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  1. New commish.. was my decision wrong?

    I gotta agree, you dropped the ball. Verbal is not enough even for a friends league. Time stamp everything. Cell phones, Message Boards, Email, Answering machines, whatever...they all leave a time stamp. That makes everyone in the league responsible for their transactions and keeps anything that could be considered shady out of the league.
  2. Burelson or Jurevicius

    JJ, pure and simple. Why start a wideout coming off injury and on a crappy team over a wideout who's on the best statistical Offense in the league?
  3. Every year there is some idiot...

    My exact statement at the draft.... "Dallas is where Quarterbacks go to die." ah well.

    Surprised no one has mentioned Gonzo. EDIT: scratch other has.
  5. Religion? I have worked a Sunday in years. Missing football is sacrilege. Though I will be paying attention to baseball, but only cause the Sox are in it. Go South Side!
  6. Randy McMichael

    I could of swore that there was not going to be a suspension, but a minor fine due to a plea down to lesser charges....but my memory is a little fuzzy I'll have to look it up.
  7. Harrison Trade

    You offer this trade or was offered to you? I would jump all over it if it was offered to you.
  8. safe to drop Arrington yet?

    With Warner out I would expect to see more rushing now. He might have some upside if there is crap on the waiver. May want to hold onto him.
  9. Drop Roy Williams for ?

    agreed, I wouldnt drop Williams. Probably best to explore other options like R.Smith once extent of injury is out or TE/D if able to.
  10. Trade Advice-

    While I think you are giving up more then your getting, it may not necessarily be a bad move. I think the big factor is are you gonna be able to find another flex in place of Parker?
  11. Need to find a wideout to replace the IR'd Burleson for the next two weeks. My choices are thin and I have some bye week issues coming up. Here's who I am considering and their next two opponents: Lloyd SF: Ariz, Indy Galloway TB: Det, NYJ Jenkins Atl: Minn, NE Lewis Phily: KC, Dal Engram Sea: Wash, StL Curtis StL: NYG, Sea Williams Jax: Den, Cin Williams M. Det: TB, Balt Kennison KC: Phi, BYE Lelie or Smith Den: Jax, Wash Im don't want Kennison because of the bye week really need a full time option for the next 2 weeks. I dislike Lelie/Smith/Lloyd's matchups the next two weeks. Curtis is attractive but I really don't want to start both wideouts from the same team. I'm leaning towards Engram or Lewis because they are consistently being thrown to. However they are consistently poor scorers, avg. 5-6 pts a week. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Quick Question....WDIS @ QB?

    I think Green is a better option as well. They will have to pass good amount probably to keep up with Philly. I don't see the same happening in Washington for Hass.
  13. Chargers vs. Giants

    Thats hilarious....
  14. Enchanted Castle for Payton. ESPNZone on the rest.
  15. Chicago's D

    He was talking some minor smack about them on ESPN News, bringing up his list with Azumah's name and Asking if Mike Brown can hear him. ESPN News totally ignored the statement above in there report, guess it would help if they would show the whole interview. On topic though, I think Chitowns D will get lit up some because of turnovers from the offense. If they are able to actually committ to the run like they say it will help alot, but Da Bears always say one thing and then do the exact opposite. but thats just my opinion. It will be interesting to watch since Cincy hasn't played a real D yet and Chitown hasnt played a real O yet.
  16. Payton use to come in to my place of work all the time for his kids birthday party. Real nice guy. Spared no expense on his kids party. Mom calls me up all the time telling me people she meets from ESPNZone. She's had A. Green on her fantasy team for years, he came in and she got to meet him. She told him thats he's been on her FF team for years and asked what he thinks of the upcoming years. Ahmad told her to keep him, so she then proceeded to dump him off her team. She's also met Chambers (Were big Dolphins fans, got signatures ), Kearse, and every Bear out there from the past 5 years except Mushin, Orton, and Benson. I don't think they have been in yet.
  17. Tatum Bell

    Only if your in either A: A very large league or B: Have M. Anderson. Otherwise dump him.
  18. Calling all Purple Eater Fans!

    All this non-news about Burleson really has me concerned. Did Tice only talk about this for a minute or what? Stuck at work and been scrounging for updates but can't find jack.
  19. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Well if its *Really* bad, atleast the J-E-T-S can spend the year in the basement instead of my Fins.
  20. Branch for Greene

    At the moment I wouldnt want to pull the trigger on Parker for S.Smith, but Parkers value is probably highest now before Duce and Bettis get back. Thats a rough call. Personally I'd probably take the chance, but that doesn't mean I recommend it.
  21. I've been offered a trade (HELP!)

    With that scoring system, I'd keep Palmer. Much easier for a QB to get 50yds multiple times then a RB. As stated Johnson is backup/rbbc (kinda) and Parker may share with others. Stick with what you got.
  22. What he said. Need Houston to be more consistent and Detroit to be less conservative to consider the other two.
  23. Sorry didnt see the starters in the sig. =( I would stand pat then, All your doing is trading points from 1 position to another. Its harder to find steady producing wideouts then quarterbacks. And that WR core is dam nice IMO.
  24. looking at your team I would probably stay pat. While Manning is a nice option, he is giving you one starter where you are most likely giving him two. Would help to see his team and know how many you start too though. =)
  25. QB help

    keep The Snake, Don't forget Bailey was out in Denver which freed up alot of space for Gus to throw.