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  1. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Da hell did I just watch?
  2. Teams asking about Wentz

    A Colts landing would make me feel a little more hopeful about my RFA $ investment in Wentz last offseason for my QB-less dynasty team. Wentz going to Chicago would be a disaster for both sides.
  4. The franchise summary in a nutshell. George (owner/board) states Ted the slug is CEO of the franchise. However asked if Ted is involved in the football operation decisions he says no, Pace the GM is in charge of the operations since Ted and himself are not really football ops guys. So asked when who makes decisions on if Pace the idiot drafter is retained. Well that goes back to Ted in conjunction with himself and the board. But how is he evaluated if those above him are not football ops? Well the short answer is they have a hierarchy they believe works and in this instance the GM is in charge of the football operations. Confused yet? I'd be surprised if you weren't. This was only a brief snippet of the owner's radio interviews yesterday. Oh and just to note, Ted the slug is one of the reasons the Bears got a stadium in city limits. Since that day he has seemingly been untouchable, because they will not move him out in any way (promote/fire) to bring a more football operations management presence in to upper management. And why should they? They've made bank since then because despite everything Ted runs a profitable business, which includes a history of being cheap as (the really bad word) when it comes to GMs and coaches. So which is it? Are they not cleaning house because they do not want to eat the remaining year on Pace and 2 years on Nagy; or do they simply lack a plan and truly believe seeing how the next year goes will provide them the answers on how to proceed with the future of the franchise? If you ask me, it's because they're cheap as dirt and with the losses they will be taking this year and next due to Covid they're feeding us a huge pile of bullmanure. But if I was a fan, I'd be very afraid if that second option is the real reason.
  5. The interviews given by George today on the local AMs were cringe worthy.
  6. Jets hire 49ers dc Robert Saleh as new head coach

    I dare say it actually seems like a decent hire. Now with that said, I hope the Jets organization remains the flaming pile it's been for years to come.
  7. The Brady/Belichick debate is over

    Pats also had no cap space this year if I remember correctly which limited them from "assembling" talent. Make no mistake, they sold out for those last couple runs and now will spend a good couple years rebuilding. Pretty sure the oft quiet BB even stated something similar during the year. Though to be fair to the thread I didn't read the article, looks like click trash to me. Just my
  8. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Down for my usual 8 boxes worth of donations to winners.
  9. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    ^ (the really bad word)ing brutal
  10. Say goodnight, Gregg Williams

    Great and all, agree with lots of this, still do not see how Gase is not fired first and foremost. I mean I get it. That rookie GM they hired to a 6 year(!) contract is just begging for a splash pick so why not keep Gase around, but the optics of that loss is just too much. Gase is in charge of Williams and he damn well should of gone out the door at the very least with Williams.
  11. Say goodnight, Gregg Williams

    Anything other then a Gase firing is just deflection from what is going on in the organization. As a Miami fan I have a severely deep rooted dislike towards the big apple, but this current disgrace is a bit much even for me.
  12. Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
  13. Vick Indicted

    Sorry, hard to remember those glimpses of sanity in this long thread.