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  1. Still expecting the year at this point. Figure either suspend him the year or listen to it be talked about ad nauseam through out the season because once again didn't take a hard line stance against aggressive behavior towards woman.
  2. Watson owners should of taken those cheap Brissett offers, now it'll take more.
  3. Those suspended for a year due to drug violations had multiple failures against a very clearly defined policy, so it’s not really an apples to apples comparison. That being said, unprecedented it would not be. If your argument is about the inequality of enforcement, I don’t think you’ll find disagreement. But that is really on the player union to collectively bargain out minor drug offenses; or even better for all us, Goddell’s judge jury and executioner powers.
  4. Not to be that guy, but couldn't he find Jesus while scoring 15 ppg for my dynasty squad? Priorities and all...
  5. Pete Carroll is not a good coach. Ranking lists of this nature are complete manure and should be ignored anyways.
  6. Aaron Donald to retire?

    They say ignore is bliss... ...they were right.
  7. New Dynasty League

    Sorry, but that’s not a win now team. As such, trading either of the younger wideouts with an improving situation for a 30 year old declining asset that now has target competition is simply not good advice.
  8. Back before the NFL made changes sure you can say that, now 10 years later there is no consistency and it shows with how NFL teams are treating the position in general. The past two years alone has had several expected starters cut with roster cut downs, some even without another kicker option even on the roster. I'm not going to repeat it all but I broke down the top 10 K's over the last 3 years and found only 1 kicker was in the top all 3 years and 2 others were on the list 2 of the 3 (and not necessarily back to back years either). So that means out of a potential 30 names, 23 of them are unique over the last 3 years. So next will be well certain teams will be there its just different kickers...nope 24 different teams span those 30 slots. If you don't have one of those top 2 (maybe 3) then you're really not getting much difference PPG from the 4th to the 18th K. Honestly think there maybe more strategy and less luck picking from the plethora of CBs you'll find in IDP leagues then kickers, which in redraft is just overspend to get Tucker and hope he don't get hurt (or released).
  9. It's truly shocking how many people have a problem with this in leagues.
  10. Rookie drafts

    Hah, just thought he was older by how absolutely washed up he looked last year. My bad.
  11. Rookie drafts

    Ok with 4 drafts finally past him, I don't get the Walker love vs someone else like the above discussed Pierce. Walker is most likely a 2 down back, so what makes him a top 4 and the other tier 3/4? Opportunity wise you'd think Mack is definitely less threatening with his age and loss of ability due to injury then Penny, a back who actually showed late last year. Do think he's probably being overdrafted at his spot due to position scarcity. (Just to note: not agreeing/disagreeing on anything with Pierce, just mentioned him since brought up previously in thread).
  12. Rookie drafts

    I'd talk more, but one of our drafts is still sitting on the GD 2nd pick for some reason.
  13. Car salesman in NJ

    Angryguys forum gonna angry
  14. Car salesman in NJ

    Pretty sure the days of haggling are gone, so would just advise searching online.
  15. 2022 NFL Draft

    Teams with running backs keep drafting running backs.
  16. 2022 NFL Draft

    Howell or Strong to Detroit?
  17. 2022 NFL Draft

    QB run!
  18. 2022 NFL Draft

    Whelp, another buried offensive guy.
  19. 2022 NFL Draft

    Yes please, ditch them already.
  20. 2022 NFL Draft

    Really? Was kind of expected to be a rd 3-4 pick I thought?
  21. 2022 NFL Draft

    Lots of bad landing spots for the offensive side.
  22. 2022 NFL Draft

    Such a waste of a what was a beautiful looking box safety for IDP, think he'll be playing high and dry now.
  23. 2022 NFL Draft

    Well you are a homer.
  24. 2022 NFL Draft

    Him and London have the worst comps out of the bunch, but the landing spots for Wilson and Williams are just so bad IMO. Nope...Jets.
  25. Free Agency Tracker

    That sound you hear is the voices of the Javonte owners suddenly crying out in terror.