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  1. Ok Trade??

    Yes, its a 1 QB league, its not SF. I advised taking a QB with his 2nd round pick if he feels a need cause this draft class has multiple options to invest in, but still think you can get a usable QB by trading/waivers until the Watson situation clears up. Your RB in the 2nd right now for a 12 teamer is Trey Sermon or such, which is to say...not good. Definitely like my chances better with a Fields/Lance/Wilson then RB #3 or 4 in San Francisco. You'd figure if you're going to give advise you'd at least say WR in the second as its the deeper position in this rookie draft. The difference in QB1 vs QB12 in non-bonus leagues is typically like 5 ppg. The difference between a RB1 or WR1 vs RB12 or WR12 is more then that. Then add on top of that you start more of them and the talent chasm deepens. So unless God almighty himself has ensured Lawrence is going to be putting up 40 & 4500 every year for his career, the wiser investment is in Chase or Harris with that high draft capital. Hell, I'd be more a proponent of trading the 1.01 for Mahomes straight up then drafting Lawrence and I'd still absolutely never do it.
  2. Ok Trade??

    It's 1 QB not SF. Do not take Lawrence with 1.01, that is bad advice. Stick with either of the original options if you keep the pick. I wouldn't do the trade cause because its very meh and would prefer my choice rather than default to whomever is left. If QB is a necessity for you, I'd look to get one of the other rookie QBs at 2.01 (assumed) or explore trade possibilities with other picks. Hell if 12 team, you might be able to get someone off the waiver to stream for the year if necessary like Fitz.
  3. Emails for private messages

    Yep, changed to a different address and now works. May want to check if there's an issue between the and the domains.
  4. This no longer a thing or is it just me? Does a setting need to be changed somewhere that I haven't found? Haven't been receiving emails when someone PMs me for a few weeks now and was previously. Always found it pretty valuable for the BoTH leagues here.
  5. Emails for private messages

    Problem with my email domain by chance?
  6. Emails for private messages

    Also no emails for sub forums I'm following. Anyone else?
  7. Ya, that's not how the NFL works. They're all about letting PoS play again...err...second chances. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a generalization about the NFL and how they've handle prized player's indiscretions in the past, and is not currently directed at Watson specifically.
  8. Rotowhatever: Still withholding judgement, but honestly not sure what to think if even more suits are filed. Anyone seen that damn bear? We might need some PSAs here.
  9. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    If that's fair-weather, the entire city of Chicago is embracing it. I keep telling my friends the Dolphins have young talent, cap space, and draft capital.
  10. Rotoworld (or whatever its called now): Just gonna say, that's a lot of smoke...
  11. Bears give Akiem Hicks permission to seek a trade

    They're in cap hell. Unsurprisingly they won't get a deal done with ARob so instead of a manageable number they're stuck having to pay the $28 mil they don't have for ARob and Dalt. That means cutting or moving where they can regardless of talent. It's not a rebuild, it's piss poor management.
  12. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    Course, they could (the really bad word) themselves and let Pace make another horrible trade up for the wrong choice. Wouldn't surprise.
  13. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    It's bridge QB money. Amount doesn't bother, the signing is not well liked though. They'll draft a project after the 1st round and wing it this year, probably reset the GM/coach after the season and make another push for Wilson when the cap is more friendly and it won't cost Seattle so much to trade him.
  14. There may well be no correct answer to fix the problem at this time, but there are wrong ones. With the state of things as they are Mitch is a wrong one. He's already had his shot and failed, move on to something else or tank with what you have.
  15. No offense but c'mon man that's like every NFL teams offensive goals, talent and line. I can do this charade for Foles too, lets put some talent around him and give him a good OL and he can bring you a SB ring just like he did in Philly. See? It's a pipe dream. Mitch doesn't work in this system, no matter what they do here he won't be good as long as it is in place.
  16. Right on queue too...who the hell does this? Why the hell would you do that?
  17. Ok I'm local in Chicago and simply put, (the really bad word) that. Trubisky is utter dog manure and would rather suffer another year of Foles failing due to his lack of arm talent rather then watch Mitch fail due to sheer stupidity. It's just not going to happen for him here. Oh and I'm not even a fan. All my local friends will pretty much burn down Halas Hall if Pace resigns him. You cannot bring back all 3 of the failing components of this franchise (Mitch, Pacy, Nagy) for the last 4 years, just simply can't. It would be one hell of a (the really bad word) you to the fanbase, and honestly don't think the fans will tolerate it anymore. Bulls, Hawks, Sox all ascending and the Cubs will always be beloved as long as they play in Wrigley. Why spend money/time on a team with one of the manuretiest stadiums in the league, that refuses to make any changes to any management despite 22 years of incompetence, and who's best QB historically is a guy who played possibly before their grandfather was even born. If they did that Halas will burn, and at this point it would be the only goddamn riot I've ever supported. (Yes, the hyperbole is thick I know...but hard not to listening to the locals though.)
  18. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    I'm not local so I can't say confidently. Personally I think he's a JAG, does well against bad teams gets absolutely swallowed by good D's. Did well catching out of the backfield last year but that may be more due to the lack of pass catching bodies on the field. Hes not a game changer in my view.
  19. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    Well luckily it's not either hopefully management is smart enough to realize that. They have burned me before though.
  20. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    Running backs are not worth 1st round picks. They're also not worth the money Jones is probably looking for. Churn and burn them.
  21. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    Didn't mention Goff cause he wasn't rumored available (that I'm aware of) or supposedly dangled in those talks, he was just part of the Stafford deal (and possibly being benched for an UDFA anyways, ugh). Personally don't think Mariota's contract is a problem at all. Even if it reaches all incentives (2-3 mil worth is doubtful to achieve) it's still reasonable and with it being the final year I'm sure it could be easily restructured as part of an extension to compensate if a team desired to. Regardless point was I don't think it'll be a busy off season for the position as the rumor mill would like. Wilson is not getting moved despite the talking heads speculation specially when that would weaken the market for themselves with Watson already out there. Though I hate to say it, Watson is the better target due to his age and if he's dealt I expect the couple of teams that remain with the possible capital to deal will balk once they see the price tag. As always, just my