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  1. Trade Just Went Down

    I agree with Hugh. Don't underestimate the value of a quality TE in a TE manditory league. It gives you a tremendous advantage over most of the other teams in your league. Last week's game wasn't a fluke. McNabb will give LJ Smith plenty of looks this season. Also, while Jordan has outpeformed the rest of your backs so far, I still don't consider him to be head and shoulders above them.
  2. Blockbuster trade help

    I think you score more points with Smith and Jones than you do with McGahee and Curtis. I see why you would be tempted, though. This is the time to buy low on McGahee, but you're still giving up too much. Don't let last week's game fool you. Steve Smith is a Top 10 WR.
  3. My roster and league info are in my sig line below. I have a problem in Week 4 with both McMichael and Reed on byes. Also, while McMichael has been rock solid so far, he has a habit of falling off the map in the second half of the season and I want to secure a quality backup at the TE spot. We only start two RBs and as you can see from my roster, the liklihood that I would ever actually start Bettis is pretty thin. There's not much available on the waiver wire when it comes to TEs. I'd say the best TE available is Jerramy Stevens, and I think Mili will cut into his stats substantially when he returns. The problem is that I'm going to need another TE and K in Week 4 and there's no one on my roster that I'm comfortable dropping. Even if I were to drop Turner and/or Curtis, there's a good chance they would be picked up on waivers before I could get them back. At least if I trade Bettis for Pollard, I not only cover McMichael's bye, but I get a servicable starter with upside at the TE position to back up McMichael for the rest of the season instead of a one week plug in. Am I nuts? (BTW, I'm not concerned about Pollard's concussion since he has a bye next week, and I'm not concerned about Harrington since TEs seem to benefit more than they suffer from QBs that can't seem to get the ball down the field consistently.)
  4. Trade Bettis for Pollard?

    Thanks, guys. Pollards owner has already agreed to the deal in principle, so I just sent him the official trade offer.
  5. Trade Bettis for Pollard?

  6. Consistent Tight Ends

    I would drop Anderson. Heimendinger (Jets new OC) loves to use the TE position, so Baker will get his share of looks throughout the season. As for who to pick up, I would still go with Wiggins. He had two TDs called back in Week 1 and C-Pep will start looking for him more often if he's WRs don't start getting open.
  7. Carson Palmer: WR or RB of equal value

    I wonder if he would consider Culpepper and Steve Smith for Carson Palmer and Jerry Porter? This is the perfect time to sell high on Palmer and buy low on C-Pep and Smith.

    I've been very happy with Randy McMichael's performace so far, but I'm already taking steps to insure that I have a quality backup in case he performs his pattented disappearing act during the second half of the season.
  9. Rams Running Backs

    If Steven Jackson was to lose time due to an injury, do you think Faulk would receive most of the touches, or would Faulk remain in his current role as a change of pace back with Arlen Harris stepping in for Jackson? I just don't see Faulk as being able to function as the primary ball carrier at this stage of his career and Harris has looked good when he's receieved playing time in the past. I'm thinking that in spite of the depth chart, Harris might be the true backup to Jackson, not Faulk, but I'd be interested in hearing everyone else's opinion.
  10. Stat Change

    The change has been reflected in my Yahoo! league. It didn't give me the win, but it did give me another 2 points to go with the additional point I received when the Patriots defense was credited with a second sack earlier this week.
  11. The Edge Debate

    Just for the sake of argument, I'm going to answer my own question. According to ESPN's traditional scoring, here's how Edge ranked among FFL RBs each week: Week 1: 14th Week 2: 2nd Week 3: 12th Week 4: 11th Week 5: 5th Week 6: Bye Week 7: 15th Week 8: 13th Week 9: 10th Week 10: 26th Week 11: 2nd Week 12: 17th Week 13: 7th Week 14: 16th Week 15: 13th Week 16: 15th Week 17: DNP Entire Season (Weeks 1 through 17): 6th If you're just looking at the full season's stats, then he looks like a stud. However, if you break it down week by week, he's not so studly is he? Don't get me wrong. I'd be happy to take Edge in the bottom half of the second round, but in the first round or the top half of the second when there are much better backs (not to mention stud QBs and WRs) available? No way, Jose!
  12. The Edge Debate

    All I'm saying is that just like any NFL calibre back can put up great stats in the Denver and Kansas City offenses any NFL calibre back can put up great stats in the Indianapolis offense. You saw what Barlow was able to do in 2003 when he actually had some help. He just can't make something out of nothing the way the elite backs in the league can do. However, put him in the Colts offense, and I guarantee you that he gets 1500 combined yards and 10 TDs easily.
  13. The Edge Debate

    You HAVE to stick up for him, G-Fan! You're in a keeper league! Seriously though, if you look at his stats for the season as a whole, then yes, he may very well have been the 8th best FFL back in 2004. Here's the problem, though: How many WEEKS did he even finish in the Top Twelve? You know as well as I do that it wasn't very many. You don't draft a guy in the first round because he averaged 15 points a game. You draft a guy in the first round because he put up several 20 to 30 point games and put his owner's team over the top that week. THAT'S the big difference I see between Edge and most of the other backs that were taken in the first and second rounds.
  14. The Edge Debate

    Ditto. 6-8. While my opponents had RBs that were going off for 2 or 3 scores, I was getting my 140 combined yards from Edge like clockwork. Whoopee. Like you, I also had Edge in 2003. I finished 4-10 in spite of also having Moss and Manning on that team. Edge finally decided to show up at the end of the season, but by then it was too late. Hell, no. The only way I would ever draft him again would be as an RB2, and there are too many other suckers out there that are still happy to blow their first round pick on him. Mark my words, Ladies and Gentlemen: If Edge does not re-sign with the Colts, he will be a BUST with his new team and Dominick Rhodes will be the next Priest Holmes. You can plow into the middle of the line for 5 yards and then take a dive when the defense is spread out across the field, but try doing it when you're playing for a team that doesn't have the weapons that the Colts do. That's why he's a lousy goalline back. When the defense is playing the run instead of the pass he can't do jack. He gets the stats because of the system he's in. You could put Kevan Barlow in that system and he would get the same stats.
  15. I'm contemplating making a move for Gonzo. Here's his team: QB: Mannning, Big Ben RB: Dunn, Staley, Goings WR: Bruce, Muhammad, Mason, Housh TE: Gonzo, Jolly K: Vinatieri, Nugent DEF: Colts, Jets (Yes, I know it looks like he's an amatuer, but he's actually been playing for years and although his drafts and transactions are totally off the wall, the guy always seems to finish near the top and even won the championship two years ago.) My team and league info are in my sig line. I know McMichael had a strong game, but he always starts the season strong and then bottoms out. Parker could either be a Top Ten RB or this year's Quintin Griffin. I honestly think it could go either way. However, Gonzo is pretty much a sure thing. What combination of players (if any) between Bettis, Parker and McMichael would you offer for Gonzo? Thanks for the help!
  16. Trade Bettis/Parker for Gonzo?

    That's pretty much what I was thinking as well. Anybody else?
  17. Trade Advise

    I like that deal. Owens is a STUD and while Davis will have some good games, I think he's going to struggle often this season with all of the issues surrounding the Texans on both offense and defenese. I have a feeling that either LJ or Parker (or both) will continue to produce, so you'll be fine at RB. You do the deal to get Owens, but if Brown holds up, then you've really gotten the better end of it. I definitely pull the trigger on that one. Edit: I would definitely offer Housh first.
  18. Should I add Gore or Duckett?

    I'd probably stand pat. I just picked up Staley in one of my leagues after his owner dropped him. I have Parker in my local and I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not ready to write off Staley yet. Duckett is a great reserve back because you know he will get touches and goalline opportunities. Plus, Dunn rarely plays all 16 games and is a constant injury risk. If Dunn goes down, Duckett is a stud. What you might want to consider doing is dropping Engram or Randel-El, picking up Duckett, and then trying to trade Barlow for an upgrade elsewhere.
  19. Take it and run. In spite of last week's outing, Plummer is a far better FFL QB than Griese and would start for most teams. Smith and Chambers are an even swap in my book. I'm a Jags homer and I have a feeling that we may have just seen Smith's best game of the season. However, the real prize here is Corey Dillon. He's money in the bank, week in and week out. I expect Kevin Jones to be much more inconsistent. In short, I think you win at QB, you break even or lose by a hair at WR, and you win big at RB. I take that deal all year long.
  20. TRADE ADVICE: Can Get Edge

    It's your call, but I personally wouldn't take much pride in winning a league that way.
  21. TRADE ADVICE: Can Get Edge

    Is this his first year playing Fantasy Football, or did you guys send him out on a beer run between Rounds 2 to 8? If you want to be fair, you need to offer him Steven Jackson and Ward, Clayton, or Williams for Edge.
  22. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Comparing Willie Parker to Mewelde Moore is like comparing Bill Cowher to Mike Tice.
  23. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Hey Hugh, good to have you back! Should I start Hasselbeck against the Falcons or Brooks against the Giants this week? All of the particulars are in my sig line. Thanks in advance!
  24. Urgent Trade Advice! Brokering a Trade

    I'm very high on Steve Smith, but if I'm trading C-Mart, I want a Tier 1 WR or at the very least a top Tier 2 WR like Joe Horn.
  25. Would you trade D.Davis?

    I wouldn't be able to hit the "accept trade" button fast enough if I was offered that deal! You're getting two studs for the price of one (and a perrenial BUST in Bennett).