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  1. Calling Windows Network gurus...

    Maybe locked in the registry. Don't attempt this if your not comfortable. Use regedit. The path is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System A value set to 0x00000001 disables access. Setting a value's data to 0 enables access. NoDispCPL - Disable Display Control Panel NoDispBackgroundPage - Hide Background Page NoDispScrSavPage - Hide Screen Saver Page NoDispAppearancePage - Hide Appearance Page NoDispSettingsPage - Hide Settings Page
  2. How would you play this hand?

    +1 there As for the other I would fold. He raised over your raise preflop. Odds are he has a decent hand that he's either chasing with or already had you beat (pocket pair). He's got the money to bully you and with possible flush, possible straight, and possible higher pair out there its really risky committing to the all in off just jacks. I never do well though so I'm probably wrong.
  3. Tournament of Babes - Round 2

    Seriously gotta know..what is with Fergie? If she has not spent 2+ hours getting ready, look away my friend look away. I find myself for the 2nd time voting for whoever is against her regardless of the name cause her non-makeup'd face is just that bad. I'd probably vote for Medusa with snakes and all above Fergie. Sorry can't help it. Even if there was a I'd still be disguisted.
  4. 2007 Tournament of Babes

    And if I may add, Filter Friendly! Previous votes I just going with the one I can see cause the others get blocked. Dam Work filter. BTW: Witherspoon Lohan (I just cant help it.) Burke Mendes Duff (I dislike Halley for some reason.) Durance
  5. Mortgages

    Much like you I am screwed and will never understand... I like Swammi's thoughts though, seem like solid reasonable advise.
  6. Profile quiz

    Your Political Profile: Overall: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
  7. Steak & Shake

    When I hitup S&S its for 1 thing, the Frisco Patty Melt. Its heart-stopping goodness. Occassionally I like a shake and they have the best Onion Rings I can find around the Aurora, IL. area.
  8. Name that candy bar rocked on the 2nd page. Aero? WTH?
  9. Name that candy bar

    Yep, and the Type I Diabetic gets them all right. I'm a baaaddd diabetic.
  10. Really hope this rumor turns out to be truth. Can't stand this moran. Irvin Rumor IRVIN OUT AT ESPN? Flamboyant receiver turned flamboyant broadcaster Michael Irvin finally got into the Hall of Fame. And, in the same year, he might finally be out in Bristol. As Pat Reichart of the New York Post writes: "One industry source believes the decision has already been made, and that some at the network view the outspoken Irvin as a ticking time bomb, ready to explode into a public-relations nightmare." (Ready to explode? Ready to explode?) Reichart also says that ESPN would not confirm or deny the report (uh-oh, Mike), and that the network said that it "currently [is] in the process of discussing studio assignments for next season." Per Reichart, there is speculation that Bill Parcells will return to ESPN for the 2007 season. When word broke that Parcells was in talks to become the next coach of the Cowboys,'s Len Pasquarelli said (as we wrote way back on January 18, 2003) that Parcells should be fired on the spot for not spoon-feeding the scoop to his then-current employer. So if the Tuna comes back, we doubt that he and Len will be getting together to discuss the latest developments in, you know, man bras.
  11. IT Schools

    Yet almost every support/helpdesk job requires you to either have it already, or get it within 6 months of hire date. Totally useless cert but may just want to spend the little bit of time and money it takes to get it. Or get hired by a place that will pay for you to take it.
  12. Irvin about to be fired?

    Ya thats true too. But he was suspended for a week from his radio show before that.
  13. Irvin about to be fired?

    Supposedly was photographing his johnson with his cell phone and showing it to the lady coworkers. Its widely speculated that is why he was suspended...but in truth no one really knows.
  14. Irvin about to be fired?

    Not too mention all the Irvin brown-nosing will be gone. Definite plus. I'm not sure how much longer Salisbury might be around. He got the big boot off ESPN AM 1000 in Chicago. Guess he couldn't chew it.
  15. Valentine's dinner

    Actually found something but that sounds really good. I didn't make on the boards in time to do it now though. Perhaps next year though. Thx for the suggestions.
  16. Valentine's dinner

    Been trying to come up with something to keep with tradition of my exotic deserts I make on V-day. Not having much luck. Essentially the requirement is somewhere in the recipe rum must be lit on fire. I've done Carribean Bananas and some other thing (can't remember name and it was "eh" anyways). Anyone got some suggestions? Appreciate it.
  17. Colts free agents

    Wow...notice the total lack of Edge in that statement. He seems to really not be liked by that organization.
  18. QB's who need to get over the hump

    Low blow to all Dolphins Fans. You made me sad.
  19. Its got Liam Neeson in it and its dreadfully bad. However it is on local stations late nite usually. Seen it on starz past couple months too. Army of Darkness is on Scifi alot.
  20. That 401k was not initiated till somewhere around 93'. Majority of the people Ditka is advocating for are players that retired well before that. Also back in the day I'm sure it was "oh you have a headache? so what get in there and play." Not the "you have a concussion take a few weeks off." we're starting to see now. Just some thoughts.
  21. The medical expertise for the types of injuries are far more advanced then what you saw for the players of SB I & II. Thus many of the players that are still living are hurt and spending considerable money on medical bills, probably far more then most of them made. I do not find it unreasonable that player from either the late 80's or earlier asking for assistance. Granted Some have their money (Ditka, Bradshaw) but those before I believe the 93' agreement did not have investment opportunities unless they sought them on their own. Thus the money they made and retired with when they were somewhere between the age of 30-35 (if their lucky) has to last them until they reach 80. Add medical bills and even the best money savers are gonna be in a pinch.
  22. F**K da eagles girl pics are in

    How does a drunken skanky looking blonde saints fan and her pics not relate to football? Well all honestly probably nothing..but I enjoy the pics.
  23. Some think Urlacher is overrated...

    Was surprised this wasn't brought up earlier in the thread. GJ I don't think he is overrated by any means, but other people on that team really free him up to go make the tackles.