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  1. Holy Samole, Mike Bell!

    I'm not going to pretend I had any idea that an undrafted rookie would move up to the top of the depth chart this quickly, but Denver's interest in both Chris Brown and Thomas Jones gave me an indication that Skeletor was no where near being sold on either T. Bell or Dayne as his feature back.
  2. Jacksonville Homers

    ...and there, in a nutshell, is pretty much everything you need to know about the Jags' offense in 2006.
  3. The word out of camp is that Henderson is being given every chance to take over the No. 2 spot and is litterally dropping the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if neither one of them is starting on opening day.
  4. Need TE

    I'd go with Wiggins over Putzier. Most of the factors that contribute to a TE getting more looks (solid o-line, weak WR corps, veteran QB with a fading arm) are in his favor.
  5. DeAngelo Hall

    I think it's a mistake when you have a starting cornerback playing any other postition, including special teams. That position is too hard to fill if there's an injury to your starter.
  6. Rashaun Woods Cut

    At least Dyson started for a few seasons though and he had his moments (like the Music City Miracle and starting in the Super Bowl). He was definitely a disapointment considering where he was drafted, but I wouldn't put him in the same class as Woods, Soward, Terrell, and (most likely) Reggie Williams.
  7. Hey DMD

    It doesn't hurt to have a QB that can quickly go through his progressions instead of just standing there like a statue waiting for his primary receiver to get open either. Then there's always those little things like accuracy and mechanics.
  8. 12 team keeper league, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, standard performance scoring with a 5 point bonus for 100 yard rushers and a 3 point bonus for 100 yard receivers. I took over an abandoned team and it's a real dog. What can I say? I like a challenge! Here are my six keepers: QB - Delhomme RB - McGahee, Gore WR - Mason, Booker (No, I'm NOT kidding!) TE - Gonzo I have the 2nd overall pick in the upcomming draft. Top RBs available are... J. Jones K. Jones R. Droughns J. Lewis C. Dillon D. Foster ...and of course, all of the rookies. I expect all of these backs and most of the rookies to be gone by the time my 2nd round pick (23rd overall) comes up. Right now I'm leaning towards either J. Jones or K. Jones. Thoughts? Also, would you trade McGahee and the 2nd overall pick for Alexander and the 30th overall pick? Best WRs are on the board are DJax, Driver, and Galloway. Best QBs on the board are McNabb, Hasslebeck and Bulger, but that's the least of my concerns as Delhomme should be fine for now.
  9. Trying to get Steven Jackson

    He's a got a well balanced team with no glaring holes, and therefore, no incentive to trade with you.
  10. Hey DMD

    Maybe he's seen them play in person. God knows that I have, and that was with Jimmy Smith drawing coverage.
  11. Frank Gore

    He's playing for perhaps the most FFL RB friendly Offensive Cordinator in the league (Norv Turner), his main competition has proven to be a bust (Kevan Barlow), the 49ers have one of the softest schedules in the league for run defenses (at least on paper), and the o-line has been upgraded. If he can stay healthy, it's hard to imagine him not putting up respectable numbers and starting in a lot of 12 team leagues that play at least 2 RBs.
  12. Second Year Keeper League Draft

    I've been made an offer to trade my 2nd overall pick and Derrick Mason for the 6th overall pick and Javon Walker. Should I pull the trigger? My main concern is that there won't be much upside left at RB by the 6th pick if everyone goes after the rookies.
  13. Team Defense

    Atlanta is coming pretty cheap in mocks and could be very good. I learned my lesson last year when I took the Patriots defense in the 9th. I had struggled with defenses the prior two seasons and decided that I would invest in a sure thing. We all know how that turned out. Prior to Week 2 I had picked up the Bengals on the waiver wire since I liked their upcoming schedule, and by Week 4, they were my starters and the Patriots were released.
  14. trade

    This one isn't even close. Alexander and Edge are obviouis. However, one bad season out of nowhere doesn't make Joe Horn a stud any more than one great season out of nowhere makes Galloway a stud. Having said that about Galloway, what's changed in Tampa during the offseason that makes Galloway such a lock to crash and burn? Nothing. This year's numbers may not be as good as last year's, but unless Galloway gets injured, they shouldn't be that far apart. I'm going to take Joey in the 5th round after everyone has spent their 3rd and 4th rounders on horribly inconsistent "upside" guys like Santana Moss and Andre Johnson and smile.
  15. decision

    Yeah, I would do that deal, especially in a 10 team league.
  16. Late round value.....

    No offense man, but I think this is the first time I've seen "Pinkston" and "steal" in the same sentence. We're talking about a guy that usually ends up on either the waiver wire or IR in most fantasy leagues.
  17. Trade up to #3

    I would do the deal because I get the impression that if Tiki and Portis come off the board at No. 4 and No. 5 (which has happened in about 90% of the 12 team mocks I've done), you're not going to be a happy camper at No. 6.
  18. Holt or Boldin

    I like Holt in this case. You've already got two big upside/big risk WRs in Moss and Chambers who put up some monster games last year and disappeared from others. It would be nice to have a steady player like Holt to balance them out.
  19. Big Trade...

    Bush has yet to play a down in the NFL. Holt is a perrenial Top 3 WR. There's no way I do that deal, not even in a keeper league.
  20. Exactly. I've done at lest two dozen 12 team mocks (most of them at Mock Draft Central) and when you pick near the 3/4 swing, you're usually looking at Lewis, Droughns, C. Taylor, Martin, F. Taylor, etc. Sometimes you get lucky and Parker, Bell, or Dunn will still be on the board, but when you look at that group of backs, you can see why a lot of people would take Lewis as their RB2 if they used on of their first two picks on Manning or a stud WR. Yeah, you can always grab the last pair of Tier 2 RBs with your first two picks, but it's really heard to leave the 1/2 swing without at least one Tier 1 bona-fide stud player, especially since you have to wait another 20-22 picks before your 3rd rounder.
  21. Caddy Williams second year

    It amazes me that more people don't pay attention to the game logs when researching players. They tell you a LOT more than annual stats do. Anyone who looked at Andre Johnson's game log from 2004 would have known to avoid him like the plague in 2005. Now I'm not suggesting that Caddy will be the bust that Johnson was last year, but I'm with Bronco Billy. There's no way I'm spending a 1st round pick on a guy's who's entire NFL resume consists of that game log. If I'm picking late and LJ, SA, LT2, Tiki, Portis, Edge, Rudi, and *possibly* SJax are off the board, I'm going to be looking at the stud WRs and Manning. RBs are pretty deep this year, and I'm not leaving the first two rounds without a pair of studs even if that means I take my first set of backs at the 3/4 swing.
  22. Reggie Bush *and* Deuce?

    Both of them make me nervous. We may be looking at a lengthy holdout for Bush and we still don't know what kind of condition Duece will be in when the season starts. Neither one of them may be very productive until the second half of the season. As bizzare as it sounds, we might see Bennett getting a lot of work early on.
  23. Late round value.....

    Drew Carter is the name that jumped out at me as well. Think this year's Kevin Curtis: a big play 3rd WR that can put up some very good stats if either Smith or Meshawn miss some time.
  24. I like RB-WR-RB from that position. By the time the draft snakes back around to you for your second pick, you can either take a talented but very risky RB that's coming off a dispointing season like McGahee, K. Jones, or J. Jones or you can take an undisputed Tier 1 WR (I've seen all of them but Smith fall that far in mocks). On the way back in the 3rd you can still get a guy like Parker, Bell, Lewis, Droughns, C. Taylor, etc. Most of those guys project to be solid RB2s. In exchange for passing up on an RB2 with a little more upside but just as much risk in the 2nd round, you'll have a gambreaking stud WR that can put up monster games on any given week.
  25. Tiki vs. Edge

    I would go with Tiki as well. Edge just doesn't break off big runs any more. You're going to have to rely on him getting 20 to 30 touches a game and a couple near the goalline in order to be productive as Tiki. Tiki may lose goalline carries, but he can take it to the house from anywhere on the field.