I do not wish to go over it again or deal with the poster it was directed at, please kindly butt out.
  7. Josh Gordon Reinstated

    Two things... It's not 2013 anymore, don't buy into the "name" value. The Chiefs do not regularly use their #2 wide out. The even deeper options like the Conley, Robinson, Pringle types have been barely rosterable in 16 team leagues over the years.
  8. Today in Chicago sports talk radio...
  9. Would hope, but can't help to wonder if this game was reactive to being embarrassed nationally. Guessing trenches likely to get pushed around and the backfield will revert back to decorative pumpkins this Sunday on the road in Cleveland.
  10. Roof of the Superdome on fire?

    I don't think that link says what you think it says...
  11. It sounds like the league have very minimal IDP roster/starter requirements. If transactions are free (don't add to the payout pot), I would consider streaming just based on match ups from week to week. The fact that Hunter and Bosa are free agents is kind of criminal.
  12. Yes, he's probably a good pickup if slotted @ DL. Though obviously scored his best week of the year already.
  13. Thinking gotta hope for Fields sitting all year and the entire management team get canned. Two years of this manure and he’ll be damaged goods.