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  1. Is this trade fair?

    99.9% of the time, I'm a big proponent of "let 'em play" as long as there's no collusion or monkey business involved. However, this trade is so lopsided that I think you found the other .1% of the time that I would actually veto a trade.
  2. How many players can you keep at each position? My initial reaction is that you should hold onto Boldin as your WR corps isn't very strong.
  3. Trade offers for Branch

    I would be temped to take one of the two trades you've been offered. I don't think Branch's numbers as a Seahawk will be much different than his numbers as a Patriot. The Seahawks have a lot of money invested in Jackson and Burleson and Hasselbeck is very comfortable with Engram in the slot, so I see a very similar situation to what he left in New England. The only difference is that now he's getting paid.
  4. Donald Driver or Laveraneus Coles?

    I'm still going to go with Driver by a considerable margin. The Jets won't be playing the Titans every week and this is coming from a Coles owner.
  5. Trade Offer - Need Some Help

    I think I'd stick with Bell and Johnson. Not only do the Raiders look like a train wreck this season, but they're not throwing the ball to Jordan in the flat and that's where the bulk of his value came from last season. As for Branch, I think you're looking at WRBC in Seattle between him, a less than 100% Jackson, a $40+ million Burleson and a productive slot reveiver in Engram. I expect something along the lines of the Patriots WRs. Great for Hasselbeck owners, but not so great for owners of the Seattle WRs unless you own Jackson and he's able to go full speed again soon.
  6. Gore or McGahee

    Ditto. I'll take a healthy Gore at home against the Rams over a gimpy McGahee on the road at Miami any day.
  7. Would you do this trade

    I don't think this trade makes sense for either team. Team A already has Brady and Team B would be left with an injured Trent Green and an ineffective Brett Farve.
  8. Should I make some WW moves or trade?

    You might want to see if you can move Stallworth while he's hot for some help at RB. You may have to roll the dice on a guy like Benson or Norwood, but in a keeper league, it's worth a shot. Unless you're penalized for points and/or yards allowed, I like the Bengals D better than the Redskins D, but other than that, I would stick with the Skins. At QB, I'd just roll with C-Pep and Rivers. I don't disagree with G-Fan's assessment of them, but I don't think any of the guys you mentioned picking up on the waiver wire are going to be any better.
  9. I like Norwood a little better since Tiki seems to be more durable in general than Dunn. Sorry, missed the second part of your question. In a keeper league, the only player I'd consider dropping for Norwood is Chrissy. He's already got a turf toe problem and we just finished week one. I just don't see him being a full time starter in this league.
  10. WDIS Kevin Jones or Maroney?

    Maroney. Kevin Jones is proving once again that he's nothing special and I don't want any part of that Bears defense right now.
  11. Lendale White

    Would the fact that both Chris Brown and Travis Henry suffered turf toe injuries this past weekend and the fact that their status for Week 2 is currently up in the air influence your decision? I thought it might. ;-)
  12. dropping WR...

    I'm not ready to give up on Jennings yet, but I do think you will get consistent production from Eric Moulds and Micheal Jenkins this season. Both of them looked like the "go to" guys on their teams during the preseason and that seems to have continued into Week 1.
  13. "D" Fence

    At this point, I think it's a toss up between the Bengals and the Broncos, so you might as well take the Broncos and cover yourself for the bye week, especially if points and yards alllowed are part of the scoring system for defenses in your league.
  14. T. Glenn or D. Driver for McNabb

    No lie. When healthy, McNabb is one of the best QBs in fantasy football, with or without Terrell Owens. Getting McNabb for and average WR2 like Glenn or Driver is a steal. Having said that, I still think you'll be fine with Brady this season.
  15. Taking another look...

    I think I'd do the trade for Fitzgerald and Mike Bell. You've got a stud RB in LT2, a potential star in the making in Frank Gore, and a solid guy that (yesterday's game notwithstanding) will get plenty of carries in Droughs. You have enough depth to wait for Bell to get healthy and with Fitzgerald, you get one of the best WRs in the game. Dunn always starts off hot and then wears down in the second half of the season, and I'm going to have to see a lot more out of Andre Johnson before I'm sold on him.
  16. Winslow over LJ Smith ?

    I'd roll the dice on Winslow. LJ Smith is a decent starter in a larger league, but he's never done anything special. With a decent starter like Witten, you can afford to roll the dice on Winslow's upside.
  17. Get McGahee for Cadillac?

    I don't think you accomplish anything by making that trade, so if you're happy sitting tight, then sit tight.
  18. 12 team keeper league, standard scoring, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF I took over a team that was in pretty bad shape and built for the future through the draft: QB: Delhomme, Farve RB: McGahee, K. Jones, Gore, Lundy, Maroney, Norwood WR: Mason, Horn, Coles, Edwards, Jennings TE: Gonzo, Scheffler K: Longwell DEF: Colts For simplicity's sake, let's just assume I can keep six players next year with no restrictions. Should I trade Willis McGahee, Joe Horn, and Braylon Edwards for Edge, Reggie Wayne, and Mark Clayton?
  19. Would you make a move?

    I don't see anything wrong with your current roster, and I don't think you can significantly upgrade your team in any one area without significnatly downgrading it in another. This is just the reality of the 2006 season. Unless you draft at the top of the order or the bottom, a good draft is going to net you a lineup pretty similar to the one you've got.
  20. Which RB to bench? (2)

    I would bench Taylor. I'm a Jags homer and I saw nothing during the preseason to convince me that we won't be seeing the same Fred Taylor and the same Jags offense that we've seen the past two seasons. Personally, I would rather roll the dice on Mike Bell.
  21. Trade Advice - Keeper League

    Therein lies my dilemma. I go back and forth between funclown's take on the trade and G-Fan's take on the trade. What's making me lean towards doing the trade is that out of the six players listed, Reggie Wayne is the one that I have the most confidence in. Because we can start (and keep) three WRs, I think as long as he's playing, he'll be starting for my team, especially since both he and Manning are locked up with long term deals. By the same token, I can see plenty of scenarios where either Edge or McGahee would be replaced in another year or two given the relatively short shelf life of NFL backs in general and starting FFL fantasy backs in particular. Tough call.
  22. RB Trade Help!

    The trade is dead even in my book. You face pretty much the same upside and risk with the Dillon/Maroney combo that you do with the Dunn/Norword combo. The only downside is that you have to deal with Belichick's antics if you take the Patriots. However, and this is coming from a guy that's going to be starting Ben Watson this season, I'm not sure that Cooley is a downgrade. We're all rolling the dice on Watson's potential, but he has yet to post starter calibre numbers and there are other TEs in New England that could cut into his production. Cooley finished '04 strong, had a big '05, and is the undisputed receiving TE for his club. Tough call either way.
  23. Jordan or Gore

    This early in the season, I think you have to go with your best players, and until proven otherwise, that's Jordan. Also, as a former Steven Jackson owner, I can tell you that a matchup with the Cardinals defense isn't always a cake walk.
  24. R. Brown and Dillon. Looking at the responses, it's no wonder you're having a tough time with this choice. Just about everyone is suggesting a different combination!
  25. Trade offer

    I'd keep what you have. You RBs should be as good as any other tandem in the league and you probably have the best set of WRs.