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  1. Here we go again with Peyton...

    You know, if you are so offended by Edge owners complaining about his lack of opportunities inside the red zone, why do you continue to not only read these threads but post to them as well? We're just here to vent with other Edge owners. You're just here to troll.
  2. Here we go again with Peyton...

    I believe the politically correct term is "venting".
  3. Here we go again with Peyton...

    I'll say one thing: I can't remember the last time I saw Edge break off two 30+ yard runs in a single game. Oh, and look: Manning just got intercepted on 1st and Goal at the 7. Do you think the Bears were expecting him to throw?!?
  4. Josh McCown Benched

    Aparantly so.
  5. CJ asks Bengals fans to donate a dollar

    Hell, if I had known that's all it would take, I would have sent him $1 every week!
  6. Here we go again with Peyton...

    I can just imagine what Manning was thinking when James had that 9 yard run down to the two yard line: "Oh, $#!t! He almost got in!"
  7. When is a Stud no longer a Stud

    God, isn't that the truth. My roster reads like a "Who's Who" of this year's disapointments. And that's not even counting all of the busts I've traded away (Travis Henry, Kevin Jones, Quintin Griffin, Lee Suggs, Donte Stallworth, Daniel Graham, etc.)
  8. What pos. is the hardest to manage

    Definitely WR. If you told me prior to the draft that after a few trades my starting WRs were Ward, C. Johnson, and DJax, I would have been willing to bet that I had the best WR corps in my league. The reality is that the three of them have burried me this season. Last year I drafted Donald Driver in the fourth round. Total bust. If I hadn't traded for Moss prior to the start of the season, it would have been ugly. (Still was, come to think of it.) The year before that, I drafted T.O., Mason, and Kevin Johnson (after his breakout 2001 campaign) in the first five rounds and thought I was set. Mason and KJ were busts for the most part and I ended up trading Portis (along with the league title) for Peerless Price prior to Week 10. Of course Price only had one big game after that and I was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.
  9. I smell collusion...

    Okay, let's put the big names aside for a minute and take a look at this. As an Edge owner, I can tell you that I am frustrated beyond belief and I would trade him for just about any decent running back. In a standard scoring league, Edge is the No. 7 back and Emmitt Smith is the No. 10 back. However, I feel that Smith is more valuable at this point because HE SCORES TOUCHDOWNS. In a standard scoring league, Matt Hasselbeck is the No. 16 QB. On top of that, he's injured. Are you honestly going to tell me that the team in last place doesn't have a better alternative? At this point in the season, Hasselbeck is nothing but FFL junk with a big name. In most standard scoring leagues, the Patriots D and the Eagles D are neck and neck. The only difference is that the Patriots D has been decimated by injuries making the Eagles D the better choice. Say what you will about William Green (God knows, I can't stand him), but he is still a starting RB, and as long as Butch Davis runs the show, he will still get carries. Suggs has had plenty of opportunities to prove himself, and he's done nothing with them. So there you have it. Get the big names out of your head and look at what the players involved in the trade are actually DOING. I think if you really break it down, you'll see that it's not that unfair of a trade at all.
  10. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hey Hugh, My season is over, but I'm still playing for pride. My underachieving trio of WRs helped to put the nails in the coffin last week, so I'm benching one of them for McCardell. Which lucky used-to-be-a-stud rides the pine? Hines Ward, Chad Johnson, or Darrell Jackson? Thanks!
  11. Ward/Moulds for McGahee

    You know what I like about McGahee compared to all of your other backs including Edge? When the Bills get inside the 10 yard line, they're going to give him the ball. Edge and Smith will rack up yards, but the Colts and the Vikings get two friggin' cute near the endzone. The only reason Smith scored last night is because he ran it in from outside the red zone. I would seriously pursue that trade. I'm still pissed that Travis Henry got the shaft, but I can't deny that McGahee looks like the real deal at this point.