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  1. Ben Watson

    I took him at 8.10 this past Monday night and backed him up two rounds later with Ben Troupe at 10.10. Both of them seem to be primed for breakout seasons, so hopefully at least one of them will step up for me. I'm not concerned about Graham or Kinney.
  2. Calling Jax Homers

    I doubt it. Neither Toefield or Pearman have shown us much, while Drew is the only player on the offense other than Matt Jones that showed any signs of life during the preseason. If you've got the roster space, hang onto Drew.
  3. Andre Johnson

    Exactly. Hopefully by this time next year, the charade will be over once and for all.
  4. Volek to the Chargers?

    No longer having to deal with Bud Adams as an owner is one of the few silver linings of losing my beloved Houston Oilers.
  5. Andre Johnson

    Right off the top of my head, I can't think of a player that has gotten more benefit of the doubt than Andre Johnson. Personally, I rank him about even with Donte Stallworth as both a NFL and a FFL wide receiver.
  6. Mike Bell not given week 1 starter status...

    I learned my lesson in '04 when I drafted Quintin Griffin and Tatum Bell. You remember that year, right? It was the one where Griffin was the starter, Bell was the future, and Garrison Hearst was always a threat to steal carries. I'm sure the Reuben Droughns owners remember it a lot more fondly than I do.
  7. Wali Lundy thread

    I thought Kubiak's original plan was to have Lundy and Morency spend an equal amount of time playing with the first team offense, but Lundy played the entire first half. Morency did get a series or two with the first team offense in the 3rd quarter, but that was about it. As someone else pointed out in another thread, I think the fact that Lundy played the entire first half in the critical 3rd preseason game pretty much says it all. Obviously, Kubiak has him penciled in as the starter as long as Davis is out. I certainly didn't see any reason tonight why Lundy shouldn't be the starter. He ran with authority, he caught the ball out of the backfield, and he picked up the blitz. Morency looked fine, but I think he needed to look spectacular to challenge Lundy and that didn't happen. So I think Wali will be the man for the first few weeks of the season and maybe even longer.
  8. Bucs at Jags

    This year, last year, next year, and every year as long as Del Rio is the head coach. Unfortunately, like Del Rio, we're probabaly going to be stuck with him for the foreseeable future.
  9. Keep 2; Gore, Wayne, J. Jones

    Tough call, but I think I'd keep Palmer, Jordan, Gore, Fitzgerald, and Wayne. Yeah, you lose your 1st and 2nd round picks, but you start off with a nice little core of players. The problem with keeping Jones is that you have to worry about whether or not you're going to be able to reach Barber a few rounds into the draft. Ironically, I just traded Gore for Jones and Barber in a keeper league earlier this evening and I think it was good deal for both teams as I have the RB depth to wait and see how the Cowboys running game plays out.
  10. Mungro out for season with torn ACL

    I think it will help a little, but only because Mungro had become an occasional goalline vulture.
  11. +1 I drafted Addai in a keeper league this past weekend and was happy to unload him. Through a series of trades, I essentially ended up getting J. Jones and M. Barber for him. I don't know what it is, but I just don't think the guy's going to be a stud. I'll be shocked if you can get a player of SJax's calibre for him and Winslow.
  12. 3-way trade!

    Well, at least now I don't have to bother holding onto Lelie anymore. I can't stand the guy, but I picked him in the last round of two keeper league drafts just in case he ended up in good situation. It doesn't get much worse than Atlanta if you're a WR. I think he would have actually been better off in Chicago!
  13. Greg Jones- Jacksonville Homers Represent

    I think you're looking at a RBBC here in Jax where Jones willl see some carries on 1st, down, 2nd down, and goalline situations regardless of Taylor's health. When Taylor is out, Jones will probably be the primary back with Drew or Pearman taking some of the 3rd down and passing down snaps. I would definitely take him for an 11th round pick.
  14. Keep #4 pick or move down to #6?

    I think there's a general drop off after Tiki, but going from him to either Brown or Jackson isn't a huge drop off, and those extra two spots could make a big difference in the 2nd and 3rd round. Really, I'd look at it from that standpoint. Will taking that deal get you the guys you have targeted in the 2nd and 3rd?
  15. Need 3rd WR help badly!

    I'd take Parker. It's his third season and he could break out. Green is sold on him and was giving him plenty of looks the other night against the Giants.
  16. Pantherdave

    Nick Goings reminds me of the guy in the office that can run circles around his co-workers but always gets passed over for a promotion because he doesn't have a million dollar smile and the right suit.
  17. Trying to figure out my Strategy

    What are the top twelve overall players that are avialable (regardless of position)?
  18. Keeper League Trade

    12 Team Keeper league; RB scoring: 1 pt per 10 yds rushing/receiving, 6 pts per TD, bonus points for over 100 yards rushing. No PPR. My Team: QB: E. Manning, J. Kitna RB: C. Portis, W. McGahee, D. McAllister, J. Addai, J. Norwood, W. Lundy WR: L. Fitzgerald, R. Wayne, D. Mason, A. Bryant, A. Lelie TE: T. Heap, T. Scheffler K: J. Reed DEF: Ravens I've been offered Edge straight up for McGahee. The 61 yard TD run last night was nice, but given the state of the Bills in general, my gut tells me to take it and run. I'd rather not have a starting RB and starting WR from the same team (Edge and Fitz) but that's not a dealbreaker. We can keep 2 RBs overall, but only 3 players from the prior season's keeper list. The advantage here is that if I do the deal, I can keep another player from this year's list (Manning, Portis, McGahee, Fitzgerald, Mason, Heap). There are some good players in there, so that could raelly help. Thoughts?
  19. Keeper League Trade

    I can keep McGahee indefinitely, but at the expense of another player on my roster. For example, if I don't do the deal, I can only keep three players from this year's list: QB: E. Manning RB: Portis, McGahee WR: Fitzgerald, Mason TE: Heap So based on what we know now, I would probably keep Portis, McGahee, and Fitzgerald. If I do the deal, then I could keep Manning, Portis and Fitzgerald from last season and Edge from this season. That's just a "bonus" of doing the deal though, not something that would be much of a factor in making the decision, and it sounds like you guys think I'm better off with McGahee than Edge.
  20. F.Gore is Money - Barlow traded to Jets.

    Pretty much the same as yours. I have Gore in a keeper league, so this was pretty good news for me.
  21. Pantherdave

    I'll say the same thing I've said for the past three seasons: Nick Goings is the best all around RB on that squad. He should be the starter with Foster as the 3rd down back.
  22. Lundy v. Morency

    You guys just need to relax and be patient. Remember, Kubiak is a Shanny disciple. He'll have this whole starting RB mess cleaned up in no time.
  23. Does J Lewis' injury scare you?

    That pretty much sums it up for me as well. I think he's looked very good this preseason and obviously McNair is going to have no problem moving this team. However, between his history, this latest news about the hip flexor, the 7 and 8 man fronts he'll be facing if McNair misses any time, and Mike Anderson and Musa Smith waiting in the wings there are just too many things that can go wrong.
  24. Which RB's

    Hey G-Fan, I have Portis and McGahee on a team in a second year keeper league that I took over during the offseason. I was feeling a lot better about that combo a month ago than I am now. I think I would still role the dice on Portis, but I would avoid McGahee and go for Bush. The Bills offense has looked putrid so far this preseason just like it did last preseason. Edit: Of course no sooned do I type that then I find out that McGahee has had a great game this evening including a 61 yard TD run. Works for me though since I have him in two keeper leagues!
  25. Eagles-Ravens Game

    This is the second game in a row that Musa Smith has made some big plays, and they haven't all come against second and third string defenses. This guy is starting to look like a much bigger threat to steal carries from Jamal Lewis than Mike Anderson.