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  1. Every year I always wait around to pick a QB and every year I get stuck on the outside looking in. Last year I was lucky and jumped on Schaub, but he won't be around this year. If you get thrown into QB limbo, then Ii like Kolb. I have a good feeling that I will be in QB limbo once again. If so, I will definately look at Kolb over say Cutler, but would have to get another QB soon after picking Kolb, just for insurance. Maybe a Favre? or Ryan/Flacco/Cutler/Palmer?


    I ended up with Kolb/Palmer in a 10 team keeper draft that I'm currently participating in. I took him at the 5/6 swing since the usual suspects were already off the board and I knew the pickings would be slim by the time the draft came back to me at the 7/8 swing. I did have a shot at Flacco or Eli as a backup at the 9/10 swing, but I was still building WR/RB depth and I actually had to move in the 11th to secure Palmer.


    I guess what that all means is that:


    1.) Yes, I most definitely view Kolb as a fanatasy starter and like him after Rodgers, Brees, Manning, Brady, Romo, Rivers and Schaub are off the board.


    2.) Ideally, I would have liked to have paired him with a veteran that has a high floor like Eli Manning. Palmer is a little more risk/reward than I would have liked.


    3.) If you take Kolb as your starter, be one of the first to draft a backup just in case.

  2. You must have gone into Fleming Island while you were in Green Cove Springs, right? I would imagine that would be a little closer to what you're used to seeing. Point taken, though. Jacksonville is much more rural in general than most metropolitan areas. I've barely seen a fraction of the wealth and prosperity that I was used to seeing in South Florida.

  3. But I do know for a fact there is tons of interest in all levels of football there, and plenty enough population on both sides of the border and in city... The thing that is not as obvious is why they haven't been able to continually tap into that interest, but I don't think that negates anything I've said...


    We don't go after marquee players. We don't go after them in free agency, we don't go after them in the draft, and we don't go after them on the trading block. It's really that simple. Where's Anquan Boldin? Where's Brandon Marshall? Where's Donovan McNabb? Where's Dez Bryant? Heck, where's Tim Tebow? I realize he's probably not the answer when it comes to the QB position (at least not with this franchise), but he would have sold tickets like hotcakes. It's not like we didn't reach for Alualu.


    Ever since the Del Rio era began, this team has had the personality of a grapefruit. Combine that with the housing market collapse that has left us knee deep in forclosures, short sales, and homes that are worth 60% of what we paid for them and you get poor ticket sales.

  4. We still have to see how Wallace does when he's not matched up against nickle corners and safeties, so I'm not ready to crown him a WR3 just yet. I still like Aromashodu even though Knox and Hester are technically starting in the OTAs. I'm not sure you're going to get Bradshaw for Aromashodu unless someone has already offered it to you, but if you can, I'd say go for it. Like you said, there's got to be someone who wouldn't mind cornering the Giants RB market in exchange for a decent WR2.

  5. I don't like your RBs, I do think MBush has good potential, but I'm higher on Maclin and think that if you did want to trade him that you could probably package him and PT up after they both have good games and go after a top 10 RB.


    Maybe I'm too high on Maclin, but I think he has the potential to be a top 15 WR for 10 years.


    As I said in another thread, I think Maclin is a solid WR2 with the potential to put up WR1 numbers on any given week. Top 15 sounds about right to me as well. I'm not crazy about Britt. Between a questionable work ethic, a questionable quarterback, and a run first offense, I don't think he has a very high ceiling. Maybe a high end WR3. I went out of my way to draft Bush in several redraft/keeper leagues last year and was disapointed. He could still turn out to be a solid fantasy back, but RBs usually establish themselves right away, even in poor offenses. Late bloomers like Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones are the exception, not the rule.

  6. I've been a Wayne owner in two keeper leagues for past three seasons and picked him in redraft leagues whenever I could. Reggie has helped me win a lot of money and a few championships over the years, so I've always been very loyal to him. However, last season started to get a little frustrating, especially towards the end. He had a tough stretch of games between Weeks 11 and 16 where he only scored in two games and only broke 100 yards in one. In one of the two games where he scored (Week 12), he only had three catches for 19 yards. I'm not going to count Week 17, but he was then held to under 65 yards in all three playoff games and scored only once.


    I wouldn't say that teams have figured out how to shut him down, but they certainly seem to have figured out how to keep him contained, and Manning (rightfully so) has been perfectly happy to utilize other options. I see the Colts morphing more into a WRBC. It started in 2009 and I expect it to continue in 2010, especially if Gonzales is back.


    I think people that draft Wayne this year expecting a Top 5 WR1 (which is where just about every site currently has him ranked) are going to be disapointed when they get middle of the road WR2 produciton.


    I'm sure a lot of other keeper and dynasty league Wayne owners are starting to see the writing on the wall as well, so it's getting tougher to move him than you would expect based on his reputation.

  7. I have Jackson on a dynasty league team that I just inherited a couple of weeks ago and I'm going to start shopping him in a couple of weeks when we get closer to our rookie draft.


    Part of my motivation is that this team was left in bad shape by the previous owner and it may take me a year or two to build it into a serious contender, so it makes sense for me to try to get younger at RB. However, even if this team was ready to contend now, I would still be interested in moving him. Even though he'll only be 27 when the season starts, he's already played six seasons and taken a pretty good beating over the last four. As we all know, stud RBs typically have a short shelf life and we get very little warning when they're done. One year they're a consensus first round draft pick, the next year they fall of a cliff. I expect SJax to fall off that cliff in 2011, but it could be a year earlier or a year later. Now is the time to move him while he's still a marquee name.


    Having said all that, I'm not interested in doing a fire sale as he still offers a very high reward to go along with the risk. It would take a top 3 pick in this years rookie draft as I don't see it being worth doing for anything less than Matthews, Spiller, or Bryant. In terms of players, I would be looking for a young RB like Stewart or Wells with a little something extra thrown in like an upside WR or a future draft pick. In terms of WRs, I'd want a guy like Brandon Marshall who represents the same kind of risk/reward but is still young.

  8. You've got a lot of good players that are close to the beginning of their career and a lot of good players that are close to the end of their career, so you could still go either way with the SJax/Wells debate.


    I think I'd actually be a little more tempted to take the Wells deal looking at your roster. It might take some air out of your tires in 2010, but you might be more on your way up than down in 2011 if you do the deal.

  9. I inherited SJax on a dynasty league team I took over a couple of weeks ago and wouldn't mind moving him, but I'm not sure Wells and a worst case scenario 1.12 first round pick in 2011 would be enough for me. Ideally, I'd like to trade him for 1.01 and take Matthews, but that probably won't be an option for me until/unless SJax proves he's healthy.


    When I say "I'm not sure", I really mean "I'm not sure". Wells could be the better end of that deal. I'm just having a hard time getting a handle on what his fantasy value is going to be, especially with Warner and Boldin gone.

  10. I assume we're talking about Mike Williams, the Bucs' rookie WR?


    If so, I've got to say SJax/Williams. There's a logjam at WR in St. Louis, so we have no idea who's going to emerge. I like Wells, but Hightower isn't going anywhere. The future pick is a little risky. If it ends up being the bottom of the first round, you may be hard pressed to find a player with Williams' upside. Williams may be the highest risk/reward in this year's draft. I think he's going to want to get paid and that will be enough motivation for him to outplay his rookie contract. He's a 4th round pick, so he's not getting those guaranteed millions that a lot of other players in his boat (great talent, not so great character) have gotten.

  11. I traded my 1.04 rookie pick for Maclin in a 10 team non-PPR dynasty league a couple of weeks ago. I inherited the team from an owner that quit the league after RFA bidding was over in March and it's a mess. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the three highest ranked WRs on his roster from the 2009 season were Cotchery, Chambers, and Roy Williams. I was in desperate need of WR help, didn't expect Bryant to fall to 1.04, and didn't have time to wait for Thomas to develop.


    I have no regrets as I think Maclin offers as much upside as any rookie WR in the 2010 draft with the possible exception of Bryant and he's a lot safer as he's already had a solid rookie campaign and is in a great situation. He may not be an ideal WR1 for fantasy with the way they spread the ball around up there, but I think he will be a very solid WR2 with a low floor and a high ceiling on a weekly basis.

  12. Again with the talk about blaming the lack of fan support on the product in Jax. When is everyone going to realize that market simply won't support a team? I ask you, how much should a market expect from it's team? They made the play-offs their second year in existence, became a top team in the AFC by like the 4th or 5th year, had a 3 year bad stretch and have been above average since.


    If you take away their first year (which is really only fair), I would bet their overall record puts them in the top 25% over that stretch.


    OK, so they haven't won it all, that puts them in league with a lot of teams and they've won 5 play-off games since the last time the Cowboys did.


    On top of that, they never flat-out suck. They bottom out at simply "pretty bad" Their worst record since their 1st year is 5-11. Certainly nothing great, but it's a far cry from 2-14 or what have you.


    Just a couple of points, because I really don't disagree with much of what you've said.


    1.) I said "I'd like to see how the fans here in Jax respond to a new regime before writing them off." I'm not discounting the very real possiblitiy that the market isn't large enough to support a team year in and year out. I'd just like to see a few different incarnations of the team before making that call. So far we've only had two. The first incarnation (Coughlin) went very well in terms of fan support. The second (Del Rio) hasn't gone as well. I'd be interested in seeing how the third plays out.


    2.) When I talk about the product, I'm not talking about won-loss records. I'm talking about putting a product on the field that's fun and exciting to watch, win, lose or draw. I'm talking about putting a product on the field that the fans are emotionally invested in. I'm talking about putting a product on the field that has an identity and a personality. This team has NO identity and NO personality and it hasn't had one since Del Rio took over. The only marquee player we have is Jones-Drew. Everything else about this team is mediocre. Not terrible, not great, just "okay". You're not going to fill a stadium with "okay", even if it's attached to a winning record.

  13. Speaking of a city full of transplants and low fan support, look at how Jacksonville is in the wild card hunt in front of a half full stadium. Move them to L.A. and then somewhere else when that fails, but for the love of god leave my Vikings alone!


    I want to see how the fans here in Jax respond to a new regime before writing them off. The Jags may be in the wild card hunt, but under Del Rio, they have consistently been one of the most boring and vanilla teams in the NFL. They've got about as much personality as a grapefruit and until that changes, you're going to have a tough time getting fans in the seats.

  14. If there was ever a year where you could make the playoffs with a 2-4 start, it would be this one. The scoring this year has just been ridiculous. I can't tell you how many times I've been on the wrong side of a monster game this season across the four leagues I play in. I just had a team drop to 1-5 yesterday after Thomas Jones decided to get his ADP on. The only good news is that it's happening to just about everyone, so I think you're going to see a lot of FFL teams that are one game above .500 squeak into their league's playoffs this season.

  15. Manningham only produced against the Cowboys when Hixon was knocked out of the game, SO, don't you think that with Hixon healthy that Manningham will get less plays? I started him last week against Dallas (and you always find a receiver to start against Dallas) and have been starting Steve Smith all year (PPR), so I am gonna keep going with Smith but not start Manningham while Hixon is healthy. Smith is becoming PPR gold.


    I agree with you in principle, but I think Nicks is the one that will become part of the rotation with Smith and Manningham and that Hixon will be the odd man out. There seems to be plenty to go around though and I think Manningham will still be a solid start most weeks.

  16. i was offered mccoy for cadallic williams & owen daniels. i also have carlson as my other TE. i only have 2 TE's because the guy offering me this trade dropped him after week 1. my other RB's are grant, beanie wells, ray rice, & leon washington.

    no ppr, 0.1 pts/yd rushing or receiving, 6 pt td's & 3 pt bonus for 100 yds rushing/receiving.


    should i do this trade??? i think that it's too much to trade for westy's b/u...but maybe i'm just over-thinking it.

    thanks in advance for the input.



    I agree that the price is a little steep. I think you almost have to pay it if you're a Westy owner and have no depth, but you have plenty of depth with Wells, Rice, Washington, and Caddy. I don't think any of them are going to be studs or even every week starters, but you can certainly play the match ups and get good production out of the RB2 spot.


    Meanwhile, here's how I feel about TEs. Right now, you'd be fine without Daniels, but what happens if Carlson goes down? You take a MAJOR hit, because there won't be a TE worth starting on your waiver wire. It's the most difficult position in fantasy to fill, so I would keep both of them.