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  1. Trade advice needed

    No thanks. I'd rather have Rudi than Jordan or Edge straight up.
  2. Who's gonna carry the rock for the Jets

    Sammy Morris is backing up Ronnie Brown in Miami, and he does have some value if Brown goes down. Morris isn't great at any one thing a RB is expected to do, but he's good at everything a RB is expected to do. He's a solid runner, receiver, blocker and goalline option. As for the Jets, I'd take bronco's advice and avoid the situation altogether. The Jets aren't sending a very good message to their stable of running backs. "We'd rather trade for a RB that's more or less been a bust so far in the NFL than put the ball in any of your hands!" Nice. Oh, and somewhere in Northern California, LaMont Jordan is listening to Kool Moe Dee's "How Ya Like Me Now" with the volume turned WAY up!
  3. Trade advice needed

    First of all, I would drop Suggs and pick up Rivers ASAP. His stock is rising FAST and the rest of those QBs you mentioned have a lot more downside than upside. Second, I would take that deal. If Willie Parker starts getting the goalline work, even half of it, he should be fairly equal to Rudi in value. I like Lundy a lot and I think he will be the starter in Houston before it's all said and done, but there's already noise here in Jax that Greg Jones has an opportunity to challenge Fred Taylor for the starting role as well. Taylor is in a contract year, so I think Del Rio may want to see if Jones can be his primary back or not. Either way, Jones is a lock to receive a decent amount of playing time, especially near the goalline where Taylor has NEVER been effective. Finally, Clayton's draft value took a big hit due to his bout with turf toe becasue everyone is gun shy from last year. This is the same guy that was climbing up the draft boards so fast it wasn't even funny a couple of weeks ago. I still think he has more upside than Sammie Parker. Honestly though, it's a well balanced trade and that's going to make it a close call. After all, the only proven player in this deal is Rudi, so there is definiitely some risk involved. Just see what the Huddlers think and go with the consensus and whatever your gut is telling you to do.
  4. Need Trade Help Fast

    I agree. Plummer has become a "caretaker". If he misses any time at all due to injury (and I'm talking even a quarter or two) that may be all she wrote for his tenure as the Bronco's starting QB. I have a feeling that once Cutler gets in a game that hasn't already been decided, he won't be coming out of the starting lineup again.
  5. Need Trade Help Fast

    Having Chester Taylor puts you in a little better position than having Fred Taylor, but I agree with much of the above. I think Lewis will bounce back this year, I do prefer Maroney over Addai (although the fact you own Rhodes makes Addai a natural pick), and I definitely agree that you can't afford to sacrifice depth in a dynasty. Stay put and take either Addai or Maroney. Since you already own Rhodes, I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  6. Need Trade Help Fast

    Which Taylor do you have? Fred or Chester?
  7. Free Fantasy Advice

    Hey Hugh, 12 team keeper league, 2nd season; start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. Standard scoring. Next season, we can keep a total of six players; up to three from this years list, but no more than 2 RBs or 3 WRs in total. My keepers for '06: QB - E. Manning RB - C. Portis, W. McGahee WR - L. Fitzgerald, D. Mason TE - T. Heap Our draft is coming up this weekend and I have the 3rd overall pick. Best RBs available: L. Jordan, J. Lewis, R. Droughns, all rookies Best WRs available: R. Wayne, H. Ward, C. Chambers, R. Williams Do I take Jordan, Lewis or Bush or do I go for Wayne (who you've already said you prefer over Ward and Chambers)? If I wait on a RB, I'm probably looking at guys like Rhodes, Thomas Jones, Frank Gore or maybe one of the rookies (Maroney, Williams) with my 2nd round pick. Thanks!
  8. Need Trade Help Fast

    I agree with Dread. Keep Rhodes, Lewis (who looked like the 2003 Lewis Friday night), and draft Addai. There is no substitute for quality RB depth, especially in a keeper or dynasty league.
  9. Dear Lord the Raider are Putrid

    No lie. Preaseaon is preseason, but after a couple of games, you can see some warning signs that an offense is going to suck. We saw it last year with Buffalo, Green Bay, and Detroit and we're seeing it again this year with Raiders.
  10. Bills - Panthers

    For those in redraft leagues, I would strongly advise letting someone else role the dice on McGahee and Evans. This offense looks to be every bit as terrible as advertised. What a waste of two stud talents.
  11. I'll vote LJ as well. LT2 has a habit of wearing down at the end of each season just when you need him the most for your playoff run. I'm not saying that I would pass him up with the 3rd overall pick, but I would give LJ and Alexander a little bit of an edge because of it.
  12. Jerrious Norwood

    I picked him up at the top of the 7th round in a keeper draft this morning. This is the league's second year and each team could keep up to six players from last season, so call it the 11th to 13th round and a great value in my book.
  13. trade help

    Not to mention a TE with upside in Troupe. Without any other information, I think this is a great deal.
  14. Ravens/Giants

    34 yards on 6 carries for Lewis. Not bad. Maybe it's not time to stick a fork in him after all.
  15. Jets game

    Coles already has 5 receptions. Granted, it's only gotten him 27 yards, but it's still encouraging if you're a Coles owner.
  16. Oh Noooo! Mr. Bell!

    2-1-DET38 (3:53) M.Bell left tackle to DET 35 for 3 yards (P.Lenon). FUMBLES (P.Lenon), RECOVERED by DET-J.Hall at DET 34. J.Hall to DET 34 for no gain (S.Alexander).
  17. Keeper League Trade

    12 team keeper league, 2nd season, standard scoring, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. I took over an abandoned team and it's a dog. Here are my six keepers for 2006. I can keep up to three of these guys next year and six players in total. There are some caveats, but the only one that comes into play here is that we are limited to keeping only 2 RBs each season: QB: Delhomme RB: McGahee, Gore WR: Mason, Booker TE: Gonzo I have the 2nd overall pick and the following are the best players aviailable at RB and WR: RBs: K. Jones, J. Jones, J. Lewis, R. Droughns, C. Dillon, D. Foster, D. Rhodes, rookies WRs: D. Jackson, D. Driver, L. Evans, D. Branch, J. Horn I have been offered Javon Walker and 6th overall pick for Derrick Mason and the 2nd overall pick. The draft is this Saturday at noon, so I'm not going to have much more info than I have now other than a couple of preseason games. What I do know is that the owner with the 1st overall pick is taking Reggie Bush so he's out of the equation. Do I gamble on Walker regaining his elite status in a year or two and settle for the best RB available 6th overall, or do I stick with the always reliable Mason and take my pick of RBs listed above? Thanks for the help!
  18. Keeper League Trade

    Nope. If that was the case, I definitely would have dumped Booker (I'll probably end up dumping him anyway) and maybe one or two others. The fact that I didn't even have a decent kicker or defense to keep in place of Booker should tell you how pathetic this team was when I took over.
  19. Keeper League Trade

    Thanks guys. It looks like it's pretty unanimous, so I'm going to stick with Mason and the 2nd overall pick and will most likely take KJ.
  20. Rookie RB's...

    From everything I've read, there are plenty of question marks surrounding Bush, Addai, Williams, and White. About the only question marks I read about with respect to Maroney is that he's not quite as polished as the others (mainly because he's a year or two younger) and he has Dillon (who has looked good in camp) in front of him. In other words, with Maroney, the question doesn't seem to be "if" he'll become a franchise back. It seems to be "when". And no matter how good Dillon looks or how well he plays this year, 32 years old is 32 years old, especially with the mileage he's had.
  21. Trent Green comments on the Chiefs WRs

    I'm already a fan. I picked him up in Week 16 last year and his 40+ yard TD catch was the difference in my championship game.
  22. Stephen Jackson vs Colts

    In the short term, yes. In the long term? Maybe not.
  23. trade opinion wanted

    Santana Moss is just too inconsistent for my tastes. I would keep TO. I'm not worried about his age so much as I am the fact that he's running out of bridges to burn. I agree with Hardrocker. Shop TO, but look for something better in return.
  24. Need Help in Keeper League

    I'll hop on the Smith/Boldin/KJ train as well. Martz will be good for Jones. Martz has made it clear that he wants Jones to be an every down back and Marinelli has made it clear to Martz that he's not going to be throwing the ball 50 plays a game.
  25. Dynasty league trade advice

    Problem solved. I think you've got to feel pretty good about that trade. Davis AND Bush was just a little too much for Rudi IMHO.