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  1. quinn ...what is going on ?

    Wow...KC may get a hell of a pick...all on JAX now
  2. quinn ...what is going on ?

    I don't know...cause Green is not the answer either. They've made horrid desicisons on QBs for a while now. Starting with Fieldler and pinnacling with choosing CPepp over Brees. I'm beginning to really resent Wayne and the staffs he hires.
  3. quinn ...what is going on ?

    they take him...rodgers is not the answer.
  4. This is how I feel bout my teams pick I want to
  5. Friday Movie Game

    Kristine DeBell - Meatballs. Yes I cheated.
  6. Friday Movie Game

    bah..had rambo already.
  7. sorry barry bonds

    + almost every other baseball fan thats not a SF Giants fan.
  8. Friday Movie Game

    Demi Moore - About Last Night
  9. Friday Movie Game

    Wesley Snipes - Blade
  10. Friday Movie Game

    Bah. Michael Keaton - Batman
  11. Friday Movie Game

    George Clooney - Out of Sight
  12. Best Cold Cereal?

    Faster then I am. Thats it! Thx.
  13. Best Cold Cereal?

    Lucky Charms Frosted Mini Wheats Cocoa Krispies Cookie Crisp Honey Nut Clusters Cereal Edit: Found it.
  14. So, what gives-Lance Briggs.

    I heard they wanted to get rid of Brooks and keep June on the weak also. Talk about Briggs moving to mid or strong if they did for some reason trade for him. I can't remember if he pissed someone off or if it was the $, but from the gossip it seems Brooks is on the outs.
  15. They're working on force fields

    Well I could be wrong but those look like largely chemistry terms to me. But your right I didn't do well in Physics either.
  16. They're working on force fields

    And this is the exact reason why I failed chemistry, could someone maybe paraphrase this in english for me? Now I know how people feel when they call me for their helpdesk support.
  17. Sopranos

    Not that i've been keeping up with this show for the last 2 seasons, but I do vaguely remember an interview by Chase saying that Tony would not be killed when they end the series. Think it was like 3 years back.
  18. Do you?

  19. 1. She has to go pickup something and will have a $10 on her. I'll give her an extra $10 just in case it runs over the amount. Comes back and the total was $9. I'll still never see that money again. Ask about getting that $10 back or change and it never happens. We've been living together for 4 years, and I don't think I've ever received change back. Really annoying when I'm charging a $1.25 pop cause I don't have cash. 2. She has the day off. I'm off either driving to/from or working from 6:30am to 5:30pm. I get home and get "What you wanna do about dinner?." Well lets see, when your working till 8 I have food ready for us come 8:30 when you get home. You had the whole day and couldn't figure out a simple dam dinner plan? 3. Kinda OCD, but will just bookmark sites. Doesn't put them in a folder, or rename them so there shorter. Just bookmarks them and leaves em, no organization at all. I click on Favorites and get a random flood of new pages bm'd today. Things with titles longer then the screen. Just got the processor in for the new machine though so will finally have seperate computers. Very excited about that!
  20. What are some things you can't do...

  21. A few uncomfortable questions

    Revenge of the Sith had some great dialogue. Specially the profound NNNoooooooooo at the end. Quality, pure Quality.
  22. Tournament of Babes

    Johansson Simpson Elisha Lima
  23. How would you play this hand?

    AK - aka Anna Kournikova. Looks good but never wins.
  24. Bah...Sounds like hes towing the company line to me. Specially considering he'd be demoted to a 3rd WR.