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  1. Any thoughts on my team?

    You look awesome at WR, and your QBs are solid. I'm not completely sold at RB. If feel that Edge is an overrated back in a great situation, and Portis is an great back in a bad situation. Both could easily finish in the Top Ten by the time it's all over though, and even if they play at their floor, they're still weekly starters. Meanwhile, Benson and Bell should both be starting by midseason, so eight weeks from now, you could be golden. Cooley is my sleeper at TE this year, but I would have rather seen you with one of the top 7 or 8 guys. Don't you get some kind of kicker (reception points?) for TE's in that league? Minnesota is my sleeper at DEF, so I think you might be pleasantly surprised there as well. All in all, I think you'll be very competitive, but don't be surprised if most of your firepower comes from Moss and Wayne instead of the RB position. I'd still love to see what Dominick Rhodes could do as the full time starter in that offense. I think we would be looking at the next Priest Holmes.
  2. ESPN Chris Mortenson comments on

    I agree, and for a fourth or fifth round draft pick, I could certainly live with either of those totals from LJ, especially considering the floatsam and jetsam that is typically available at the RB position by the end of the fourth round in 12 team league.
  3. Friggin Pulled the Trigger on a Big Deal

    You traded a QB with serious question marks and set of RBs with serious question marks for a bona fide stud QB and a set of RBs with serioius question marks. What's not to like?!? I'd take that deal any day of the week!
  4. Mike Anderson goes all the way.

    For those of us who still have drafts coming up, it may be time to ask ourselves if Chad Johnson and Javon Walker are really better picks than Wayne. I wouldn't have even considered that a week ago, and I realize that it's only the preseason, but the Bengals and the Packers obviously have some issues. BTW, I still wouldn't hesitate to take Harrison during the second round.
  5. LJ with a 97 yd TD

    Have we reached the point where it's time to stop thinking of Larry Johnson as Priest Holmes' manditory handcuff and start thinking of him as one half of what may be the most productive RBBC that fantasy football has ever seen?
  6. Thoughts on these deals...Moss, Edge, Lewis

    This is the one I like. Lewis is the right back in the right offense. Portis is the right back in the wrong offense. Edge is the wrong back in the right offense. Mark my words, if Edge is not resigned by the Colts next year, his value will drop dramatically. Not in his first year with his new team (because everyone will still be on the Edge bandwagon), but definitely by his second. Lewis isn't going anywhere and he'll be a solid starter for years to come. Portis is in a bad situation, but he's young. If you can suffer through a drop in production until the Redskins offense gets straightened out, it will be worth it. C'mon, man. Do you REALLY want to suffer through another season with Edge as your RB? I know I don't! Two seasons were two too many!
  7. The Dreaded 3rd Pick...

    One bad habit I have when doing Fantasy Drafts is getting hung up on where guys SHOULD go. For example, I think Javon Walker will outperform everyone but Moss at the WR position this season, but he's traditionally drafted in the third round. So when I do my draft, and I'm sitting at the No. 23 overall pick, what do I do if Harrison or Holt are on the board? In the past, I draft Harrison or Holt because they're a "steal" at the 23rd overall pick and pass on Walker in spite of the fact that I think he will outperform both of them. The point is do what YOU WANT not what you think you SHOULD. If you want Duece, TAKE Deuce at No. 3 overall and stay near the swing spot at the top of each odd round where you can get the jump on the rest of your league when it comes to position runs. Don't feel like you have to take Edge, Manning, or Holmes simply because that's where they're SUPPOSED to be drafted. Take advantage of the fact that you pick 3rd overall and get the guy you really want. Make sense?
  8. First live draft

    DON'T trade any of your backs! You're in a 14 team league and you managed to draft 4 starting RBs (Benson will eventually sign and be starting midway through the season at the latest). Your WRs are fine. You made that your last priority, and that's the right thing to do, because it's the easiest position to shore up during the season. Based on previous seasons, 2 or 3 of the WRs that will finish in the top 25 overall probably won't even be drafted in most leagues. Just keep your eyes open, watch the waiver wire like a hawk, and move quickly. In the meantime, you could do a LOT worst than Lelie, Burress, and Rogers. None of them may turn out to be studs, but in a 14 team league that starts 3 WRs, all of thems should be weekly starters. Plus you've got some nice sleeper potential on your bench. Yeah, Hasselbeck was a little early, but you're in a 14 team league that awards 6 points for TDs and there were already 7 QBs off the board. You don't want to end up having to start a guy like Leftwich or Carr every week, so you probably did the right think. Hasselbeck is very underrated this year IMHO. I really don't see much difference between his potential going into this year and his potential going into last year when everyone was taking him as the 4th or 5th QB overall. If anything, he's got a better set of WRs this year than he's had in the past. Pathon and Jurevicous aren't flashy, but they're solid. (Unlike KRob, who was flashy and not solid at all). I watched the Miami/Jacksonville game last week, and the TE's figure heavily into the Dolphins offense, you you'll be solid with McMichael. Personally, I think you did a fantastic job. It's your second season, so trust someone who has learned this the hard way: Don't micromanage your team, and don't get impatient. Don't get hung up on the lack of big names at the WR position and let somebody sucker you into letting go of one of your backs. Believe me, by the end of the season, you'll regret it if you do.
  9. Picking 7th today who would you take?

    Randy Moss. I had Moss in 2003 and he turned in two monster games with Gus Ferrotte under center, so don't worry about Collins. Also, look at the talent surrounding him with Porter, Gabriel, Curry, and Lamont Jordan. I realize that Collins is no Manning or Green, but the Raiders offense should join the Colts and the Chiefs as one of the NFL's elite units this season. Finally, who would you rather spend your first round pick on? Dominick Davis may very well be the best FFL RB on the board after the names you mentioned are gone, but would you REALLY rather have Dominck Davis than Randy Moss?!? If you still can't get comfortable with Moss, then I would definitely consider C-Pep at that slot. If you HAVE to take a running back, then go ahead and go with Lewis or Davis, but I think you'll be sorry that you passed on Moss and C-Pep once the season gets underway.
  10. The 2/3 Swing

    My local's draft is coming up and I've got the 2nd overall pick. It's a 12 team redraft league with a serpantine draft, so I pick at 1.02, 2.11. and 3.02. All TDs are 6pts, -2 pts for an INT, 1 point for every ten yards rushing and receiving, and 1 point for every 25 yards passing. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF. Rumor has it that the guy picking at 1.01 is taking Holmes or Manning, so I'm looking at LT at 1.02. If he takes LT, then it will either be Alexander or Holmes. By the time I pick at 2.11, I expect all of the Tier 2 RBs to be off the board along with Martin and Green, so unless someone falls, I'll be looking at Steven Jackson, Lamont Jordan, Brian Westbrook, or one of the rookies as my RB2. I'm not crazy about spending one of my swing picks on guy that doesn't have a full season's experience as a starter (Jackson, Jordan, rookies) or is a major injury risk (Westbrook), so I'm thinking of using them on a combination of the following players depending on who's available: Owens, Harrison, Holt, Chad Johnson, Javon Walker, Donovan McNabb, and Gonzo. That probably leaves me with a guy like Foster, Bennett, or one of the rookies at the bottom of the 4th round as my RB2. Is it worth it to pass up on one of the Teir 3 backs at the swing in order to get two gamebreakers at the QB, WR, and/or TE position? I'll already have LT, Alexander, or Holmes as my RB1, so I feel that evens out the risk of passing on a RB at the 2/3 swing a bit. What do you guys think?
  11. Fitzgerald's #'s

    Good to see you back, man! I would much rather have Fitzgerald as well. Boldin built a LOT of his rep on that first 200+ yard multiple TD game against the Lions in the 2003 season opener. Take that out of the equation, and he's an average Fantasy WR. Definitely a guy you could feel good about starting, especially if you start three WRs, but not someone I would burn a 4th or 5th round pick on.
  12. big risk big upside

    Personally, I would have taken Foster and then followed up with Shelton a couple of rounds later. The Carolina running game always produces solid fantasy points even when they've had guys like Dee Brown and Nick Goings running the ball.
  13. The 2/3 Swing

    Wow. This is exactly what I had in mind, right down to the players that you targeted and when you took them. It's almost scary. The main difference is that we don't get points for receptions, and I don't think Witten will last past the fifth round in my league. I really like your team, because you should have an edge over every other team in your league at most positions, and if Taylor holds up, you could be dominate. It seems that the consensus is to take a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round though, so I'll have to give it some thought, especailly since I may not be as lucky as you were with respect to how the rest of my draft shakes out.
  14. Moss seems like the obvious choice to me, especially with the one point per reception. If you HAVE to have a running back, take Lewis. He won't get you many receptions, but he should have a monster year on the round. Portis still scares me. Well, actually Portis doesn't scare me, it's the rest of his team that scares me.
  15. Another LJ thread, but has anyone looked

    You're not missing a thing. Johnson can do more with 10 touches in that offense than most of the other backs you mentioned could do with 25 in their offenses. I'm looking at it from another angle as well: I have the second pick in a 12 team league with a serpentine draft. If I decide to take Holmes, then I will take LJ on the 4/5 swing. Yes, I burn a fourth or fifth round pick, but so what? One way or the other, I will have the Chief's primary ball carrier, and that's a fantasy goldmine. Isn't it worth a 1st and late 4th or early 5th round pick to KNOW that you've got that locked up? As you mentioned, the guys that are going to be on the board in the 4th and 5th rounds will be solid weekly starters, but unless you hit a major sleeper, they're not going to win games for you. Holmes and/or LJ will. In fact, you could probably start Holmes and Johnson each week in a 12 team league and outscore most of the other owners' RB tandems.
  16. Even if Holmes remains healthy, I think Deuce is the 4th best back on the board, so if you would rather not take a risk on Holmes' durability or have to reach for Johnson with your 4th round pick, I don't think you're crazy at all. Having said that, I would still be tempted by the Holmes/Johnson combo. Yeah, you burn two out of your first four or five picks to get them, but you're talking about having a superstud manning your RB1 position for the rest of the year, regardless of whether it's Holmes or LJ. Hell, if you're in a 12 team league, you could probably start Holmes and LJ and beat most of the other teams' RB combos on any given week. Yes, you have to blow a fouth round pick on LJ, but really, once the first 30 or so players are off the board, you're looking at solid starters, not guys that can win games for you single handedly the way Holmes and/or Johnson can. I pick second overall in my league, and if I didn't have it on good advice that the guy picking at No. 1 is taking Holmes, I would be tempted.
  17. Bennett and Foster

    LMAO!!! Foster over Bennett is a no brainer. Carolina has never been a RBBC team, and every back that's been the primary ball carrier has put up big stats in recent years. Anybody remember Dee Brown? He helped a lot of people during their playoff runs in 2003 just like Davis did in 2004 and Goings did in 2005. Grab Foster, grab Shelton a few rounds later and rest easy knowing that you've got a solid starter at RB for the rest of the season.
  18. CBSSportsline mock draft

    No lie. They always seem to be a year behind and they're very slow to recoginize changes in a player or team's momentum. Hector and Victor are almost as bad. I don't know what they think of Derek Mason this year, but in previous seasons, he seemed to be a lock for 100 yards and 2 scores week in and week out!
  19. Which offenses will bite the big one?

    I seriously doubt that the Jaguars will produce a legitmate every week fantasy starter this year. They're THAT bad. And this is coming from a Jags homer.
  20. Any update on T.O.'s day at camp?

    I care. With Owens back on the field, that should keep both him and McNabb in the Top 25 overall players. I have 3 out of the first 26 picks in my league this year, and although I'm not interested in Owens or McNabb at this point, I don't want the overall level of talent diluted when my No. 23 and No. 26 overall picks roll around.
  21. Drafting Saturday-need your help!

    Listen to the man. You'll be glad you did. Williams and Arrington are solid picks (I lean towards Williams) and if you don't take Johnson instead of Buress at that 6th spot, you'll be miserable by the end of the season.
  22. Rosenhaus Demands Trade of Volek

    I have a simple solution to this problem. Rosenhaus wants a starting job for Volek, but Fisher feels that he needs two experienced starters at QB? No sweat. Trade Volek to the Jaguars for Byron Leftwich. That way everybody's happy, especially us Jaguar fans.
  23. Ricky to be traded ?

    I think that would be a mistake, because I don't see Gordon as being an upgrade over Toefield. What we really need to do is trade for a starting QB that can actually make his reads and has some pocket presence. Rosenhaus want's a starting gig for Volek, but Fisher believes he needs two starting QBs? Fine. Trade Leftwich for Volek. That way everybody is happy, especially me and the rest of the Jaguar fans. I agree. There's no way that Reid takes on another headcase at this point.
  24. QB Tiers Blurring

    Same here. Before Owen's antics, I had McNabb in T2 along with Culpepper. Now I have him alone in T3. He was tearing it up in 2002 before he got injured, and I think that injury is a big reason why his 2003 campaign was so disapointing, especially since he was starting to put up solid stats again by the end of that season. He's been a stud in the past without Owens and I think he can be one again, even with an inexperienced group of WRs. Take away that first interception, and he put up very solid stats against one of the best defenses in the league last night. I have Trent Green, Farve, and Bulger in T4. I'd give Green a slight advantage over Farve and Bulger because of his O-line, but I'd be happy with any one of the three. At least one of them should fall to the late fourth or early fifth round of a 12 team draft. After that, I have 6 to 8 guys in T5, and they're more or less interchangable in my eyes. Any one of them would make a servicable starter, but I do think there's a significant dropoff after the T4 QBs are off the board. I pick 2nd in a 12 team league this season, so if one of the T4 QBs are still available at the 4/5 swing, I'll probably take him. Otherwise, I'll wait and take whoever's left at the 6/7 swing.
  25. Couple observations

    With Gardner now on the team, Colbert in his second year, and Smith back from injury, Delhomme should have another great season. This is probably the last year that he's going to come cheap in Fantasy drafts. I expect him to be firmly entrenched as a Top Ten FFL QB by this time next year.