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  1. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    True, but the Packers have to keep mama happy.
  2. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    They should remove the one on the back and wrap that first G around the baseball like it's gripping the baseball ready to throw a pitch. And basically turn the G to the right just a little bit.
  3. This one. Was written by a former forum member here. Really funny book.
  4. Fishing

    Anyone here like to fish?
  5. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Interesting. That would have been a lot of cheddar.
  6. Draft results - do you agree?

    As long as you draft the guys who score the most points you should be good.
  7. What did I miss?

    Good point. Patrick Mahomes is the 2nd greatest human being ever.
  8. Saturday Night Poker

    gg whomp
  9. What did I miss?

    Patrick Mahomes is the greatest human being ever.
  10. Dang. One of the classics.
  11. Nice work. For your next trick can you find the Seriously...PETA thread?
  12. rate my team

    Indeed. This brings back some memories.
  13. Yeah, beer (and Bier) was involved in the creation of that league. That was great.
  14. Best Week One Matchup

    This thread got interesting.