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  1. Trade Steven Jackson?

    Unless its a PPR league, I would not make that trade. Westbrook is good, MJD = split carries, James still has a questionable line, and Williams is probably going to have some sharing issues too. I don't think you are getting the value that you should for the #2 scorer in most leagues last year. NO PPR = NO Yes PPR = Maybe (but still leaning towards no.)
  2. Cuttin Tree Limbs

    If its hanging over your property can't you just cut it? I remember this being brought up previously on whos responsible for cutting branches hanging over property lines. Edit: heres the link.
  3. Does anybody hate......

    If your in a windows 2k, XP machine: Start -> Run -> msconfig -> startup tab. Uncheck all things you don't find necessary at computer startup. If you dont feel comfortable with the name of it to see if its safe not to run at startup. Almost everything is though. Should cut back the updates on ya. Until you run the programs of course, then theyll just start prompting ya again possibly.
  4. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Ya I'm gonna try. I'm j/k with the GF control stuff (not the cats though, dam needy furballs), but it is the day I expect us to put in a bid on our first house. I expect we'll finish seeing the house were after about 5ish, so I'm not quite sure what the night will bring yet with us figuring out a bid and probably negotiating through the realtor.
  5. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    I think it goes in this order: Cats, GF, Me. Atleast I control the electronics in the house....
  6. Attention Chicagoland Huddlers

    Tempted since its a whopping 10-15 mins from my house. Don't know if the GF will let me loose though.
  7. I am TORN!

    I would just like to clarify that my point was not that you would screw your brother and thats a good reason to make the trade. My point was that your brother would screw himself financially because of the trade, which means little downside on trading with the division rival (other then losing SJax.) Now I would consider it because I think it would be feasible that you could build a roster of 3 Quality RB (not Studs btw) and 2 Stud Wideouts. I would imagine that you could do something like Henry, Parker, & R. Johnson (RB) and S.Smith, Driver (WR). Obviously it all depends on the auction, but when you have cash you can pick and choose your battles as I'm sure you know. Cautiously bid others up, and spending the cash on the players you want. I guess its all on what you want to do. Now if you plan to build for depth I think its a good deal. If you plan to go after Tomlinson, L. Johnson, or maybe even Gore, then the trade is bad move. Specially since the other 2 high teams definitely should be going after 1 of those 3. All depends on your style. Just my thoughts again (cause I know this isn't a popular opinion) Edit for typos
  8. Hey, putting together my stat sheet for the year and I don't have any bonus information. Specifically trying to find a site that shows how many times a QB threw over 300 yards or a RB/WR ran/caught for over 100 yards. I don't want to go out an buy a magazine for that information again this year and was just curious if anyone had a site that would show this. Otherwise its back to the old default of looking through the game logs for every player on my cheat sheets. Tried searching the forum for previous post on this but gave up on like page 8 with the keyword bonus. My search skills suck. Thx in advance.
  9. Bonus Statistics for 06'

    And not once im my many years subscribing have I noticed it. I'm a moran.
  10. I am TORN!

    Well its alot to take in, but I actually like your idea. Simply put giving your brother S.Jax would cripple his team. Basically he would live and die by what Bush and SJax do. I don't see a huge downside on this divisional trade. I think it would set you up nicely to make a run at grabbing 3-4 quality running backs (top producers in no ppr Perf. leagues). With Henry and the cash you could definitely target some upside producers like Parker, Rudi, Benson, McGahee and also grab some nice top tier wr to give you a killer 3 RB, 2WR combo for your starters. I think the guy with the most cash has to make a play at a top running like LT, but the 3rd cash guy could easily make a play like you to really have some depth and a killer starting lineup. I really like S.Jax but I would make the move based off the limited keeper list you have shown here. Just my opinion though.
  11. eh, bizarre puter/network querstion

    Honestly, which of the 5,000 different possibilities would you like me to rattle off to you?
  12. Tipping at a restaurant question

    Sorry but if you have a large party, it should be auto-added. Cause most likely the server is giving up tables to be able to handle the party. I understand the feeling of "now they don't have to work for it", but I have rarely ever seen a server dog it on a large group. Where I have seen plenty of large groups stiff the server though. Don't be afraid to double bubble if they deserve it. As for curbside, every place I've been at with it (granted was several years ago) they were paid more hourly then a server. Think our made like $7-8 compared to the $3.15 wage of the server. So couple to 5 in my opinion will do, but no 15-20%. As a server I usually got a crappy tip even with great service off of: teenagers, old people, after-church-goers (sunday afternoon), and the poor that shouldn't even be in there but they have a coupon for a free something. I loved people who smoked and drank heavily. They always gave me the $$$.
  13. Keeper Advice

    more information on the scoring/starting lineup/league would be nice. At the moment I would say McGahee and Portis though. Unless its a heavy QB scoring system or 2 QB league, Quarterbacks should never be considered.
  14. Pans Labyrinth

    The GF and I saw it in the theatres. She hates subtitles but the moving was very engrossing (sp?) and actually you don't even notice them after the first 10 minutes. We both gave this movie a hugh
  15. I'm half debating on whether or not I can take this draft seriously. I'm going to reserve judgement since I know very little about how to rank players in the TD only system. But some of these picks I can't help but ponder.
  16. Mock Starting Tomorrow

    Ya its bad. Outta curiousity how'd you get there btw..I can never find the draft report off the home page options. Edit: NM, I found it finally.
  17. Mock Starting Tomorrow

    My bad. I was asking for one.
  18. Vick is all done

    My Apologies to Mr. Stewart then, I did not realize.
  19. Vick is all done

    I just don't get it. Even if people want to play the wait and see approach on this incident, there are still many other examples that show this guy as the POS he is. How anyone could support him at this point is beyond me. The second he showed me his "Number 1's" I would of come out . He has ran the Falcants through a laundry list of poor publicity for the past 3 years now while he has been nothing more then a slightly better version of Kordell Stewart. I seriously am starting to believe that people are posting supportive statements for R. Mexico in here for no other reason then just to continue arguing.
  20. Vick is all done

    Which One?
  21. Vick is all done

    As a fan, I would be pressuring my team to get rid of this POS. Not only does he have the dogpound after him, but he has also had problems in an airport and FLICKED OFF HIS OWN STADIUM. Ridiculous that anyone would support this guy just because he's on the team. If he was a 2nd/3rd string player he probably wouldn't be on the team anymore. If 2nd/3rd was, I would once again be pressuring my team to release said douchebag. Some of these responses are ridiculous. Lets support Rae Carruth when he gets out, or maybe OJ will make a comeback!
  22. The perfect thread

  23. Vick is all done

    Sorry but I don't understand how you can make this statement. It was his property so no matter what he has some level of involvement whether he actually did anything or not. He could be 100% clean, but regardless he's still involved.