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  1. keeper league

    I'd much rather have Norwood at this point. There's something about Benson that just isn't right.
  2. Trade ?

    Man, how many teams do you have in your league?!? If Barlow and Lundy are your best RBs, then I think you have to do that deal.
  3. Chad Johson is killing me! Shut up and play Chad!

    No, it's not just you. The inconsistency from week to week, even among the top players at their respective positions, is just unbelievable. You guys are having your problems with Chad Johnson, but would you have believed anyone if they had told you that Payton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne played four complete games together so far and neither Harrison or Wayne have a TD?
  4. Hot PICK UP

    Yeah, but that was against the 49ers. Let's see if he can do the same thing against a quality defense before we trip over ourselves to put in a waiver wire claim for him.
  5. Edge James still a stud?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm changing my position on Edge. I'm now going to have to take matchups into consideration before automatically starting him over Gore, Maroney, or Kevin Jones. I don't blame Edge for this though. I blame that horrific o-line. My mistake was believing that they could only get better as the season wore on. Obviously, they're getting worse.
  6. Peyton

    The Peyton owners in my three leagues all have winning records, but they've all had guys like Stallworth, Colston, and Cotchery step up for them. Also, Manning has held his own by either running or throwing for a couple of scores a game. I find it incredible that neither Harrison or Wayne have a TD after four games though.
  7. Maroney!

    Intersting choice of words, because Maroney is going to be REPLACING EDGE in my starting lineup until the Cardinals get a NFL calibre QB or an NFL calibre offensive line.
  8. Watson

    Same here.
  9. I Benched Santana today

    That's why I don't draft guys like Santana Moss and Lee Evans. For every 138 yard game with three scores, you get three or four games with well under 100 yards and no scores. Good luck picking the right game to start them.
  10. Is Chris Henry really being deactivated ?

    What a waste of talent.
  11. Boldin

    No lie. There are probably college o-lines that could outplay the Cardinals o-line at this point. I have Edge in two leagues and Fitz in one and I'm feeling your pain.
  12. Cowboys Distracted?

    That makes it an even bigger shame. I hope the guy will be okay. The announcers just said he has a cut on his face and is questionable to return.
  13. Cowboys Distracted?

    Same here. I was just watching the game because I have Julius Jones going for me. For those who haven't seen it yet, believe HAVE To see it to appreciate just how ugly and premeditated it truly was.
  14. Cowboys Distracted?

    They should suspend him indefinitely. He has an extensive history of this type of behavior and the NFL keeps looking the other way when it comes to these guys.
  15. Should I drop Qb to pick up a tight end?

    Well, you definitely don't need three QBs. I would drop Alex Smith and pick up Chris Cooley. I doubt anyone is going to touch Vernon Davis for a couple of weeks so that will give you time to evaluate Cooley and see if the Redskins offense comes together.
  16. wr question

    I assume this is Reggie Williams we're talking about? If so, I'd rather have Bruce as my No. 4. Like I said in the other thread, I think he's being undervalued. I realize he doesn't have much upside at this point, but he'll rarely, if ever, stiff you like Reggie Williams stiffed his owners last weekend.
  17. Quick Trade Help

    That's a legitimate concern, but I think you have to take the risk. What TE's does he have on his roster? Can you amend the deal to get a solid backup out of him?
  18. Which WR to start this week?

    I'd go with Bruce as well. I think he's being criminally underrated by FFL owners this season. I'm not saying the guy is going to be a stud again or anything like that, but he's a solid option when you need him.
  19. Which QB..

    My thoughts exactly.
  20. Quick Trade Help

    I agree with the other guys. I honestly don't think Addai will ever be anything special, you can afford to trade Gates since you have Winslow, and you're getting an upgrade at defense with the Ravens. There's no way you pass up this deal, even if you don't need Jackson right now.
  21. Mason or Jennings at WR

    I'm in a very similar situation. I'm starting Farve as well and I need to choose between Mason and Jennings as my WR3. I decided to play it safe and go with Mason just in case the Eagles defense is too much for Farve. At least that way I don't get stung twice. Also, the Chargers have been much better rushing defense than passing defense, so I have a feeling that McNair will have to air it out a little more this weekend.
  22. Would you do this?

    Not for me it wouldn't, although I do consider Wayne to be a definite upgrade over Moss at this point. Again, my problem is with Dillon and Taylor. Oddly enough, I have Edge, Gore, Kevin Jones, and Maroney in a keeper league and was offered Alexander and Morris for Edge and Maroney. I turned him down because Edge is steady and I think Maroney will be a stud sooner rather than later, but I would have probably done Gore and Maroney for Alexander and Morris.
  23. analysts needed

    I start Rhodes and Williams and pray. Williams is less than two weeks removed from a big game, so just because the gameplan called for Foster to get all the carries against the Bucs, it doesn't necessarily mean that's going to happen against the Saints.
  24. Looking ahead: Week 5 Waiver Wire Defense

    I'm with you. The landscape changes so quickly that you can't afford to waste a roster spot on a second defense unless you're required to do so or you have a very deep bench. Also, I love this time of the season in leagues with smaller benches because every week you're going to see good players (especially kickers and defenses) dropped as owners scramble to put their starting rosters together. Last year I picked up the Carolina defense in one of my leagues around this time and rode them to the championship game. So no, I'm not going to make a call on a bye week kicker or defense until that weekend actually roles around, most owners have done their adds and drops, and I can see what's out there.
  25. Would you do this?

    No way. Not only is Dillon sharing carries with Maroney, but he's also left two out of the first three games with minor injuries. I don't have to tell you about Fragile Freddie's track record, and although I love Wayne's consistency, Bryant is playing so well that I'm not sure it's even an upgrade. I have a feeling that the owners that deal Alexander while he's out are going to be VERY unhappy a couple of weeks from now unless they got some excellent players in return.