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  1. Teams asking about Wentz

    A Colts landing would make me feel a little more hopeful about my RFA $ investment in Wentz last offseason for my QB-less dynasty team. Wentz going to Chicago would be a disaster for both sides.
  3. The franchise summary in a nutshell. George (owner/board) states Ted the slug is CEO of the franchise. However asked if Ted is involved in the football operation decisions he says no, Pace the GM is in charge of the operations since Ted and himself are not really football ops guys. So asked when who makes decisions on if Pace the idiot drafter is retained. Well that goes back to Ted in conjunction with himself and the board. But how is he evaluated if those above him are not football ops? Well the short answer is they have a hierarchy they believe works and in this instance the GM is in charge of the football operations. Confused yet? I'd be surprised if you weren't. This was only a brief snippet of the owner's radio interviews yesterday. Oh and just to note, Ted the slug is one of the reasons the Bears got a stadium in city limits. Since that day he has seemingly been untouchable, because they will not move him out in any way (promote/fire) to bring a more football operations management presence in to upper management. And why should they? They've made bank since then because despite everything Ted runs a profitable business, which includes a history of being cheap as (the really bad word) when it comes to GMs and coaches. So which is it? Are they not cleaning house because they do not want to eat the remaining year on Pace and 2 years on Nagy; or do they simply lack a plan and truly believe seeing how the next year goes will provide them the answers on how to proceed with the future of the franchise? If you ask me, it's because they're cheap as dirt and with the losses they will be taking this year and next due to Covid they're feeding us a huge pile of bullmanure. But if I was a fan, I'd be very afraid if that second option is the real reason.
  4. The interviews given by George today on the local AMs were cringe worthy.
  5. Jets hire 49ers dc Robert Saleh as new head coach

    I dare say it actually seems like a decent hire. Now with that said, I hope the Jets organization remains the flaming pile it's been for years to come.
  6. The Brady/Belichick debate is over

    Pats also had no cap space this year if I remember correctly which limited them from "assembling" talent. Make no mistake, they sold out for those last couple runs and now will spend a good couple years rebuilding. Pretty sure the oft quiet BB even stated something similar during the year. Though to be fair to the thread I didn't read the article, looks like click trash to me. Just my
  7. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Down for my usual 8 boxes worth of donations to winners.
  8. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    ^ (the really bad word)ing brutal
  9. Say goodnight, Gregg Williams

    Great and all, agree with lots of this, still do not see how Gase is not fired first and foremost. I mean I get it. That rookie GM they hired to a 6 year(!) contract is just begging for a splash pick so why not keep Gase around, but the optics of that loss is just too much. Gase is in charge of Williams and he damn well should of gone out the door at the very least with Williams.
  10. Say goodnight, Gregg Williams

    Anything other then a Gase firing is just deflection from what is going on in the organization. As a Miami fan I have a severely deep rooted dislike towards the big apple, but this current disgrace is a bit much even for me.
  11. Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
  12. Vick Indicted

    Sorry, hard to remember those glimpses of sanity in this long thread.
  13. Vick Indicted

    Even in its satirical context, thats just sad.
  14. Vick Indicted

    Fixed. Vick playing this year is bad for the NFL, bad for the fans, and bad for Vick. He needs to concentrate on the problems around him, not on football. And NFL/fans would like to concentrate on football, not this.
  15. Vick Indicted

    No, its a further display of poor character. AKA being a POS. And just out of curiousity the water bottle BS? What is he carrying around a bottle with a hidden compartment because its cool? Exactly, this guy doesn't deserve coverage just like her. He should have his privilidge to play in the NFL taken away. If you want to propagate this type of behavior from NFL athletes go ahead. If this continues the way it has I will tune it out like the NBA, and I'm sure many will follow. Personally I'd rather watch Hockey then the NBA. Please understand this is not a personal attack. You want to wait for all the evidence that is your choice. My point is that Vick and those consistently in trouble like him are not worth the trouble and embarassment they cause to the league. Saying he hasn't been convicted of anything is no different then saying Pacman hasn't been convicted of anything. Doesn't change the fact that there "coincedental problems" continue to damage what was a great product. E2A: Some of the great public image this is creating for the NFL. Found this on Rumormill.
  16. Vick Indicted

    Honestly I don't think some people are going to be convinced by anything but a confession. Theres such questionable areas for both sides of the arguement, but based off of information so far it is hard not to believe he was in some way involved. The thing that convinces me most is not seized findings, or the indictment, or other things like nobody at the residence held a job. Its Vick himself. He has shown that he does not care about living things, his team, or the NFL as a whole. Vick cares about Vick. Now is that wrong, no. But when you're getting sued for STD transmission, question over water bottles, and flicking off your own fans you start to see a pattern. He is either bringing in this bad element because he wants to or because he is the most idiotic person alive. I don't believe Vick is an idiot. He is bringing the Falcons name and reputation to the brink of Cincy Bengals fame single-handedly. I'm done with people like Vick. I personally think him, Henry, Pacman, Tank, Thurman, Kircus, and others that I know I'm forgetting do nothing more then continue to tarnish the NFL. These people are overshadow the good the NFL does, both in entertainment and contributions to the community. Barely anyone is gonna talk about things like LT's Food drive or Mannings' work for NO. Hell why even talk about the stats from the games when we get to hear about Vick and his numerous screw ups. Take all these POS and get them out of my league. You want to watch them? Go watch them in CFL or when they're playing on the Mean Machine. I'm sure they'll be very happy playing with Carruth and the coach O.J. Its sad knowing that the MLB despite all its discovery of cheating and steriod use has a better rep then the NFL right now.
  17. Vick Indicted

    Wow, maybe you should defend Vick. You've continually shown your blind passion for him. You bring up good points on 3-4 items, but thats an 18 page document and I don't think you're gonna be able to discredit them all, if thats even all of them. Where there is smoke.........
  18. What's that stench?

    Hey all, just looking for some insight on a smelly situation. I recently started the purchase process on my first house. Went through all the stuff with the mortgage, realtor and so forth. Got the home inspection done yesterday and pretty much it was on par with what I was expecting. However, I had a question for the inspect on a hole that was cut into the floor of the basement. We notice air holes bubling up from under some water in the hole. The Inspector went and turned on all the water and flush the toilets and sure enough I got to watch the hole file with raw sewage. Now, obviously that is something I will be addressing with my attorney before we close on this house. But I thought I'd do some investigation first and have been drawing some blanks in some areas. The house a little over a hundred years old. Based off this I believe the sewer line on the property is a Tile sewer line. My plan is to ask for the line to be repaired of course, but to also have the sewer line inspected. My concern here is that if it is a tile sewer line that in order to repair it I would need to convert the whole line to Pipe. Anyone have any insight on the coding and cost for sewer lines or any other thoughts on how I should handle this before closing? Just trying to ensure I can have this handled properly and not have an unexpected extra thousands of dollars come up for repair on the line after I close on the house. This problem was clearly known about. I saw the hole both times we walked through with the realtor, but yet it was not foreclosed to my realtor or myself. Thanks for any insight in advanced.
  19. What's that stench?

    Ya I hear that, I actually did bring it to my lawyer first and he brought it to them. I got the response just earlier today that they're willing to repair all these other minor things (IMO) and give us $700 for the sewer. I almost laughed in my agents ear. I told her that I could care less about anything else listed on the inspection, but that line needs to be inspected and repaired. And if they're not able to do it we request to bring in a certified plumber to inspect it and give an estimate on the cost to repair. Since its an older house I'm afraid that it is a Tile Sewer and not a Pipe, which means it could be out of code and would have to be replaced if repaired. I've got a very bad feeling that the seller may walk away at this point. I like the house, but I'm not willing to go bankrupt over possibly having to replace a whole sewer line, and I can't find crap on the coding for it on the web. I'm hoping an inspection only shows a minor thing. What pisses me off to no end is the seller is all casual about it. When we inspected the house we saw the dirt vac used to clean the sh*t up sitting right next to this dam sewage hole. It was known by someone theres a problem there, and to just blow us off with $700 and cleaning the gutters like that makes me
  20. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Wow are you selling me the house? Its just very coincedental.
  21. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    3 AFC East teams went to the playoffs in 2002 and the 4th was 8-8. You're right though, kinda silly. But had it in because of the 2001 year with 5 teams in each division.
  22. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    To further add to that - Green Bay is 26-12 and Chicago is 22-16 in division play since 2001. There was only been 1 years where 3 or more teams in the NFC Norse had a winning record. Actually kind of pondering if the Pats have the best division record since 2001 now.
  23. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    New England is 29-9 in division play since 2001. There has only been 2 years where 3 or more teams in the AFC East had a winning record. One of those years was 2001 when Indy was still a part of the division.