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  1. Come on, Frank...

    Woo-Hooo! We're there, baby!!!! Five bonus points!!!
  2. Come on, Frank...

    Frank, I love you! Alex, I'm sorry!
  3. Come on, Frank...

    Frank isn't the one that's killing us. It's Alex Smith.
  4. Culter SUCKS!

    If I'm lucky enough to make it past the first round of our playoffs this week, I'm starting Laveraeus Coles over Javon Walker the rest of the way. Walker is a freaking stud, but between the poor QB play and Shanny's conservative play calling, he's been useless the past few weeks.
  5. 9-2, clinched my division, best record in my conference (12 teams): QB: Farve, Delhomme RB: Gore, K. Jones, Lundy, Maroney, Gado, A. Harris WR: Wayne, Walker, Boldin, Coles, Bradley TE: Gonzo, Wrightster K: Stover DEF: Colts We get bonus points for over 100 yards rushing or receiving and over 300 yards passing, so I've definitely benefitted from that. I'm usually last in line for the waiver wire, so I haven't gotten much help there, but I've made some smart trades along the way and done a good job of setting my starting lineup from week to week.
  6. When is enough enough with Plummer

    The Broncos are playing not to lose with Plummer in there, and as is usually the case when you play not to lose, they're losing. I think starting Cutler is the right move, but only if Shanny lets him play to win. The way that offense is wasting talent, especially Javon Walker's, is criminal. By the way, if you need help at TE, you might want to take a chance on Tony Scheffler. He was Cutler's favorite receiver during the preseason.
  7. Has Barber III supplanted J.Jones as the starter?

    I finally wised up and started Barber III over Jones yesterday. Durnig most of the season, my two lead backs have been Tiki Barber and Julius Jones with Edge, Norwood, Barber III, and Jacobs on the bench. I can keep two of them for next season. That will make for some interesting choices.
  8. The NFL Network Game last night

    I agree completely. I can't remember the last time I watched a game where I was so conscious of the poor quality of the production and that INCLUDES preseason games. Gumble was so boring that I actually fell asleep during the third quarter.
  9. Am I the only one who notices...

    I've noticed that too. Marty really seemed to learn his lesson after the Baltimore game. Mabye Shanny will learn his after tonight.
  10. I hate to ask this, but....

    Same here. I've seen enough of both Garcia and the Eagles offense without McNabb the past couple of years to keep me away.
  11. 4-0 teams

    I lost one game by three points in Week 8 thanks to the Vikings' pathetic offense. They couldn't even get Ryan Longwell in field goal range against the Patriots. I can live with 9-1 though.
  12. anyone else hate Marion Barber III

    I agree, and that's most likely what I'm going to be doing from this week forward.
  13. anyone else hate Marion Barber III

    I'm feeling your pain as I have both of them on my squad and have been starting Jones as my RB2. We can't say we weren't warned prior to the start of the season, though.
  14. Martz possibly to AZ!?

    I have Fitzgerald and Edge in one keeper league and I just traded for Boldin in another, so bring him on! Of course I also own Kevin Jones in the keeper league where I aquired Boldin, so his value could take a hit if Martz leaves.
  15. Crumpler

    I traded MeShawn and Cooley for Crump Daddy two weeks ago. Buy low and sell high, baby! Buy low and sell high!
  16. I own Kevin Jones in a league where I'm a little shallow at RB and have a roster spot available for his handcuff. Obviously, I drop Shawn Bryson now that he's been placed on IR, but who do I pick up? The newly resigned Arlen Harris (who actually looked very good during the preseason) or Brian Calhoon, the promising rookie who was supposed to make some noise but has done nothing. I had heard earlier this season that Calhoon was struggling with picking up the offense. Any updates on his progress or general opinions from the Lions homers out there as to who would be the man if Kevin Jones goes down?
  17. 4-0 teams

    I tempted fate and now I'm 6-0 and still leading my local in points. So fate, if still watching, this one's for you!
  18. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    I feel bad for Leinart, Boldin, and the Cardinals defense.
  19. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    If I was Bidwell, I'd be ready to fire Denny Green and his staff tomorrow morning.
  20. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    Yep, and now he's given 2 more yards away again.
  21. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD you don't have to worry about fumbling the game away.
  22. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    Good grief. If the Cards want to run down the clock, why don't they just have Leinart take a knee instead of handing it to Edge for no gain or negative yardage?
  23. Dunn for Westbrook and Maroney/Addai

    Wow, it's amazing what one 90 yard run can do for a players value. Yes, you're giving up WAY too much.
  24. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    Unbelievable. Edge ran for 31 yards on 7 carries on the first drive and 13 yards on 16 carries since then. I'm starting to think that trading Edge for Javon Walker a few weeks ago in one of my keeper leagues was a pretty good idea.
  25. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    No lie, man. I've seen WAY too many games like this lately. Why is everybody trying to play Martyball when it seems like Marty himself has finally figured out that it's a great way to give a game away?