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  1. 12 team league, standard scoring (no PPR), TE manditory. Should I drop Eric Johnson to pick up Jason Witten of waivers? A week ago that would have sounded like a ridiculous question, but Johnson has tremendous upside right now and Witten has been average in his past two games. However, does Johnson go back to the bench when Davis returns in four weeks? My starter is Ben Watson who has been okay but not spectacular and I want a backup on my roster that can get it done if Watson gets either gets injured or doesn't start scoring every once in awhile.
  2. RB Help Please

    I expect the Patriots to be playing from behind during most of the day on Sunday, so I would go with Jones and Watson.
  3. 12 team league, standard scoring, no PPR. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. My WRs and TEs: M. Harrison J. Walker A. Bryant T. Glenn K. Johnson B. Watson E. Johnson His WRs and TEs: C. Johnson R. Williams D. Givens E. Kennison T. Heap Desmond Clark Should I offer Meshawn for Heap or just stick with what I have? Watson isn't bad for yardage, but I don't see him scoring many TDs, and Johnson will probably go back to the bench when Davis returns.
  4. I would have suggested going after a guy like Meshawn, but his value is pretty high right now after his big game on Sunday. Maybe Issac Bruce or another reliable veteran?
  5. Ready to move SJax

    Well, I'll buck the trend and tell you that I like that deal. I had SJax last year and believe me, those carries for negative yards are nothing new. The guy is a beast once he gets into the open field, but he lacks either the speed or the vision to hit the hole as quickly as he should. Tatum Bell will be fine. The only way he's going to lose his new job as the featured back is if he gets injured and the same thing could be said of most starting RBs in the league. Also, like you said, you've got Jones to plug in and two future stas in Williams and Maroney. I think it was a good trade.
  6. just made a trade

    I think being able to lock up the Atlanta running game made it worth doing that deal. I've been telling anyone that will listen that McAllister is the Saints RB that you want on your roster, not Reggie Bush, but so far everyone is still buying into the hype. My guess is that McAllister will be a second round pick in redraft leagues next season and Bush will be a late third/early fourth round pick.
  7. Watson

    I have Watson as my starting TE as well, and I don't know what to do with him either. Meanwhile, Cooley, Witten and McMichael were all dropped by their owners yesterday. I picked up Eric Johnson as a free agent, so now I'm trying to decide if I want to roll with him and Watson or if I want to put in a waiver wire claim to drop one of them for Cooley, Witten or McMichael. I think if I was in your position, I would stick with Watson. The TDs will be few and far between but it looks like the yardage will be there on a weekly basis. Any advice on my situation?
  8. Eric Davis - TE (SF)

    Nah. There are plenty of TEs on the waiver wire that can get you 87 yards and a TD in a game. Serioiusly though, I have Watson as my starter and just dropped Troupe to pick him up. Davis is out for at least four weeks and Johnson has been successful in the past. The only caveat is that Johnson has a problem staying healthy himself to say the least.
  9. Tiki Barber - Disappointing..

    I'm not going to let two games on the road against two of the better defensive units in the NFL sour me on Tiki either.
  10. Wali Lundy officially a bust?

    I agree with everything here. I took Lundy in the 10th round when I start making my "lottery picks". This is why I call 'em lottery picks. Sometimes they work out, but most of the time they don't. That's okay though. It beats taking proven stiffs with "name value" just to fill out my roster which is what several of my leaguemates were doing.
  11. trade advice

    I'd hold out a little bit longer and see how Steve Smith looks over the next couple of weeks. I think you'll be be fine with Smith, Wayne and Toomer.
  12. That's how I would rank them as well. I like Musa Smith, but it looks like Jamal Lewis will keep the starting gig unless he gets injured.
  13. Which WR to Trade?

    I'm a Jax homer and trust don't want any part of Fragile Freddie. He's one of those players that look a LOT better on your bench than they do in your starting lineup. Hang tough. Benson will get carries no matter what, and I think White will be the Titans featured back by midseason. It's obvious they're going to be one of the worst teams in the league, so they don't have much to lose by getting White and Young involved early.
  14. Possible Trade - Parker and Mason for Boldin

    You can start 3 RBs. That's all I needed to know to tell you not to do this deal or any other that will cost you depth at the RB position. Your WRs are fine. Most weeks you'll start Holt and Driver, and once the Baltimore offense has to score more than a TD to win, Mason will be a fine WR3.
  15. With only five keepers, I have a feeling that Norwood and Jacobs might not make the cut. You're going to keep Manning, and you're probably going to keep at least one WR, so that only leaves three RBs at the most. If you do the deal, you'll have Gore, Johnson, McGahee, Taylor, and Lewis to choose from. I'm sure at least three of those guys will be either first or second round draft picks in redraft leagues next season. Meanwhile, you'll be able to ride Gore as long as possible this season.
  16. Bye week TE needed

    I have the same problem with Gonzo on a bye and had narrowed it down to Wiggins, Daniels, and Scheffler. I might just go with Scheffler since he's already on my bench. This is a keeper league, and while I was looking more towards the future when I drafted him, I thought he would be fine as a bye week fill in for Gonzo. I didn't expect Plummer to start off the season in that funk you mentioned. I'm not sure I want to drop him though, because he was Cutler's go to guy in the preseason and Cutler may become the starter sooner than expected. If I were to pick a guy up, it would probably be Wiggins. At least he's consistently involved in the offense and should be good for a couple of points, even with a lousy matchup.
  17. Need a bye week TE

    I need a bye week TE to fill in for Gonzo this week. 1 point per 10 yards receiving, 6 points per TD, no PPR. It's a keeper league, so I have Tony Scheffler on the bench, but he hasn't done anything yet so I'm not crazy about starting him. The best options on my waiver wire are: Jermaine Wiggins Owen Daniels Daniel Graham Bo Scaffe Bubba Franks Marcus Pollard I'm thinking either Wiggins or Daniels. Wiggins should be good for at least 2 points, but has a tough matchup and not much upside. Daniels has a little more upside, but could just as easily leave me with a goosegg. Should I pick up one of these guys or just plug in Scheffler and pray?
  18. Atlanta Falcons.....

    Yeah, they're for real, but I have a feeling they'll be shopping for a new kicker tomorrow morning. I picked up Koenen and started him in my money league today only to be rewarded with a -2 points thanks to four misses from 40 yards and in.
  19. This can't possibly be the same guy that underachieved for New Orleans all those years, can it? Congrats, Stallworth owners. It looks like you got yourself a surprise stud WR.
  20. A. Bryant over Horn?

    Yep. All that matters is that you can put together a solid starting lineup of players. Where, where, and how you got them doesn't matter. That's why bad drafters put themselves on cruise control after they've put together the core of their starting lineup in the first five or six rounds and good drafters are still acting like every pick is crucial in the final rounds. Good drafters know that at least a couple of those "sure things" that they drafted as starters will either be injured or turn out to be busts, so they're always looking for a mixture of solid veterans and young players with some real upside to to fill in their rosters late. In short, and to paraphrase bonddaddies, don't feel stupid because you picked Horn to be your second WR. Feel smart because you picked Bryant as a guy with some real upside and potential to fill in your roster while your buddies were picking up guys like Duce Staley and a second defense.
  21. Gore's value for a WR

    Yeah, you're definitely deep enough at RB to deal Gore. If you've got that many starting RBs on your team, there's got to be some other teams that are really hurting at RB. If you can't deal Gore for an upgrade at WR, maybe someone will bite on Jones.
  22. Will Gado Have Value...?

    I would rather have Jacobs. With the way he's been running during the preseason and into Week 1, I think he will see enough carries to make him well worth starting if you have to plug him in as an injury or a bye week replacement. We still don't know how much playing time Gado will actually get and if he will be able to do a whole lot with what playing time he does get.
  23. A. Bryant over Horn?

    I would do the same if I was in your position.
  24. Another trade offer just came in...

    That's what I hated about being commissioner. I was always more worried about the well being of the league in general than I was my own team and I made a few bad calls when it came to managing my roster because of it.