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  1. No. I'm suggesting that an average person would receive a fine, probation, or minimal jail time. I'm further suggesting that the punishment is harsher because she is a moranic celebrity and the judge has a vendetta or his name in the papers. I also believe this to be a huge waste of resources for whatever county is having to deal with this fiasco.
  2. Me thinks the judges ego is bigger then Paris's. Stop wasting tax payers money so you can have your 15 minutes of "I demand jail time." Had this happen to a family member btw (DUI & Driving suspended) and all she got was a fine. Definitly think this is an ugly mark on our justice system.
  3. scoring bonuses

    My Leagues Scoring We have the 6,9,12 TD system and 5 pt bonus for 100yds rush/receive (minus TE who are only ones to get 1ppr), 300yds pass. Also FGs are 3,5,10 based on length.
  4. We already got Puerto Rico. If VT goes I could see PR getting the nod.
  5. Mock 2 signups open

    Same thing in 1st draft. I think ppl are trying to setup stuff while at work may cause a rush and a bit of carelessness. Still can be dam frustrating though.
  6. The Wall Actually got to see it in the theatres a few years back. Girl got literally carried out of the theatre. I don't think she realized that watching the movie while tripping would be a bad thing.
  7. Mock 2 signups open

    can we get a link to the draft report plz. =)
  8. Star Wars

    NNNNNOOOOOOooooooooooooooo! Skip "1-3" and watch the real 1-3 "4-6".
  9. Mock #1 Grades are in!

    Thought there was some stats floating about showing that Denver has only used the multi-back format when Tatum was on the team. I'll have to find that....
  10. Huddle Mock #1

    just finished this so here ya go. Gonna go checkout the grades. 1.12 12. Def. Parker, Willie PIT RB 2.01 13. Def. Henry, Travis DEN RB 3.12 36. Def. Moss, Randy NEP WR 4.01 37. Def. Walker, Javon DEN WR 5.12 60. Def. Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 6.01 61. Def. Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB 7.12 84. Def. Galloway, Joey TBB WR 8.01 85. Def. Jackson, Brandon GBP RB 9.12 108. Def. Clark, Dallas IND TE 10.01 109. Def. Leinart, Matt ARI QB 11.12 132. Def. Jarrett, Dwayne CAR WR 12.01 133. Def. Chargers, San Diego SDC Def 13.12 156. Def. Bennett, Michael KCC RB 14.01 157. Def. McMichael, Randy STL TE 15.12 180. Def. Williams, Reggie JAC WR 16.01 181. Def. Elam, Jason DEN PK Overall I was really disappointed in my draft and felt like I was playing catch up more then anything else. Majority of the position runs started 1-3 picks after I had drafted which left me in a very bad spot. I felt largely like I either had to draft players earlier then I should or risk that someone else drafts them. I decided to take the risk and because of it not one of the players I was hoping to come to me ever did. QB – I wanted a good Consistent for a starter and was looking for someone with sleeper/upside potential as a 2nd. However, when Lienart dropped till the 10th round I couldn’t resist. He has too much potential with those offensive weapons. Now if only the line can hold up. RB – I was ecstatic to have Parker fall to me at 12. I think there are a lot of question marks with some of these 1st round backs like Addai, Maroney, and Portis. I like the potential of Henry in Skeletor’s run system and believe Williams and Jackson will get the majority of carries over their counter-parts. I do believe I may of drafted Jackson a round or 2 early considering Morency is the starter, but oh well. WR – Ugh…what can I say here? I came into the draft contemplating FF suicide by drafting WR for my first two picks. However when Parker and Henry fell I ditched the plan. I believe both Moss and Walker are 2nd-3rd tier wideouts that will either play like a 1st or 4th tier. Galloway will play 3rd wideout unless Jarrett proves a better option. Wiliams is bye week filler. I think by far WR is my weakest position and will probably kill this team. On a side note, my draft sheet was very hastily put together and I missed both Housh and Boldin as alternatives due to my idiocy. TE – Both Ends are viable options, and I would most likely have to play the matchups week to week. I actually figure McMichael to steal majority of the receptions that S.Jax had last year. K – Elam is an awesome option in round 16. Well, would be if there was more of a reward for distance kicks. DT – After Chitown and Baltimore went so early, I honestly couldn’t care less which defense I wound up with. A lot of these are interchangeable in my mind. But I didn’t want to have to depend on the ups and downs a D like Seattle offers. Thus, I took Chargers in the 12th. I would of actually used round 15 to grab Denver as I think they’re going to be very good, but was trying to stay away from more Denver players. Stupid Elam. Overall I think the team has potential. I could see it making to playoffs if the hopefuls (Henry, Moss, Walker, Williams, and Leinart) have big years, realistically though it is most likely a bottomdweller.
  11. Huddle Mock #1 Denver. 2.01 13. Def. Henry, Travis DEN RB 4.01 37. Def. Walker, Javon DEN WR 16.01 181. Def. Elam, Jason DEN PK Good Drafting all. Except tbimm who picked the guy I wanted right before me 4 times!
  12. Huddle Mock #1

    Bored so I just decided to screw around and see what fantasy shark advises for my next pick. Top 3 were Tiki Barber Keyshawn Johnson Koren Robinsion
  13. Huddle Mock #1

    Just stuck in my mind whenever he comes up..... Ground Control to major-tom
  14. Huddle Mock #1

    Well I feel like I'm playing catchup every round. Everytime I consider grabbing a high end position player I feel like I'll be drafting them too early and of course they never come back around. The gems I'm alway about to pick go 2-3 picks before me (tbimm is not my friend.) and I keep draft best of whats left in the areas heavily tap cause I feel weak in those areas. I've dug myself a deep crappy whole. Oh an I accidently lost Housh on my draft sheet, who I would of prefferred over Walker. Really screwed that up
  15. Huddle Mock #1

    still showing wrong for me two...refreshed the report a couple times now
  16. Huddle Mock #1

    you're kidding me.. well holding the pick for now. Is DMD about to straighten this out?
  17. Great advise on the small dogs SM. I know you're thinking about going smaller/puppy and have worries about allergies, but just temperment (sp?) wise you may want to consider rescuing a greyhound. They tolerate pretty much anything (ear/tail yanks) and are fun caring dogs.
  18. Stupidest thing you ever did in a car?

    Drove it purposefully into another car going down the interstate during rush hour. Long story short, I had to squeeze into a tight spot in lane change because of exit ramp Y split off during rush hour. Other guy felt like I cut him off and tailgated me and boxed me in right lanes as I kept changing lanes to try to get away from him. After a while I had enough and swerved into him. Not my brightest of moments.
  19. YouTube Videos

    Not YouTube but still find them amusing. Bud Light Radio Commercials
  20. Miami Dolphins

    My bad, I didn't watch past half 2nd round and when I checked's draft tracker the C didn't register in my head. I was looking for OG or OT or OL. has both picks listed as Centers. As for probowls, well that really doesn't mean much to me. I consider it a big popularity contest. Don't get me wrong on Taylor. He's dam good and I like him. But I fear we won't be able to afford him once his contracts up, and would we even want to at that point? Picking up a large contract for a 35 year old DE may not be the direction they want to go. I don't see Thomas still playing in 2 years.
  21. Miami Dolphins

    I don't agree with the pick. I understand Ginn can be productive right away and so forth, but I think there were better options. I do believe they were aiming for L. Brown at the pick, however once he was gone they should of looked the way of Okoye or Willis. That D is getting old...and they need to realize that Thomas is probably one injury away from retirement and Taylor is coming up to the end of his contract (2 more seasons) at which time hell be 35. I don't believe they could of traded out of the pick. Most teams appeared to not want to trade up into the top 10 unless it was 1 or 2. Regardless, I'm very disappointed in the pick as a fan. And it's not because of Quinn, it's because I don't think they didn't addressed team needs. Right now priorities should be placed on youth defensively, a QB (which was addressed), and O-Line (Nada drafted Don't know if there was any good value on O-line in the draft anways).
  22. quinn ...what is going on ?

    I wonder if the blonde will trade up draft picks for someone new.
  23. quinn ...what is going on ?

    Stop while I'm down.