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  1. Another trade offer just came in...

    Kingslyjr summed it up nicely and I agree with him 100%. Don't worry, it's not THAT one sided. In fact at this point, who knows who will actually end up winning that trade? All eight of the players involved are good players. I just think the set you're getting will be a little more reliable overall when the chips are down.
  2. Waiver Wire

    Henry's not a bad guy to have on your roster because I think Houshmanzadeh's injury may linger for awhile, but I would still rather have Bruce.
  3. T.j. Housh

    Right now it doens't look like TJ is going to play. I think Henry is a good guy to pick up and I wouldn't mind dropping Troy Brown to do it. Based on everything we've seen from Henry in the past, I think last Sunday's game was a fluke.
  4. Another trade offer just came in...

    I haven't been in many 12 team leagues where Dunn has been an every week starter for his owner throughout the entire season, and I've been in a LOT of 12 team leagues. Dunn is a yardage guy. He always has been and he always will be. I think Norwood is cut from the same cloth. That's nice to have as a RB3 or flex player, but when it comes to your starters, you need guys that will score. Jones and Barber will score, and right now, it seems like Parcells as settled on Jones as his primary back. I don't like Johnson at all. Mabye he'll prove me wrong this season, but I doubt it. Burress is the real deal, but the trick, as with Randy Moss, is that you have to keep him involved. I don't think Eli will have a problem doing that this season since the Giants have a pretty tough schedule. Now subbing Muhammad for Buresss takes a lot of steam out of the deal for me. I'm not sure I would do it at that point. Subbing Walker for Burress might still be enough for me to get it done, but then I'm a bigger Walker fan than most.
  5. A. Bryant over Horn?

    I would give Bryant the start this week, but I wouldn't give up on Horn yet as far as the season goes. I still think he'll be a valuable guy to have on your roster.
  6. I would take that deal in a minute. Boldin is money.
  7. Another trade offer just came in...

    Oh, heck yeah! I would take that in a heartbeat! I actually think you're getting upgrades accross the board.
  8. Maroney or Kjones, who to start

    I have both, and I would start Maroney this week and every week over Jones until I see something other than mediocrity from KJ. It's not always about the number of touches. Sometimes it's about what the player can actually do with them.
  9. Waiver Wire

    Yep. Bruce has been criminally undervalued this season. It amazes me that people are all over guys like Wilford, Williamson, Colston and Cotchery as third or fourth WRs but want nothing to do with a proven talent like Bruce. He's still in his early 30s, so he's not THAT old for crying out loud!
  10. Trade involving Bears and Steven Jackson

    I wouldn't do it. You've got a very well balanced team, so you're really not gaining anything here.
  11. Where is Gore now?

    When I look at Gore, I see the 2004 version of Dominick Davis. When 2007 rolls around, I'm pretty sure he'll be a consensus late first round pick just like Davis was for a couple of years.
  12. Gore's value for a WR

    It's hard to say, especially this early. You've already got people dropping Randy Moss so who knows what someone would be willing to offer for Gore. Personally, I would want someone like Reggie Wayne, Hines Ward, or Chris Chambers for him and at this point, most owners of those WRs would tell me to go play in traffic. Something else to consider is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, gets through a full fantasy football season with only two starting RBs. If Brown or SJax go down, they don't have a guys behind them that are going to go off (like Turner, Maroney, Morris, Norwood, etc), so unless you have THREE or more RBs other than Gore that you would feel good about starting on any given week, it might be a good idea to hold onto him. Your WRs aren't bad at all and you've got some upside there.
  13. Edge James still a stud?

    Well, I had him in 2003, a year and a half removed from his knee injury. He started off very slow (which helped to put my team in a hole I couldn't climb out of) but finished strong in the second half of the season. Then I had him in 2004 when he ran up and down the field but rarely got his number called inside the five yard line because Manning was trying to rewrite the record book. I had back to back lousy seasons, and as my No. 1 draft pick both years, Edge incurred the bulk of my wrath for that. In retrospect, it really wasn't his fault. When he was fully heatlhy and given a fair amount of opportunty, he performed. I just happened to pick him in two years when the health and the opportunity weren't always there.
  14. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    That's what I get for being too lazy to look it up. Who else has had problems with plantar facitis? I seem to remember it sidelining a couple of players for several games, but I can't think of who it was.
  15. michael robinson

    Do you think Hicks can put up numbers in that offense if he's called upon, or is this just a case of Gore being one of those special talents that can make things happen without a lot of help?
  16. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

    Not to scare the Houshmanzadeh owners, but isn't that what put Westbrook on IR last season?
  17. Is Ron Dayne even worth a spot on your roster.

    No lie. First he went from being the Broncos starting running back to being cut in favor of guys like Cedric Cobbs and Damien Nash without even playing a down in the regular season. Now he's with the Texans less than three weeks and they've already traded for another RB (Gado). By this time next year, he'll probably be out of the league altogether.
  18. Suggs to take carries every 3rd series

    I'm not a Brown owner, but come on guys! It's Lee Suggs! How long do you think he will be able to stay on the field? If it's long enough for Sammy Morris to return from his suspension, then the Dolphins should consider themselves lucky because they'll have gotten more plays out of him than the Browns ever did!
  19. Edge James still a stud?

    Backs that I would trade Edge for straight up in heartbeat: Alexander Tomlinson Tiki Barber Backs that I would consider trading Edge for straight up: Larry Johnson Rudi Johnson So, at most, there are five other RBs I would rather have than Edge right now. I think that still makes him a stud. And as G-Fan will tell you, this is coming from a reformed Edge basher.
  20. I know kickers are irrelevant BUT...

    I'm not crazy about Tynes in a league that penalizes for misses. I'd rather have a guy like Stover, even if it means I can kiss the 50 yarders goodbye. Also, I'm from the school that NO player on your starting roster is irrelevant. Just ask anyone that either won or lost their games this weekend because of Jeff Wilkins.
  21. Make this Deal?

    Tough one, G-Fan. At the end of the day, I think you could really use a sure fire stud at WR since you've got a roster full of high risk, high reward guys at that position and based on what we've seen from the Colts running game, Manning is going to be throwing a LOT. However, on the RB side, don't underestimate turf toe. It's an insidious injury that tends to linger and could limit Brown and Henry for quite some time. I'm not sure you'll be able to count on either one of them, but at least Norwood could play for you if you got into a jam. If you do deal McGahee, keep a close eye on R. Brown and Gore's backups. I'm not sure that we've established exactly who that would be yet, but at the moment, I think it's Lee Suggs and Maurice Hicks.
  22. Huge trade help needed

    You couldn't ask for a better deal in your situation, and with the Ravens offense taking it up a notch, the Rams offense taking it down a notch, and the fact that Branch should be solid but not spectacular with the Seahawks, I think it's a fair trade.
  23. Is this trade fair?

    I think this may an indirect form of collusion in the sense that you have one guy (Team_ who appears to have lost interest and his buddy (Team A) who's trying to take advantage of the situation. Tough call.
  24. Musa Smith

    I picked him up Sunday morning and although he really didn't do anything, he's one injury prone RB away from being an every week starter. I'd hang onto him a few more weeks if possible.
  25. Galloway just dropped. Should I grab him?

    I think the only reason you're here instead of putting the transaction through is that you're stunned by your good fortune.