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  1. Is this trade veto able?

    You guys are a bunch of moran ables
  2. Of course not. They are right now monitoring all the social networks to see how their fan base is reacting to this. And will decide from there. Just my opinion.
  3. This is the 'ol "float the idea of trading for a guy with issues and see if the public gets outraged by it" rumor for Miami.
  4. Is this trade veto able?

    Still no.
  5. Is this trade veto able?

  6. Bier

    That ump hanging Bryant out to dry on all those strikes balls outta the zone got my blood boiling.
  7. Jon Gruden

  8. Bier

    Good luck to your Giants tonight. Fun team to watch. Will be rooting for them.
  9. Jon Gruden

    Thanks - glad my memory isn't that bad. I'd do the same - cold beer and watch some tunes. My wife thought I was a weirdo chatting up some random dude with a guitar on the internet. Good times.
  10. Jon Gruden

    Meh. This is the best discussion we've had in years. This forum needs a little spice to it. I've always liked Brentastic. Back in the day he used to play Friday night concerts on his guitar - it was pretty cool. I don't agree with him on some stuff, but that's cool. Edit: at least I think it was him on the guitar. May have been someone else the more I think about it. But I think it was him. Getting old suuuuucks.
  11. Jon Gruden

    Who or what are you referring to here?
  12. Urban Meyer

  13. Jon Gruden

    Good post. All I will say about the upbringing part is my dad was a big time racist. So I know that part of upbringing is in me. I can't help that part. What I can help is how I let that racism from him die when I die. My kids have never heard me utter a word about race. Or sex. Or disparaging women. Or anything remotely hateful. Even though when I was a teenager we let that stuff fly because we thought it was normal. I learned. I grew. And I recognize what is in me because of how I was raised. But it stops with me.
  14. Jon Gruden

    Where are you getting yours from?
  15. Jon Gruden

    I don't know about this. There are still plenty of examples of people treating other people badly due to race, sexism, homophobia, etc. Hell, we had some stupid kid here in KC make a sign to ask a girl to homecoming that said something like: If you were black, you'd be picking cotton. Since you're not, would you like to go to homecoming with me. Where do you file that one under? Government? Come on man - this world has always been filled with stupid ignorant a-holes from all walks of life. The only difference today is that society has a way to track this people and root them out and expose them for who they really are. And deservedly so. You say you don't want to live in an America where government and media controls us? Well, I don't want to live in a world where a stupid kid does stuff like that because he and his parents are racist a-holes. American people need to look at themselves in the mirrors and problem #1 will be looking back at them. Take control of your own house.