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  1. Mason

    Yeah, I got suckered in too. I really thought he was going to be a solid WR2 this year. It's really not his fault though. I blame it on the bad QB play.
  2. Drop Mason

    Might as well. Mason is looking like your 5th option right now and he's been a MAJOR disapointment.
  3. Need TRADE advice PLEASE!

    No lie, man. You're loaded at WR and on thin ice at RB. It's a good deal, but you can't afford to do it without shoring up your RBs.
  4. It's excellent value (I just traded McAllister for Houshmandzadeh last week), but he doesn't have the depth at RB to do the deal. If he does this deal and anything happens to Tiki or Julius, he's screwed. You can always find more WR help on the waiver wire if you need it.
  5. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    What's up with the ultra conservative play calling by the Cards? They moved it down the field 77 yards by mixing it up and now they keep handing the ball to Edge on 1st and 2nd down which is exactly what the Bears are expecting.
  6. L. Washington

    It's only a matter of time. Washington is clearly outplaying the other RBs and unless Martin returns, there are no other backs on the roster that the Jets should fell compelled to start in front of him out of loyalty or for financial reasons.
  7. Gonzo

    I'm not going to argue that Gonzo is no longer an elite TE, but you could still do a lot worse. If his 1 yard TD catch this afternoon hadn't been wiped out by that holding penalty, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation.
  8. KC Defense

    Unfortunately, they do, at least according to my starting linuep.
  9. Am I crazy giving up this much for LColes?

    When it's all said and done, I'm not sure there will be that big a difference between Coles' numbers and Toomer's numbers, so yes, that's WAY too much to give up for Coles.
  10. thinking of a trade

    If I was him, I would just play the matchups with Smith and Farve. Both of them have been productive and I honestly don't see Rivers as being that big of an upgrade over either one of them.
  11. -12 Team Keeper League -Can keep up to six players, but limited by position to starting requirements -Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF -Standard scoring with bonuses for 100+ yards rushing/receiving and 300+ yards passing. Roster: QB: E. Manning, J. Kitna RB: T. Barber, J. Jones, E. James, D. McAllister, J. Norwood, M. Barber, B. Jacobs WR: L. Fitzgerald, R. Wayne, D. Mason, A. Bryant TE: T. Heap, Desmond Clark K: Lindell DEF: Ravens The combinations of Fitz's injury and the upcoming bye weeks has put me in serious trouble at WR. (Wayne would be the only WR available to me at this point for Week 7!) Obviously, I have the RB depth to do a deal, but quality WRs seem to be tougher to trade for this season than quality RBs. Is Edge too much to give up for Houshmandzadeh?
  12. Trade Advice - Edge for Houshmandzadeh

    Well, I ended up having to trade McAllister for Houshmandzadeh. No one will touch Edge with a 10 foot pole right now. I guess averaging double digit points at the RB position just doesn't cut it these days. I hated to give up McAllister because I think he's one of the most undervalued players in fantasy football right now, but if you look at the WRs I was going to have to roll with while Fitzgerald is out, you can see that I didn't have much of a choice. I spent the week shopping RBs around my league and this was the best I could do. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Here's hoping that Housh stays healthy and continues to produce at a high level.
  13. I would be tempted to do it because of all the uncertainty surrounding Westbrook. I'm not that concerned about Bell. He looks like he's toughened up and none of the injuries he's had the past two seasons have been all that serious. The same can't be said for Westbrook. I think Fitz and Boldin are pretty much a wash, so the question becomes how much better than Leinart will Palmer be and is it enough to be worth giving up Jennnings? I think it probably is. After all, we don't know if Jennings is the next Larry Fitzgerald or the next Michael Clayton.
  14. Trade Advice - Edge for Houshmandzadeh

    The waiver wire has been picked clean. The best I can probably do there is put in a claim for Bryant Johnson and pray. As far as trading Edge for a better WR goes, I really don't know who to target. There's no way I'm going to get a guy like Tory Holt, Steve Smith, or Marvin Harrison. I've already been turned down by the T.O. owner. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Chad Johnson owner, but then Johnson has been a disapointment in his own right. I don't feel comfortable with guys like Berrian, Colston, and Reggie Brown that only have a few games under their belts as solid producers. That leaves the solid but not spectacular guys like Housh, Javon Walker, and the slumping Hines Ward.
  15. Trade Advice

    Actually, Hass usually saves his best games for December. He led me to a championship last year after being solid but not spectacular throughout most of the season.
  16. Fitzgerald

    Well, the Cards will be playing the Bears this week and then they'll be on their bye next week, so the timing could have been a lot worse in terms of lost production.
  17. Another vote for Betts. Even second string RBs are having big days against the Titans.
  18. The frustrating thing about FFL

    Last year I was in a 12 team re-draft. My starting lineup on opening day was: QB: Bulger RB: McAllister, D. Davis WR: D. Jackson, A. Lelie, K. Colbert Flex: L. Jordan TE: McMichael K: Reed DEF: Patriots I should have been dead in the water by Week 5, but I made it all the way to the championship game by working the waiver wire, making trades, and going with the hot hand at any given position. I'm not saying that to beat my chest, because obviouisly there was some luck involved, but I'll always remember that team anytime I get discouraged by the injury bug or have a handful of starters turn out to be busts.
  19. Trade Advice

    I like the deal although I do think Bruce is undervalued in general. With Hass and Ward, you're getting two quality players. You've got a lot of guys that are getting off to fast starts and a couple of them are probably for real, but by the end of the season, Ward and CJ will have re-established themselves as top WRs.
  20. Coles Injury

    If you're deep at WR, I would bench Coles this week. He's pretty banged up and on the road against a tough Jags defense. I know Santana Moss burned the Jags last week, but as solid as Coles is, he's not Santana Moss. I'm sitting Coles and going with Greg Jennings today.
  21. Randy Moss to Jags?

    Yeah, I think it's time to stop looking at the Bears as a team that's deperate for offense. Not only do you guys have Muhammad and Berrian, but Clark is finally being used effectively for the first time in several years and you've got a very promising young WR in Mark Bradley that will now have some time to develop properly with the emergence of Berrian.
  22. Is Moats worth picking up?

    I think Moats is a nice pickup for someone who's in bad shape at RB. You're not in bad shape at RB. I would much rather play Norwood or Betts than drop Desmond Clark. Productive TEs don't grow on trees in this game.
  23. Deal

    I don't like it at all. I think Caddy will eventually go down as a bust and while I'm definitely a fan of CJ, Palmer is spreading the ball around a lot more this season.
  24. I agree. I think Jones-Drew is the future for the Jags and will see more playing time as the season wears on.
  25. trade advice

    Absolutley not. I love Maroney's potential in a keeper league as much as anyone, especially since I own him in one of my keeper leagues, but not for a guy like Portis, especially with the scoring rules you described. Throwing in a young WR with virtually no downside like Boldin or Wayne is just adding insult to injury. You give great advice Avernus, so I know that you know better. I think you're just caught up in Maroney's potential right now.