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  1. Tua Time in Miami

    Oh no totally forgot! Chance he's going to blow out the hip for the rest of his football life. He's been cleared without limitations since July. So again, based off actions it appears the plan was not to sit him all year. Unless you're trying to imply something else?
  2. Tua Time in Miami

    I don't know, I'm not going to contemplate over announcements and what not. Just trying to point out possibility that the timing for the switch is not necessarily an issue or odd.
  3. Tua Time in Miami

    My answer can't be anymore plain. If they planned to play Tua this year, this right here right now is the most logical time to insert him due to the bye. They are every 7 days here on out. Every game every Sunday. No 10 days Thursday - Sunday, no extra day monday nighters, just 7 days - game, 7 days - game. The only reason not to do it now is if you planned to sit him for the year, they obviously didn't.
  4. Michael Thomas is out

    Pissing me off so much...
  5. Tua Time in Miami

    Again timing doesn't seem off. If they planned to switch this year, this is the best time to do it with the 2 weeks prep and trade talk time. And sorry if this seems harsh, but honestly don't give a manure about winning the division and being an early playoff out with Fitz in at QB, doesn't do anything but create controversy and heightened expectations for a franchise that is no where near ready. Not saying that is their thought cause who knows but them and God, but I'm good with not pushing for something that simply is not there. Let Buffalo go get their hopes up only to start realizing (again) that Allen is streaky as (the really bad word) and they play in a currently crap division (though not the NFC east crap).
  6. Tua Time in Miami

    Fitz is a soon-to-be 38 year old journeyman QB that was never the future of the organization and this gives 2 weeks for Tua to get reps and advertisement for trade offers on Fitz. Not sure what the issue is here.
  7. And like that...historic was gone.
  8. Bell released';

    Ya, keep that hot trash out of Miami. Not needed.
  9. Graphics links broken?

    Matter of whether the graphics are cached or not. I had to clear my cache on this computer due to a problem with another website and now all the graphic links are broken. On my work computer they're fine since haven't cleared anything.
  10. Can't help with CBS cause I honestly think the amount of $ they charge is criminal. However, will say that we are now running unlimited IR for COVID cases only. Still have a 3 max IR for all other applicable injury related causes. On MFL using the Taxi Squad option for COVID IR.
  11. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Great, now between 12-2 we'll have the option to either listen to Holmes, listen to Greenberg, or commit seppuku. I know which I'm favoring!
  12. You didn't say how many teams though it doesn't matter much to me in this case. Frankly, the tackle heavy scoring makes this easy. Leonard & Warner at LB Hunter & Fowler at DL DB's are a dime a dozen, draft them as best you can and if that fails you can easily waiver wire decent options. DL is not as deep and though start 2 makes the talent a little easier to obtain, that start 2 also means finding a good scoring DB should be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  13. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Honestly haven't been listening to much of anything since still work at home, but mainly I'm up the dial with Waddle & Silvy. I haven't been able to handle McNeil since leaving the afternoon saloon and Bernstein is just really bad IMO (though Kap is an elitist chalupa I just endure the 5-10 minutes before reaching the office so I don't have to change stations, yep I'm that lazy with radio).
  14. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Only time will tell for certain, but just don't think anybody will be scared of Foles throwing either. Would be nice to hear something other than the same old complaints about the team on the local shows though.
  15. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Nagy & Pace are the problems. One simply won't commit to running and the other continually ignores the trenches. Foles will have very little affect.
  16. RIP Don Shula

    God bless.
  17. Trade Advice

    Godwin's value worth more then 1.02 by himself (and it's not currently close) Sanders' value worth more than 1.03 by himself 1.05 and 1.07 are same tier of rookie picks No surefire stud like Barkley and even with 1sts the hit rate is maybe slightly better then 50% or something like that... Ya I'd take my chances with those that have actually been on the field.
  18. Jordan (the really bad word)ing Howard...cmon guys...
  19. Da (the really bad word) is that pick?
  20. Not sure Rodgers is the type to do that...he did learn how not to train his replacement from Favre
  21. To be given such a gift...though I don't think Reagor is a bad pick for Philly either.
  22. You know, really wanted Zeke and Dallas screwed that. And now really wanted Lamb...I do believe I'm beginning to understand the hate.
  23. Honestly hate the pick for y'all...know its exciting but there's still a lot of holes.